Roll call all Brits!



  • caramm1
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    Hi Cara from leeds. Have two boys 10 & 6 started MFP January and was doing really well - lapsed slightly last week (half term!) but back on with it now. Feel free to add me although my diary is not always clean as i like a drink and the odd meal out but as long as its honest and i keep track it works!!!!

    Much easier to relate to the UK food diaries and it gives you many great ideas - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE :drinker:
  • samr73
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    Hi! I'm Sam :-) Kinda lost weight accidently and am now determined to not gain it back .... I've still got plenty to do in terms of body shape and a little bit of tummy to lose. Feel free to add :-)
  • Rosannajo88
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    shabooya sha sha shabooya ROLL CALL!
    my name is Rosie, i like to eat
    I like it so much, I cant see my feet!
    Shabooya sha sha shabooya ROLL CALL!"
  • Hi,
    Emma from Derbyshire but living in Canada now. Lost weight with WW a few years ago and maintained for a while but starting to creep back on... training for my first triathlon this summer so need to get it gone. down almost 1/2 stone but it's only week 1. That said exercise is through the roof now i'm in full training mode lol!
  • CalFun5
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    I am from Manchester, live in New York, getting back on track today!
  • jaajh
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    Hi! I'm from Hampshire (although currently living in West Africa! Will be back in Hampshire from July though :happy: ) Married and Mum of 3 great kids. I have been on MFP for a couple of years now. Had some great initial success, but then "relaxed" a bit too much and put quite a bit of it back on. Determined to be serious this time. Have lost 20 lbs, but still have another 28 to go - Almost half way to my goal though!
  • Ro0kin
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    I'm from West Sussex
  • _Danno_
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    I'm Dan from Milton Keynes, I'm getting close to goal weight so I'll probably bugger it all up soon!

    Add me I'm here everyday :-)
  • Hi

    Im Janet, from Didcot Oxfordshire. Been on MFP for a while now, incorporating Hairy Dieters recipes into my own plan, along with as much commuting by folding bike as I can stand.

    Good luck to us all !
  • I am Trace from Northampton, wanna lose lots and lots. Ok 2 Stone and be healthy. Orginally from Hastings born and bred but moved here few months ago. Nice to see all these lovely peeps here!! Friend me if you wanna, I am good support like a little cheerleader but no pom poms lol.
  • pMauzeh
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    Hey Im from Suffolk 5'7 need to lose around 72lbs down 5 so far! gonna be a long road, doing it with healthy Vegan diet, running 3x a week and weights including shake weight haha love it x
  • mummybabyjojo
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    Josy from Cambridge!

    Aiming to lose a stone or an amount close to that -- still so far to go!

    Good to see so many of us on here :-)

    Good luck with your goals!
  • EdTheGinge
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    Cider country here, somerset
  • Hey I'm Adam 18 from Bristol just started today! hoping to lose 2 stones before I go traveling around China in May!
  • clairyfairy247
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    I live in Oxfordshire :-)

    Age: 21 (22 in 17 days!)
    SW (Jan 1st): 172
    CW (Mar 1st): 160
    GW (Jun 1st): 142

    Lowest weight I've been for a while was 152 back in April 2012.

    My boyfriend is losing with me and has gone from 270lbs to 248lbs since Jan 1st :flowerforyou:

    Add me up!
  • swaymyway
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    Viki, 33 from Yorkshire now living in Derbyshire :)
  • sloeginlin
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    Hello, I am Linda, 61 and from Cambridgeshire, have about 4 stone to lose have been dieting since I was 13 so a bit of a yo-yo problem. Suddenly decided to try and treat my food addiction the same way as I did with alcohol. I no longer drink and it really wasn't that difficult. Food (chocolate) calls me constantly, regardless if I am happy, sad, good or bad!

    I have had friends from overseas, but found their eating plans really like a different language so I am alone at the moment, add me if you want and I will do my absolute best to repay you.

  • TLwineguzzler
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    Hi, I'm Tracy from Stoke, age 52 and I'm an alcoho...... oh, wrong site :) Have been on MFP since September, have been losing and gaining weight since my teens ranging from 9 stone to 13 stone, will be happy if I could get down to below the 10 stone mark and stay there, I just seem to keep flying off the rails every few weeks so its proving to be a slow process!!
  • OllyReeves
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    Olly, 35 from Surrey (Greek by birth) doing well, got a way to go!
  • clairejoknee
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    Hi I'm Claire, live in Nottingham, 39 years young, aiming for a total of a stone by June. I have ME/CFS so it's mainly health/fuel/nutrition that I'm doing this for. I'm up for being added x