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LADIES: What will be your NSV of "OH GOD IT FITS" ?



  • MammaMouse
    I have an adorable mini dress hanging on the back of my bedroom door for motivation. I've got a way to go before I get there, but gosh it'll feel amazing when I can finally slip that bad boy on.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,741 Member
    My brain took too long to catch up to my body. By the time I decided to pull out my old/smaller clothes, they were all too big. :happy:

    I often have this issue with tops, especially button-down shirts. It seems like they are smallish and don't quite button comfortably so I wear them over a tank/cami...and then the next time I put them on, they button up perfectly and look fab. NEXT wearing, they're already too big and a bit sloppy. So they have like a 1 week window of being cute on me, apparently :-/
  • 86muffintop
    86muffintop Posts: 69 Member
    I have some Silver jeans that I cannot wait to get back into... my favourite pair of jeans, ever.

    Also... my dress for my wedding this August - my main motivation for losing weight right now :)

    Same here! I have some Silver Jeans that I miss dearly!!
  • seasonsanna
    1950s Alfred Shaheen halter dress. ALMOST fit last summer. so close! then I went camping for 2 weeks, screwed off watching calories for a few months after that and regained 15 lbs. I WILL be wearing it this summer, dammit.
  • climbing_trees
    climbing_trees Posts: 726 Member
  • stillwatergirl
    stillwatergirl Posts: 44 Member
    I hate to brag, but I still fit into the earrings I wore in high school. LOL

    Seriously though, I have a pair of size 6 jeans that I would love to fit back in to. I WILL fit back into those jeans!
  • willow7173
    willow7173 Posts: 1 Member
    I have a pair of really cute hollister skinny jeans that I really want to fit me right again. They were tight when I got them, but now they just don't fit it's kind of a "just cause it zips doesn't mean it fits" deal. Except they hardly zip. lol :) I can't wait to be able to wear them again. My goal is May 15th :)
  • MommyToAllieB
    MommyToAllieB Posts: 56 Member
    My go-to jeans from before I got pregnant! I am close to that weight now, but have some major tummy-toning to do before those suckers will fit! Oh it will feel soooo good...... :)
  • Urban_Princess
    Urban_Princess Posts: 219 Member
    a few years ago i bought, what i like to call, a Sunday brunch dress for my university graduation. It didn't fit for grad. Last summer I managed to squeeze into it but it ripped as I got into the car. A few months ago I put it on and it was like parachute on me
  • Pearsquared
    Pearsquared Posts: 1,656 Member
    I had this xl suit jacket with a matching skirt that I bought for a job interview. The skirt fit, and I should have skipped the jacket, but I felt the need to get the "set" even though the largest size they had (the xl) was way too tight in the sleeves, and wouldn't button. I'm kind of glad I held onto it, because it's become one of my favorite suit jackets to wear to work. It was actually the skirt I ended up getting rid of because it's now way too big!

    Also, I always find it funny to wear it, because it fits nicely, but the shirt I wear underneath is a size small. That jacket is definitely on the small side for an xl.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
    ILiftHeavyAcrylics Posts: 27,732 Member
    My brain took too long to catch up to my body. By the time I decided to pull out my old/smaller clothes, they were all too big. :happy:

    Me too-- it was kinda sad too- I had some cute things. :laugh:
  • Pearsquared
    Pearsquared Posts: 1,656 Member
    The sweater I'm wearing in my main picture--obviously it technically fits, but I can't wait to put it on and not feel it cling to every dimple and fold in my body.
    A sports bra that I optimistically bought in a size 38. No. Ouch. Wasn't even CLOSE to clasping.

    I've never really been skinny, so I don't own anything smaller than a medium for me to celebrate over when I reach my goal. I guess then it'll be a trip to the store and actually feeling brave enough to try on a pair of jeans.

    ETA: I'm also looking forward to being slim enough to be able to order a pack of Star Trek panties from ThinkGeek. Don't judge me.
    I'm totally judging awesome! 8D I want those panties too.
  • DarkshineGirl
    Anything in my younger sisters' closets (6 and 10 yrs younger than me, and I'm near 30). I've always wanted to do that and it's not fair they can swap between each other. It helps that we're built the same and all the same height, I'm just bigger than they are. Especially my baby sister, she's got this gorgeous green dress I'd love to fit into!
  • 1PatientBear
    1PatientBear Posts: 2,089 Member
    Don't mind me. Just can't stay out of threads that I'm not supposed to go in to. It's a character flaw, but I'm in therapy for it. Carry on.
  • CynthiaT60
    CynthiaT60 Posts: 1,280 Member
    Wedding dress. But I suspect there'll be other moments of excited squealing along the way. :smile:
  • mizpoke
    mizpoke Posts: 171 Member
    A beautiful red and gold silk chinese cheong sam style dress made for me when I was 21. I'll be so happy flashing a bit of leg on that side slit! :wink:
  • meeulk
    meeulk Posts: 246 Member
    Everything in my closet. Not even kidding...

    I can't wait to be able to go into a dressing room and not be disappointed that everything I put on makes me look like I'm carrying around a spare tire. THAT will be awesome!
  • snowfooper
    snowfooper Posts: 14 Member
    Jeans I wore when I was 14! I know that seems like a weird goal, but I haven't gotten any taller since I was 14 and while my hips are wider, the jeans were also pretty loose at my lowest weight so I think I'd be able to fit into them again when I reach my goal weight!
  • Followingsea
    Followingsea Posts: 407 Member
    I have some old jeans that I refused to throw away out of sheer cussedness for years. I couldn't come close to zipping them up last year.

    This weekend I could put them on and zip them up okay, but they were a bit too tight to sit down in comfortably. That's my next goal :)
  • laurelthistle
    laurelthistle Posts: 145 Member
    A cute black evening dress that I got 11 years ago for a cruise I went on. I can currently get into it and zip it, BUT it's not pretty. I'm about 11 lbs away from the weight I was when I bought it though, so hopefully it won't be too much longer. Then I just have to find a reason to wear it out!