What do you say to yourself during a hard workout?



  • pineapple_jojo
    pineapple_jojo Posts: 440 Member
    Nothing so profound or inspiring, I'm afraid. Sometimes it's "F******K!" And other times "RAWR!! Totally got this!"

    Ooo me too!!
  • futurejedi
    futurejedi Posts: 111
    look down at my belly and go if I can't see my ...... means I gotta keep pushing
  • suncluster
    suncluster Posts: 539 Member
    "omg my butt is jiggling so bad, oh hell who cares at least I'm not at home on the couch" "bish you can do this" "bish shut your lazy self up and just do it" "crap, my butt is sweating everyone thinks I peed myself" "am I the only person who's butt sweats?" oh, wait you meant motivational wise? "bish get it done" I'm mean motivational to myself lol

    No you are not the only one whose butt sweats. :smile:
    I am convinced my eyeballs sweat too.
  • MsChrissyAnn
    MsChrissyAnn Posts: 102 Member
    I tend to cuss at myself..lol
    "You got this *kitten*!"
    "Don't Pu*s out now!"
  • lauly101
    lauly101 Posts: 63 Member
    Oh god, I'm awful to myself. I sometimes just swear, loudly (I do Insanity at home) but mainly it's 'do it your fat cow' or similar. I know it sound harsh but it's always worked for me with other things like school or house work etc. Sometimes I tell Shaun T to shut up or get sarky with him 'It IS burning, man' or 'you know I hate this one' or mock him when his voice squeaks... etc. Obviously. :s Being harsh with myself has always worked and I can't help but not chat back. I do switch off, though and go into auto pilot, or focus on my breathing. But mainly I'm horrible. When doing punches and things and kicks I pretend I'm kicking cancers *kitten*.
  • evilpixiegrrr
    "Eff you, Jillian Michaels!"

    Kidding. Usually I just close my eyes and push through, saying to myself that there's just one more left. Even if there's several left.
  • donyellemoniquex3
    donyellemoniquex3 Posts: 2,384 Member
    Don't disappoint the instructor :)
  • MzHornedOne
    MzHornedOne Posts: 71 Member
    I usually talk myself out of giving up...saying things like, "You can last another 5 minutes," or "Only 5 more to go. You can do it-no giving up!" That or I s**t talk to myself and tell myself to quit being a p**y. Always makes me finish on track! lol
  • ZOOpergal
    ZOOpergal Posts: 176 Member
    I was big into sports in college. I close my eyes and picture me running back then, and hear my coach's voice in my head yelling "Push it, Trudy!!"
  • montana_girl
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    While doing short runs (3 to 4 miles), I just keep telling myself , "x more minutes and I'm done!" On long runs of 7 to 11 miles it's "burger and fries, burger and fries" because that's the only time I eat burger and fries, after I've burned the calories for it. With my 5 to 6 miles run... well, then I tell myself, "at least I don't have to run 7+ miles today!" :laugh:

    With the T25 workouts, "It's only 25 minutes, suck it up!"
  • Kekibird
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    When I run, I usually make mental notes like "That mile wasn't so bad!" or "One mile down, X more to go!" or "You are running at a much quicker pace, keep it up!" I tend to keep track of pace and time to help me get through it. Good music helps too. I drum along and mouth the lyrics.
  • iwtfytj
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    I don't talk to myself too much, but I don't really give myself an opportunity to. I don't get much free time to watch TV and such, so when I'm on the cardio machines at the gym, I watch Netflix or Hulu on my Kindle. It's literally the only time I get to catch up on my shows, so I feel motivated to just keep going until the episode is over, haha.

    If I'm outside running I'm usually using the "Zombies, Run!" app, so it's pretty much just like "DON'T LET THE ZOMBIES GET YOU DON'T GET EATEN THEY'RE COMING OMG AHHHH"
  • dacspace
    dacspace Posts: 109 Member
    Nothing so profound or inspiring, I'm afraid. Sometimes it's "F******K!"

    THIS ^^^^
    Plus a few oh sh** or ah he** thrown in for good measure. Although as my trainer will say, nothing like an "F" bomb to let me know how much you love me!
  • misskerouac
    misskerouac Posts: 2,242 Member
    usually something like;
    "You've done it before, you can do it again"
    "It's only 45min out of the day"
  • in_the_stars
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  • fayefayee5
    fayefayee5 Posts: 87 Member
    I get very competitve when I workout, so mine is normally "come on, you can run faster than her, keep on going for longer than her, push through this". Thats actually how I ran my first mile non stop. The girl next to me just kept on going, so I was like.... her, I can do that too. Then when she stopped, I kept going.

    Its kinda silly, but hey, I view it as a challenge :P

    Its also the "urghhh,...... ow... come on.... you got this" When a good song comes on my pandora, I go beast mode :D
  • ummlovelovesyou
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    Depends. If it's cardio, it's either "Shut up, you chose to eat that pizza..." or "This is for the pizza you'll eat later!"

    If it's weights, I just tell myself to keep pushing. :flowerforyou:
    PAULAJACKSON23 Posts: 13 Member
    I constantly tell myself that I KNOW how happy I'll be once I can check this off as done and how much better I'll feel. That's when I have the the urgh moments; the rest of the time I just BLAST my music so it keeps me pumped!
  • indianarunner76
    indianarunner76 Posts: 108 Member
    How bad do I really want this? And that keeps me going
  • Mario_Az
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