What were you in high school?



  • Twisted_Wrister
    Twisted_Wrister Posts: 762 Member
    hockey player

    lacrosse player

    slightly above average student

    friends with everyone
  • kdeaux1959
    kdeaux1959 Posts: 2,675 Member
    Probably depends upon who you talk to...

    Band Geek and Foreign Language Nerd I suppose you could say.
  • Fat nerdy kid who wore glasses. But had a cool car.lol.
  • tomwatso
    tomwatso Posts: 1,304 Member
    smart outsider.
  • lucille_heather
    lucille_heather Posts: 650 Member
    We dont have cheerleaders in England.
    I suppose the cheerleader equivalent.
    Someone who got along with almost everyone :)
    But would rather spend my time socialising than studying.
  • HornedFrogPride
    HornedFrogPride Posts: 283 Member
    Geek/Nerd/Athlete/Bookworm/Shy Wallflower. Mainly GEEK! :glasses:
  • Mario_Az
    Mario_Az Posts: 1,331 Member
    a student :)
  • BamaBreezeNSaltAire
    BamaBreezeNSaltAire Posts: 966 Member
    I hung out with and got along w/ everyone for the most part. I was a floater :wink:

    This about sums it up. I was a jock too (volleyball and soccer).
  • mistyloveslife
    mistyloveslife Posts: 111 Member
    Absolute nerd. Loved chorus and dated the drummer in the marching band. I'll always be a band nerd.
  • mbennett024
    mbennett024 Posts: 53 Member
    Stoner dropout...but now I'm a proud GED holder...haha :smokin:
  • I was a jock (track, cross country, basketball) and a nerd (grad 3rd in my class).
  • BlueBombers
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  • kshadows
    kshadows Posts: 1,315 Member
    Somewhere between a loner and a stoner lol

    I moved to a new school in 8th grade and it took me until 10th grade to actually have friends. Then I got grouped up in the "stoner" category because that's who I hung out with.
  • MapleFlavouredMaiden
    MapleFlavouredMaiden Posts: 595 Member
    Stoner with good grades. Continued that through university except added copious amounts of alcohol... and I was on the Dean's list. Didn't hurt me :wink:
  • 99clmsntgr
    99clmsntgr Posts: 777 Member
    Nerd (still)
    Jack-*kitten* (still)
    fat-kid (not so much any more)
    football player (offensive line)
    thrower on the track team
    tuba player (probably could if I had to)
  • TraciStivers
    TraciStivers Posts: 116 Member
    I was kind of a floater... early high school years I was a party animal (I was the cops daughter so I rebelled( i.e. booze hidden in my bedroom closet) but my latter years I got saved and became a hard core bible thumper. Now as an adult I have found a happy medium.
  • TraciStivers
    TraciStivers Posts: 116 Member
    Good for you!!
  • MainahGirl
    MainahGirl Posts: 282 Member
    I went to a small school in Alaska. Everyone knew everyone and most of us all partied together. Loved my highschool years!
  • I was a walking contradiction. LOL Freshman and Sophomore years I was on the Marching Band's flag line, in choir, and did Winterguard (flag line without the band). Junior and Senior years I was on the Dance Line and a Varsity Cheerleader. I received good grades for the most part. But, I was also a bit of a loner, very misunderstood. I talked to a lot of people, had boyfriends, but didn't have many real friends. I was fodder for the rumor mill. I stayed home a lot unless it was something for school, work, or I was out checking out a local metal band. Yeah. I was different. I still am I suppose.
  • April_KT
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    in the Redneck crowd :drinker: