What's your latest craving?



  • CJ_Holmes
    CJ_Holmes Posts: 759 Member
    This is weird, but I have been craving sauerkraut for weeks. I actually just learned to make my own because real fermented kraut costs like 8 dollars per jar.
  • Jade0529
    Jade0529 Posts: 213 Member
    rice krispies treats. I make my own one serving portion. A serving of rice krispie cereal (100 calories) and either one or two marshmallows. (I have the jumbo ones that are 90 calories each)

    Put it in a microwavable bowl and in about 20 seconds or less (you want it to puff but not too much) you mix it up fast and voila! a personal portion of yummm
  • Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.
  • FlatTummyTrish
    FlatTummyTrish Posts: 88 Member
    A creamy mushroom sauce O.o Im definitely going for Italian soon
  • sarahsmom1
    sarahsmom1 Posts: 1,501 Member
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese biscuits
  • Athijade
    Athijade Posts: 3,130 Member
    Red meat (I have been craving it all the time for MONTHS now)
    Vanilla shakes and malts
    Potato chips and honey

    I swear. I am not pregnant. If I was, then we need to call the church!
  • cmay89
    cmay89 Posts: 337 Member
    Dr.Pepper. Seriously have a problem. Need therapy or something lol, but I'm fighting it! It's not bad to have once in a while, but it becomes my staple drink if I don't consciously think about it.
  • onelov3
    onelov3 Posts: 37 Member
    Maybe this will sound weird, but a gigantic bowl of sugary cereal. When I was younger I would mix a whole bunch of different types together and go crazy. That sugar high is unbelievable, especially if it was the end of the bag and all the sugary bits were at the bottom. I'd probably mix Reese's Puffs, Frosted Flakes, and Lucky Charms. Mmm, sugarrrr.

    Oh, and chocolate chip pancakes with bacon on the side.
  • Deadlifter874
    Deadlifter874 Posts: 23 Member
    Vanilla Cheesecake! argh, tried to make my own protein cheesecake only it's not the same :(
  • ZimmerFly
    ZimmerFly Posts: 18 Member
    Chips and salsa! That's my go to thing. I wish the chips were as healthy as the salsa!