Scared to lose my breasts when i lose all the weight



  • cookiekrunch
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    I have lost 75 pounds and went from a 44DDD to a 36DDD. I have not lost the cup size at all.
  • cparter
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    I hoping to loss mine! :-)

    I work with this guy ^

    Those are moobs Dave!
  • ChasingMyBliss
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    I started out with not much of a chest, and as I get thinner, my upper body loses first. I wish I could shrink my caboose without losing the little I have on top. It makes me sad to feel like I am losing my femininity while I get fit. I have thought about implants, but I worry about sending the wrong message to my 4 sons. That I would do something that is potentially unhealthy for the sake of vanity. Yet I just want to feel balanced. I have a nice curvy backside, and would like to keep a little curve on top too.

    I am so luck to have a man who loves me exactly as I am. When I am a little heavier, he likes it! When I am thinner, he likes that too! As for the boobs. He doesn't mind my "little girls" since they are perky, and like to come out and play!
  • jcraig10
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    I'll give you mine :-P LOL
  • pipcd34
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    Sorry to tell you that you're gonna lose your boobs. Boobs have alot of fatty tissue. I lost 22 pounds and went from D/DD or a C. They won't get any smaller than that even if I did lose more weight. It's all genetics. If you like them so much, then get implants after you lose weight. I personally a glad my D/DDs are gone my clothes fit better now.

    YUP, they'll be gonners... in high school, guys had more boob than I did. as time grew they got bigger but not by much. then I got fat, after my husband passed (stopped working out, depression) and they got big. now I am back into the swing of life and they got smaller., kinda glad because i'm a runner and a biker and it's hard to run with big boobs.
  • amandabunni42
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    I totally get where you are coming from. With my third child, I had huge breasts. Full DD's. Which is big in my opinion.

    After I had her and weaned her from breastfeeding at 2+ years old, they deflated. Now I'm at a saggy-as-hell C cup.

    After I meet my weight loss goals, I plan on having a mommy makeover (full abdominoplasty + breast augmentation).
  • sweetpea03b
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    If you lose those 60 lbs... you're not going to want DD cups... you have to think about body proportion and if you're a much smaller size... its going to give you major back issues to have a chest that big. Don't you think maybe a tiny bit of you wanting to keep your larger chest size is because you've got this extra weight and you think its your "best feature"? Maybe your mindset will change about that when you lose the weight and you love the way your whole body looks... including your *ehem* "smaller" boobs. (which, personally... I am a small C and find them plenty big enough... but that's a whole 'nother conversation.)

    Either way... you're gonna lose them. The only thing you can do is get implants if it really bothers you... but I hope you'll do your research before thinking about that because there are so many unhealthy risks to your body overall having foreign objects implanted. But again... that's another conversation altogether.

    Good luck!
  • gerla_k
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    I guess it's because i know that the main sexual turn on for a guy is boobs, and the bigger the better for most guy.

    not every guy!!
  • missjmariam
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    I lost 10 lbs so far and have lost 2.5 inches around my bust area!! and my tits were a B to begin with...depressing but its part of it!
  • bethanytapp
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    I lost 62 pounds and went from a 38DD to I think a 34D (my 36DD have to be pinned to be tight enough and there is space in the cup...but I can't buy new ones until the end of May).

    I'm actually so excited to have lost some of them because clothes fit so much better now!
  • Serah87
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    Yep, they will shrink. I went from a size DD to a C. Yes hubby was sad about it, but he happier that I'm at a healthier weight then what I was before. :happy:
  • tiger4nikki
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    My daughter has MANY pounds she needs to lose and has made this same remark. It's better to be healthier. And if you DO lose them and aren't happy, you could always get a boob job. FYI, not all men like big boobs. :-)
  • KeepGoingKylene
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    I went from a D/DD to a B and still have weight to lose, just a fact of losing weight!
  • willrun4bagels
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    I guess it's because i know that the main sexual turn on for a guy is boobs, and the bigger the better for most guy.

  • thatjosiegirl
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    I've lost almost 30 lbs and my boobs have dropped from a DD to a D, I actually have to go bra shopping this weekend since all my bras no longer fit correctly.

    But for me, this is a happy change! The DD size was just too big for my tastes, glad to see that I am dropping into a smaller size. :smile:
  • Jade0529
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    I find this interesting because our breasts change throughout our life, and that never really bothered me. I have a child so breastfeeding make mine go south lol. I have only lost 14lbs and they were the first place I lost. I am cool with that. I will be happy to be able to buy button front shirts again.

    If your husband truly loves you he will love all of you, no matter what. It really just boils down to genetics and how your body drops weight and in what areas

    and someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe exercising those muscles beneath can tone you up and make your chest look perkier or fuller?
  • laughingdani
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    This is sad.
  • Sailatsorf
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    I've lost 66 pounds, and I've gone from a 38/40 DD to a 36 DD. My boobs are a little smaller, but they're still pretty big compared to the rest of me like they always have been. Anyway, once you've lost weight, you'll be happy enough with your new, fit body that you really won't care that much about your boobs anymore. Guys really aren't going to care that much.

    In fact, my fiance loves that I'm losing weight because he likes the confidence and happiness it is bringing me, not that I'm just skinnier than I was. He doesn't mind that my boobs are smaller because now the back issues I had are next to nothing. He loved me when I was 214, and he loves me at 148 just the same; he's just happy to see me happy. And if you don't have/find a guy like that, then wait until you do.
  • FlaxMilk
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    You can have mine.
  • AnikaP81
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    I went from a 38DD (while still nursing) to a 34DDD/G (depending on brand), so I really didn't lose mine... Maybe you'll get lucky. But I agree with everyone who says that it is a matter of proportion. I have an hourglass shape and my chest is the same measurement as my hips no matter what I weigh, and I had boobs and a butt even at my lowest weigth. So it really depends on your body might get lucky :)