April Is the Cruelest Month --CHALLENGE



  • AwesomeLisa
    AwesomeLisa Posts: 21 Member
    I know I'm late to the party, but I'm in!
  • kayduro
    kayduro Posts: 249 Member
    Hellllooooo? Anybody there? Just popping in to say I am .2 away from my 5 lb loss for April. How's everyone else doing?
  • Anahita_Swims
    Anahita_Swims Posts: 4,127 Member
    well done i think iI need to loose 1 more to make it 8 so far! and im going to give my self a treat when i get there :)
  • kayduro
    kayduro Posts: 249 Member
    well done i think iI need to loose 1 more to make it 8 so far! and im going to give my self a treat when i get there :)

    Ermegersh! Look at you go! Congratulations! I need fresh ideas. <popping over to see if you have an open diary>
  • SharGetsHealthy
    SharGetsHealthy Posts: 1,232 Member
    Hmm....I started at 186 and am down to 183.8, but my ticker doesn't seem to be working. Do I have to do something to activate it?
    Found it!
  • I am in !! :)
  • Riddell5
    Riddell5 Posts: 2 Member
    I am in as well, I know its half way through the month but just new to this. We'll see how it goes!
  • GelasiaT
    GelasiaT Posts: 74 Member
    So far I have only lost 1 lb since I joined this challenge, but I'm not giving up just yet. With hard work and determination I will succeed on this. I'm gonna ride this bad baby til the end...............LoL
  • allotmentgardener
    allotmentgardener Posts: 248 Member
    I've lost 8.5 lbs since 28th March - 6 lb from last week alone.
    Good luck to everyone on this challenge :)
  • Ramen237
    Ramen237 Posts: 264 Member
    We're halfway through April, but after taking out my summer clothes, I was dismayed that most were tight, and some didn't fit at all :(

    Time to get to work!!!

    I AM SO IN.
  • tildastwistedlife
    tildastwistedlife Posts: 85 Member
    2.8 pounds down so far for April! Proud but wishing it were more!
  • rmhufftx
    rmhufftx Posts: 9
    Started on topic late, but down 4 - and in the face of a kids' birthday party! Woo-hoo!
  • amberrenee813
    amberrenee813 Posts: 395 Member
    I'm in!
  • milesaway61
    milesaway61 Posts: 1,390 Member
    I took measurements on Saturday, and I'm down one inch. That was after a week of logging on MFP. Hopefully the results will be better after 10 days of tough workouts. Next measurements on Sunday.
  • PRguez
    PRguez Posts: 61 Member
    hmmmm? 5 pounds? well my goal is to loose 6.5 pounds in total so I dunno all in one month

    but I 'm up for the part of increasing exercise and NO SWEETS (with capitol letters as to quote you) :happy:
  • rmhufftx
    rmhufftx Posts: 9
    6.5 pounds? Piece of cake! Well, no cake...but you can do it, PRguez
  • rmhufftx
    rmhufftx Posts: 9
    An inch is an inch, especially if you think you haven't started exercising like you plan to. Good work, milesaway61
  • milesaway61
    milesaway61 Posts: 1,390 Member
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I measured again today, and lost another 2.4 inches (I measure in cm, so I lost 6cm this week, as opposed to 3cm last time) I'm down a total of 3.5 in this month.

    Another 1.5 inches and I'll be at 5 for the month. I'll aim for 6 inches total though, that would be nice. Next measurements coming on Sunday the 27th.
  • zombieman72
    zombieman72 Posts: 15 Member
    6.6 down
  • sodakat
    sodakat Posts: 1,126 Member
    3.8 down this month. I'm hoping/figuring to see a bit more by the end of the month. Hope everyone else had a good April!