Please be kind... bikini shot without the bikini body! -78lb



  • jbugiel
    jbugiel Posts: 59 Member
    Absolutely great losses, and from the tone of your message, your not done there, so keep up the great work, I hope to have as much success as you, and I'm adding you as a friend, if that's ok. :)
  • 1ZenGirl
    1ZenGirl Posts: 432 Member
    I would take that body you have now any day of the week. Nice work!
  • blueyegirl0712
    blueyegirl0712 Posts: 135 Member
    Great job! Keep it up!
  • LouiseC1977
    LouiseC1977 Posts: 5 Member
    Fantastic job! You look amazing. Inspirational :)
  • codycsweet
    codycsweet Posts: 1,019 Member
    Great job keep up the amazing work and as others have said don't sell yourself short look at what you have accomplished.
    I'm sending u a friend request.
  • caveninit
    caveninit Posts: 153 Member
    wow.....unbelievably amazing progress!!!! Wear that bikini and be proud!!!! Congrats!!!
  • mandybear014
    mandybear014 Posts: 209 Member
    Wow! You look great! Thanks for sharing your photos and story. You have inspired me. :smile:
  • Sovi_
    Sovi_ Posts: 575 Member
  • redles13
    redles13 Posts: 19 Member
    Great work!! Hold your head high, you're effort is outstanding!!!!!!!!
  • Your doing great! Keep up the good work.:smile:
  • spacelump
    spacelump Posts: 233 Member
    You've made such progress! You're clearly smaller all over, but what really caught my eye is how amazing your arms look! Keep it up.
  • arewethereyet
    arewethereyet Posts: 18,702 Member
    Bravo!!! Great job!! :drinker: :drinker:

    I also must say I tried to post pictures of myself in a 2 piece , and had to take them down! I just said UGH-cannot do it. I thought "What will people think??"

    BUT..............BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Now looking at you I am thinking:

    "She is so pretty. Look how she has thinned out here and pulled in there. How lovely her shoulders and chest look. MAN I can see her in a bikini one day! She is so pretty!" :heart: :heart:

    This makes me think about MYSELF In a different way.:cry:

    Thank you for posting
  • So_Much_Fab
    So_Much_Fab Posts: 1,146 Member
    You have made amazing progress and you should be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished. You go, girl!!! :drinker:
  • wendyg311
    wendyg311 Posts: 239 Member
    YOU ARE INSPIRATION no foolin'. You are the REAL woman I see in life. THANK YOU so much!!!!
  • DannyBoy863
    DannyBoy863 Posts: 26 Member
    You have accomplished so much!!!! You should be proud of yourself. You're beautiful.
  • ChristineS_51
    ChristineS_51 Posts: 872 Member
    Congratulations - a great result, and with the attitude you have you will get to where you want to be. Having the bikini shot you can see a difference all over - well done. PS I like the hair colour in the first photo :smile:

    I love your brave attitude :flowerforyou:
  • deltonab
    deltonab Posts: 2 Member
    Simply -amazing...congrats...
  • supermodelchic
    supermodelchic Posts: 550 Member
    Way to go sweetie , :flowerforyou: keep up the good work
  • PinkPanther318
    PinkPanther318 Posts: 81 Member
    You go girl!! I should do that for my self and watch my progress :) Thanks for sharing!
  • MadDogManor
    MadDogManor Posts: 1,425 Member
    Very inspirational for me! You look awesome :-)
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