Foods you cannot eat in moderation



  • rpmtnbkr
    rpmtnbkr Posts: 137 Member
    Pringles - obviously!!:smile:

    Fritos, chips any thing salty...
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
    SonicDeathMonkey80 Posts: 4,489 Member
    Peeps. I start off with the row of chicks/bunnies, and talk myself into the next row, by then the last row is kinda pathetic so I take care of them too.
  • Baked Lays
    Baked Lays
  • Cathalain
    Cathalain Posts: 424 Member
    Jelly beans. Especially the Jelly Belly flavored ones. A bag of those and they're DONE for. Luckily I don't have much of an opportunity to be around jelly beans much - except for Easter time. This time of the year is HELL for me because of that. :sad: :bigsmile:
  • capnrus789
    capnrus789 Posts: 2,731 Member

    Candy, guys. Geeze, you all have dirty minds.
  • Cordy1228
    Cordy1228 Posts: 245 Member
    Crunchy, cheesey snacks like Doritos, Pirates Booty, garlic/parm Triscuits.

    And also small chocolatey things like M&Ms, Kisses, and Cadbury Mini Eggs.
  • amy8400
    amy8400 Posts: 478 Member
    Those shiny, milk chocolate covered almonds from Costco. Love 'em at first bite. Hate 'em after I've had 11 (one serving, 160 calories) because I can't stop myself...:sad:
  • claudie08
    claudie08 Posts: 159 Member
    I feel that way about bread, but I've been pretty good in modifying my portions (much to my surprise!). Nuts of any kind are my real problem now. I find them highly addictive and can eat a bag of raw almonds as if it's popcorn. Sometimes it IS better to just not go there.
  • karinajean2388
    karinajean2388 Posts: 162 Member
    Pizza, french fries, and wine (yes, counting it as food). I just have them on occasion because I know I will have them in excess when I do. Not too hard.
  • drmcglone
    drmcglone Posts: 80 Member
    COOKIES AND CHOCOLATE CANDY..........:sad: :sad: :sad:
  • piinchi
    piinchi Posts: 172 Member
    Chips! Salty crunchy potato chips. Especially the "kettle" kind. Gawd, I love those things and will polish off a whole bag before I realize that I feel like crap for doing so!
  • BahamaMama85
    BahamaMama85 Posts: 43 Member
    Bread, pastries, cashews.
  • sarainiowa
    sarainiowa Posts: 287 Member
    Pringles, baked goods (cookies, cakes, brownies) and noodle based meals like spaghetti.
  • kelly_e_montana
    kelly_e_montana Posts: 1,999 Member
    I don't bring candy (except dark, dark chocolate), cookies, cake, ice cream, cheese puffs, breakfast cereal, syrup, jam, nutella, trail mix, dried fruit, nacho cheese, Bleu Cheese dressing, or anything with flour (breaded Chinese food, pizza, pasta, bread, pancake batter, muffins, etc.) into my home because I will go off on a full-blown binge, eating all those items and then random other stuff. I only eat those things when I am not in my home so that I can limit my portions and the "event window."
  • nsimon24
    nsimon24 Posts: 115 Member
    Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Ben & Jerry's - single or any combination of the three!
  • MrsB123111
    MrsB123111 Posts: 535 Member
    Chips and queso and/or salsa
    Hummus and crackers
    Girl Scout cookies; particularly the "Thanks-a-Lots". My husband and I opened a box the other night, intending to just have 1 each. Yeah... We were talking as we ate them, and the next thing we know: sleeve is EMPTY!
  • iRun_Butterfly
    iRun_Butterfly Posts: 483 Member
    Peanut butter and baked goods...I don't even go there
  • detarrevo
    detarrevo Posts: 45
    I can't not over eat my moms chicken Alfredo pasta
  • ovi212
    ovi212 Posts: 145 Member
    tostitos, plantain chips and jello
  • ryliery
    ryliery Posts: 25 Member
    PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP BREAD, Wheat thins, Pringles