• SamanthaKayShaver
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    Since we're not religious, we are celebrating spring! Easter basket in the morning, planting a a small garden and flowers, grilling, having an easter egg hunt in the back yard. A good ol' family day outside with tons of chocolate :-)
  • ummlovelovesyou
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    Rabbit hunting.

    Correction: wabbit' hunting.

    Be berry berry quiet.....


    Damn! It's duck season.

    No, wabbit season!
  • mitch16
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    Skiing! Last day of the season :(
  • Go to Church and celebrate Jesus, then head to my Grandma's house for a meal and having a good time! :D Knowing her and her love for buying me chocolate, I'm going over my calorie limit. ;)
  • Howdoyoufeeltoday
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    Eat ham and drink! but that's pretty much what I do every weekend ;)
  • gobonas99
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    Mass in the morning. Going to my mom's for dinner....not sure what she's making this year, I just know that I'm in charge of making and bringing the lemon sponge. My sister is making Easter bread.

    We might also be having cake or cupcakes, since my sister's birthday is on Tuesday.....which reminds me...I need to get a card and wrap her present....
  • nsimon24
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    My daughter is singing at Church that morning, so will be going there. After will be time with my Family and a friend (dinner is Lamb, Asparagus, Lemon-roasted Potatoes and a Lemon Panna-Cotta for dessert). My daughter has to get back to college that evening, so the rest of the day will be spent driving the three hours to get her back (and means no alcohol with dinner).
  • Trissyboo
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    I will be celebrating the Resurrection of Christ at church, then it will off to have a cookout with family and friends. No chocolate bunnies this year just fun an fellowship
  • MsMaryMac48
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    I will be celebrating the Resurrection of Christ at church, then it will off to have a cookout with family and friends. No chocolate bunnies this year just fun an fellowship

    ^^ THIS ^^ It's Thursday........ but Sunday's a coming!!!!!!

  • MizTerry
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    Since my kids are too old to do lollipop seeds anymore, it'll be baskets, church, parents house, church, home.
  • lizzyclatworthy
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    Egg hunt at a castle then to my mothers to have a treasure hunt and food.
    Will also be trying to explain why we are having eggs in a non religious household and being vigilant about the way it's discussed around him.. Not my child, not my place to instill a faith but I don't see why he should miss out. We did diwali sweets and Eid too we pretty much celebrate anything fun!
  • mhopp71
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    Celebrate the resurrection of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!
  • Monkey_Business
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    Attend the Sunrise Service at the marina overlooking the lake in our community. Then (since I will have the boat hooked up already, launch and go fishing the rest of the day :-). Lots of jealous husbands and 'well I never' wives.
  • angf0679
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    I am in the choir for the Easter program the church I go to is putting on. Other then the performances on Friday and Sunday I have no plans. (other then attempting right now to turn my 3 day weekend from work into a 4 day weekend :tongue: )
  • jec228
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    I will be eating pasta while everyone else eats ham. Carb loading for the BOSTON MARATHON! :)
  • starznholes
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    Bike ride and Easter brunch at a friend's house. I live out of state from my family so this is my first year solo dolo.
  • becky10rp
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    Ummm...it's on 4/20.

    I'll be celebrating Hitler's birthday, of course!!! jk, jk.

    Sure - humor for the 4/20 reference...........

    Not so funny to joke about celebrating Hitler's Birthday -

    Did YOU have relatives die in concentration camps?!

    If you did - you wouldn't joke about it...............
  • NewCaddy
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    Easter Baskets, church, brunch with my family (15 of us), Easter Egg hunt with the kids. And I'm sure a nap.
  • drmcglone
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    I will be preparing and cooking and cleaning.... The next three days we will be celebrating with family and friends....and of course coloring eggs and putting together Easter baskets for the kids...(The Easter Bunny is Coming To Town.) Holidays are huge in my house...so lots of eat whatever I want...back at it again on Monday!!!!!
  • salembambi
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    praising Satan