When did people notice your loss?



  • doctorsookie
    doctorsookie Posts: 1,084 Member
    I get noticed by a new person almost everyday. There are over two hundred people in our office and I don't seem them all everyday. Its so nice to hear people ask me if I've lost wait almost every day...it keeps me going.
  • Blacklance36
    Blacklance36 Posts: 755 Member
    For me it was 30 lbs. People get really used to seeing you one way (large) and it takes a long time for the new you to get a new look.
  • gracie11lexi13
    gracie11lexi13 Posts: 123 Member
    Mine just got noticed earlier today after losing 18.3lbs. But yet I have not seen her in 2 months. People I see everyday have not noticed yet. I told the president of my company I am now down 17lbs a week ago she looked at me and said "really?".. She sees me twice a week. My clothes on the other hand are slightly noticing lmao. Still waiting to drop a pant size after losing 23lbs this past year.
  • hurricanegirl13
    For me it was when I only down 5 lbs. But, like others, it was also with people who I don't see often.

    On the other hand... my boyfriend noticed right away, and I see him everyday!
  • firestation12
    10 pounds. That or maybe I started wearing tighter shirts or something. Also, it might have something to do with body composition. I feel that when I lost 10 pounds, some of it had to come off my legs and mid section and those are probably where people notice weightloss. Gotta work on the arms lol
  • firestation12
    Agree, I lost 10 lbs and noticed on my legs and around my hip area first.
  • st_scrivener
    About 25 in.
  • absinthexiii
    absinthexiii Posts: 38 Member
    People still haven't noticed. But I have a lot to lose, so i'm chalking mine up to it looking like i've lost nothing, but on a smaller person it would be more noticable
  • rhina23
    rhina23 Posts: 212 Member
    Funny, I only lost 3 lbs and people kept telling me i lost a lot of weight.
    I wish they wont say that, and will reserve the comments when i did lose like maybe 10 lbs.
    Thr tendency for me is to eat because i feel like i did lose lbs.
  • onefortyone
    onefortyone Posts: 531 Member
    I was 180, then 200, then 180 again, now I'm 200 again. So people probably have only noticed when I have gained, but no one has ever said anything to me either way. I'm not doing it for people to notice though. *I* notice when my jeans fit better and don't dig into my skin as much, I feel my muscles getting stronger. I notice that I started out running 2 minutes and feeling terrible, and now I'm running 10 minutes and feeling okay. And that's only 12 days!

    People noticing/commenting isn't really on my radar right now. Maybe that'll change when I have a smokin' hot bod lol.
  • Emmie112
    Emmie112 Posts: 121 Member
    I'm 5'3, my heaviest was 150. I started to get comments after loosing 25 pounds and going down 2 dress sizes.
  • broox80
    broox80 Posts: 1,195 Member
    My mother in law told me tonight it looked like I had lost 5 or 10 pounds :/ I told her it was almost 70!!! She said, "oh"!!
  • tahneesummers88
    tahneesummers88 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm 5'3, my heaviest was 211 pounds, both times I lost weight I didn't start getting comments from people I hadn't seen for a few weeks.. till I was at 189 pounds. So I lost about 22 pounds before I got any comments.. and they were only a few. Keep going.. TRUST me. THEY WILL NOTICE.
  • Kevalicious99
    Kevalicious99 Posts: 1,131 Member
    When I started to lose weight in my face. Then I got comments .. mostly negative, that I had lost too much weight and I was too skinny. Like it was emotionally very tough .. but I am used to the new me now and happier than being the overweight fat guy I was before.

    The thing about losing weight is that no one prepares you for the emotional changes that will happen as you are no longer that person you once were. That was much harder than the actual losing of the weight .. that was the easy part of my journey.
  • FlyThisKite
    FlyThisKite Posts: 183 Member
    It's takes a hot minute for anyone to notice for me. I carry my weight well too which translates to I hide it in places you can't see...most likely packed around my inner organs or spread out around my thighs. It sits in my face as a last resort but will clog up the parts of me that are covered first before making a hot mess everywhere else. In that I think my fat is considerate.

    I notice it ages before anyone else with the lack of backaches getting out of bed in the morning. My ankles don't swell up to my kneecaps anymore. (That's when I was my heaviest).

    I just figure the time will come. I like to keep the secret, well except for my MFP friends. When they notice...they'll notice.

    I'm bigger so it will take a heck of a lot more before it becomes painfully evident. Until then...keep on trucking.
  • stephe1987
    stephe1987 Posts: 406 Member
    Between 10 and 20. At 10 lbs my face looked a lot thinner which is good because my glasses used to look too small on my face from the weight I'd gained and my eyes looked too close together. By 20 lbs my relatives all noticed. I think it's because I never got bigger sized clothes (all my clothes are in the size I was when I was 18) so the stuff that was tight on me wasn't as tight and some pants got loose again.

    (After 21 lbs I stopped exercising because I got too hot doing my Zumba DVDs last April and then skipping one day led to another, and then another.... and then it was the holidays... and before I knew it I gained back 9 lbs and I just recently started exercising again about a year later.)

    Yes, I know my weight wasn't *that* high when I started out (160 was my highest, and I'm 5' 4") but I do not wear my weight well at all. I have one of those body types that needs to be thin or it looks weird. My face gets round, belly fat/muffin top, and my legs look big. Some people can weigh more than I did at my heaviest and still look good.
  • darbyki18
    i love this topic... this is helpful to have a heads up on as i'm starting my journey. being on the other side of this issue i've had a lot of people respond to my weight loss comments saying they were sick or bad stress over a traumatic situation and i feel awkward or bad :( so i tend to tread lightly on the subject.
  • calitrey3
    calitrey3 Posts: 3 Member
    I feel the same way right now. Thanks for sharing.
  • dworth1226
    Im still waiting for someone to notice....although I am doing it for myself it would help me keep going if someone noticed my hard work
  • nmcrosier
    nmcrosier Posts: 268 Member
    I'm 25 pounds down; only 2 people at work have said anything to me - one I'm friends with on Facebook and she sees MFP updates on loss. She told me this week that she finally sees the weight I've lost. The other I see randomly and she yelled across cubicle land "hey girl, you've lost weight. You're looking hot!" Along with 30 eyes on me, as I'm walking into the bathroom...not one has since commented. My mother says she hasn't noticed any loss, I see her once a week. Tonight I'll see people I haven't seen since 25 pounds ago, so I'll see if they notice or say anything. Sigh...oh well...keep on moving...35 more to go until goal weight
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