30 Day Shred starting Tomorrow anyone want to join?

Hi All,
I am going on my 7 year anniversary trip in a little over a month and I feel mushy and my jeans are getting tight. I think getting back on track with my food will be a great help and 30 day shred will help me look good in a swimsuit (or at least make me feel better). Looking for friends who would like to join me. I have never done 30 day shred before. Anyone interested in joining with me? Please respond and I will friend you so we can report in and support each other. I need the support!


  • jenfig
    jenfig Posts: 3 Member
    I'm doing the 30 ds....I'm on lvl 2 day 18....I'm loving the results.
  • anewdesign
    anewdesign Posts: 187 Member
    Know what? I'm in!

    I don't think I have that exact DVD, but I'll use one of the (many) I do have to follow along.
    It'll be goo to have someone on this with me to help push me forward! Go us!
  • j1wright
    j1wright Posts: 286 Member
    I think you can find it on You Tube as well. :)
  • efortier92
    efortier92 Posts: 4 Member
    The complete Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is on youtube! :)
  • I'm in! I started it today and I am SORE! I did a 1 mile run and then came home for the shred. I am not playing games with my weight loss goals this time!!!!
  • Spicer1
    Spicer1 Posts: 50 Member
    I'm in! I've got my eating under control, now if I could just find some motivation to work out regularly, I think I would be set.
  • I bought a wall calendar and write down the days I'm set to run and to 30DS. I'm giving myself 1-2 days off a week from running but want to aim for as many straight days of the shred as possible. Now I'm running 1 mile in intervals and am hoping to up that as time goes on. My main goal is to complete the shred. I've heard of some great results. I'm super sore now but it won't stop me from getting back on it tomorrow!

    I'm also eating really well but I have been for some time now. I eat clean, organic and stay away from processed foods as much as possible. I do like to drink so I'm planning on staying away from it until I do the shred for 15 days. Talk about motivation!

    I have a trip planned on June 27th and would love to lose 15 lbs but I'd be happy if I lose more inches than weight!
  • nh38318
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    Ive just ordered the DVD from Tesco's at £5. Once it arrives, im in.
  • I am on day 8 , it's so much easier a few days in.
  • Njenva
    Njenva Posts: 58 Member
    I am in. Will start on 29th April.
  • TilKingdomCome
    TilKingdomCome Posts: 89 Member
    I'm in too. Started tonight and will do every 2nd day. Couch to 5k in between
  • VoodooAborisha
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    I just started Jillian's ripped in 30. Different DVD but can I tag along also?
  • MaggieMay419
    MaggieMay419 Posts: 18 Member
    I am starting today as well! Feel free to add me.
  • change_of_heart
    change_of_heart Posts: 18 Member
    Would love to, count me in!
  • navygrrl
    navygrrl Posts: 517 Member
    I'd love to join! Level One is my favorite. I plan on doing 6 days a week with Sundays off. :)
  • hnyzthms
    hnyzthms Posts: 393 Member
    im in, just asked the same question I got to start of level 3 last time and stopped. Are u going to start a group xx
  • meganfoster12
    meganfoster12 Posts: 411 Member
    I starting tomorrow! I need the accountable usually I only make it through Level 1
  • I told myself to start today but had talked myself out of it. Seeing this discussion is my motivation. I am going to start even though I am not feeling well and hope this forum or a group that you start will make me accountable! Can't wait for energy, better endurance and clothes that fit!
  • galvestongal
    galvestongal Posts: 186 Member
    I'll join! Actually starting Level 1 today.
  • jmarcin78
    jmarcin78 Posts: 34
    Me too! :)