Help!! I need a 6 pack in 3 weeks



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    I suggest you should have started this 6 months ago you have to get pretty lean with a strict routine to get good ab results

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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    GOOD LUCK OP!!!! :bigsmile:
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    I'm going on vacation and need a 6pk. Need good suggestions

    Where are you going that 6pks are a requirement?
  • im curious as to why you need a six pack to go on holidays.i assume its to help you attract the women.not going to happen its not yourself find one who likes you for what you are you will get along much better.happy hunting

    OP is a woman :)
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    replying because i didn't know this face thingy existed and it makes me happy. My response to most things....
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    I don't know how to put pictures on here..i have a good look at my main picture now
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    $4.99 for the cheap stuff. $8.99 or more for a huge variety of really good stuff!
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    Are you driving or flying on your vacation? If you're driving, this is easy... Just don't open the cans in the car. Flying could be trickier. I'm not sure you can get a 6-pack past the TSA.
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    I will seriously being doing this ^^

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    terrible trolling.

    2/10: should not have read.
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    alright people you know you are all gonna get in trouble for not being supportive of the OP...someone will post "wow rude people all she did was ask a question, why so snarky and rude with all the silly gifts"

    Now be good....and post more gifs this has been entertaining...

    I want gifts! :laugh:

    Seriously though. The OP's SOP seems to be "copy and paste some nonsense I saw on Yahoo without quotes or attribution and see what happens."

    I only do food up for homemade pie/bread/sticky buns/cookies/squares/jams/pickles/salsa/cake etc?

    Casey already sent me a box of homemade cookies. They were amazing. Think you can do better? ;)

    my sticky buns are the size of a grapefruit made with real butter, brown sugar and baked until it all melts together into one gooey mess...about 500-650 calories each without icing...but well worth it...even my freak of a dieter sister eats if not better just as good...

    *crap now I have a craving*
    Sticky buns? Isn't that what you get when you work out really hard in a humid environment?
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    Edited to say: Dang, one of my pictures was already posted (>_<)... And to add this one. Maybe if you have a hairy chest/tummy you can use this technique..

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    Abs are made in the kitchen.
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    Shoo... if you've got six weeks, it's totally doable!

    Visit your LHBS and pick up an extract kit. I would suggest an IPA since they are best consumed young. Stay away from tripels!

    Brew tonight, ferment for two-three weeks, bottle and carb for two. You have plenty of time!

    EDIT: Stupid me forgot about secondary fermentation... Ferment for two weeks in the primary, two in the secondary (with dry-hopping), and then bottle and carb. You'll be cutting it close, but you'll shave off even more time if you already have invested in a kegging system.
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    Looking at the OPs ticker - it says "0 lbs to go" so I would assume she has already lost the weight and needs toning up now? Might not get a 6 pck in that short of time, but I would think some focused exercising that was suggested earlier along with planking would give her some definition.
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    hi is amyenman you fack
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    I'm sure you could just run to the liquor store and grab a 6 pack of Miller Lite right now, no need to wait 3 weeks.
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    I don't honestly think you can get a 6 pack in such a short amount of time. If you try really hard you might get a 3, maybe 4 pack. Does it sound okay to you?