Goal reached. Family horrified.



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    You look fine. If people are used to you chubby, they will have to adjust to how you look at a healthy weight. Frankly, I would suggest having a doctor check you over and respond with you healthy stats.

    My own experience was even when I was still considered obese, people were telling me to stop losing weight since I had lost about 30 or so pounds. I knew I was still at an unhealthy weight, so there was not an option but for me to continue, and so I do.
  • SoDamnHungry
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    They're just not used to seeing you thin. You look fantastic and should be proud of yourself. They'll get used to it eventually.
  • PrimalGirl
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    All I can say is, I look like the you on the left, and I WANT to look like the you on the right.

    Your family might be worried that you're just going to keep on losing and end up making yourself ill, or maybe the Skyping stretched you out or something?

    I think you look fabulous, and I think it would hurt whether or not you lacked self-confidence or had low self-esteem - it always does when those closest are harsh. My fiance told me the other night I was getting a muscular back and I found myself apologising. He said he didn't mind, but he didn't exactly say he loved it either. We'll have to see what he says when I lose more fat and the muscles are more defined...
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    You look great! I would not worry about what other people has to say. You know what's best for you.
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    Your dad may have great credentials and knows about fitness, but many times "pros" are harder on their own family than they ever would be with someone else. I'm assuming that your family members that are picking on your 15 lbs. must be completely dialed-in physique wise themselves right????

    If you like what you see when you look in the mirror, that's all that counts.
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    You look fantastic. Keep in mind they haven't seen you in person (at least that's what I'm getting from your post).

    If you're eating healthy, exercising and feel healthy, then who are they to say "ew" to you?

    You look fab!
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    OP, You look great. Not too thin, and certainly nothing even remotely close to EW! (whatever the heck that even means)



    Ok. Well, keep your emotional distance and don't let them damage you further than they have in the past.

    From what you've said, your family members seem to have the wrong approach to talking about weight issues, etc. I would say try your best not to take their comments to heart.

    Edit: not sure why it clipped my quote.
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    Alabama explains a lot. Not an insult, but their perception maybe greatly skewed as it is #2 in the country for obesity. Most women there are a "Southern healthy" weight. But I feel you, my family is horrified at my goal weight even though theyve seen me at it. Im Puerto Rican and Dominican, so culturally being even fit/thin means I need the greasiest sauciest food bc I'll "look like I'm starving" to them. My dad is the only one holding his tongue bc he actually knows a thing or two about fitness. But I am definitely expecting the same reaction you had with my other fam members. I just tune em out. And believe me, theyre loud lol.

    PS, most fams are this brutal. My husband (white guy) looks his best at 150. All his fam said he looked "scary" and "sallow". I just wanted to punch them. Not the case at all!

    All that to say:
    You look incredible. They're crazy. Tune em out. Go enjoy yourself!!! And congratulations on looking so good!!!
  • fitgrl124
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    I think you look incredible and healthy!!!!!!!!! You've achieved a huge success and I think you should be so proud!
  • chasingdreams18
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    I think you look great! Sometimes you just have to take what families say with a grain of salt.
  • juliezum
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    Family!....can't live with or without 'em. And family's brutal honesty can't get a bit much. Having said that, you look perfect on the right and apparently there are 8 pages of posts that agree. So what is that?, about 100 to 3...majority rules! Congratulations on your healthy new life and body....you look amazing.
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    All I did was take 9 months to lose 30 lbs to get from a bmi of overweight, and now I am in the middle of the "normal" or "healthy" bmi and I am currently maintaining. I did it by eating at a 20% reduction, as advised by many calorie calculators, approved by my doctors and personal trainers, and now I am eating at my TDEE to maintain.
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    You look ideal. Healthy and in great shape. I think people have negative reactions because they so used to you looking one way (Heavier) that when you make all the healthy changes you have and now look fit they react with a bit of shock and I hate to say jealousy. Don't let anyone steal you thunder. Your working hard for this so enjoy your hard work and dedication and the result.
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    I think you look great. Families think they can say what they want without worrying about our feelings (my mother is a prime candidate) but unfortunately they don't often think before they speak. Your face has a nice slim shape to it without looking gaunt, so if you're happy, then stay the way you are x
  • DeterminedFee201426
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    if your comfortable with your changes you need to ignore your family opinion and go with your own make sure your happy you worked for it now keep it . your the one who has to deal with your body everyday not them if you put all that weight back on that may be a huge mistake in my opinion ..
  • sapphies
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    You look great. They are the ones with issues!!! What kind of family talks behind your back, who says eww your face and who would say you're to fat go join sumo wrestling????? Toxic, jealous people! That's who. You need to set boundaries. Explain to them that their opinions are not needed, and they should keep them to themselves. Your happiness and self love has to come from with in; not others.
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    I would redirect you to read the entire post about the 1104 calories, as well as other replies in this thread, because I gave sufficient information about the calorie counters, books, doctors, and personal trainers I have talked to who have given the 100% stamp of approval to what I did.

    I read the whole thing, and it was debunked rather voraciously. Also, it was discovered that you aren't even logging your food consistently.

    But it's no matter. What you think or say to your family may or may not be the same as it is on MFP. It doesn't excuse their extreme rudeness about your appearance. You should probably stop talking to them since you're an ocean away anyway.
  • babydaisy81
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    I agree with everyone else, you look amazing. And happy! Add you lost the weight by doing everything properly as well, so don't listen to any negative remarks!
  • nikkiworld2
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    I think you look Terrific! And, your face is not EW. Just keep up the good work with maintaining. Don't listen to their negativity. Only you know how good you feel at this better, healthier weight.
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    First of all - you look AMAZING.
    Second - they've seen you with the fuller face and body all this time and especially when they've been use to you looking a certain way it can be a sort of shock seeing so much loss.
    I've seen friends who lost weight and it was a bit shocking at first because I wasn't use to seeing them that way.

    Try to just stay positive about how wonderful you look now :) good job