If you got a tattoo(or a new tattoo) what would it be?



  • I'm going to get an elephant on my crotch and the trunk is gonna be my peen. It'll be EPIC.

    and/or "YOUR MOM" in a heart. I'm classy like that.
  • molonlabe762
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    Soldier's cross on my back with the names of guys from my unit that were killed in Iraq.
  • dwilks42
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    Finishing my sleeve in two weeks.
  • Ryderod
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    I love Metal Mulisha, would probably get another variant on my back
  • maz504
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    I'm going to get an elephant on my crotch and the trunk is gonna be my peen. It'll be EPIC.

    and/or "YOUR MOM" in a heart. I'm classy like that.

    You. I like you.
  • 1nsomniac13
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    I have a Legend of Zelda tattoo on my arm as a memorial for my nephew who passed a few years ago (he and I were both enthusiastic fans of the series).

    I don`t want to give away too many details about what I have in mind for my next one (don't want anyone stealin' it), but I love cyberpunk. I love writing and creating in general. So I plan on getting an upper back tattoo... looking at gritty, realistic cyberpunk style (metal plates, wires, etc) looking like it's been grafted to the skin, with a favourite quote blended into the details of the art.

    I have a very long and detailed list of the elements I aim to incorporate... go big or go home, right? ;)
  • pseudomuffin
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    One of my final weight loss incentives is a lower back tattoo :heart: I'm still working on the design but it's going to be a heart-shaped padlock intertwined with vines and flowers. Eventually I'd also like to get a Gorean Dina flower tattooed on my left thigh.
  • Bounce4
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    Great thread. I love OP's first choice even if it is popular.

    When I reach my bottom goal weight I'm getting one. Might be the only reason I get there, lol.

    I haven't decided on anything for certain yet but I like this idea. Not exactly like this but the concept.

    or this only on my side.
  • Shuuma
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    Oh man, I have a list:

    My kids' names in Gallifreyan
    Alien (as in Ridley Scott, not Ancient) climbing up my shoulder
    A set of bird outlines (Quaker, Cockatiel, Hummingbird)
    The hash marks from Doctor Who
    The Deathly Hallows made of a sonic screwdriver, HP wand, lightsaber, arrow, with the LOTR ring in the center
    The seventh symbol on the Stargate
    Multiple quotes
    "I must not tell lies" in white ink on the back of my hand
    The Fifth Element wrist tattoo
    The Kushiel's Dart marque
    The opening five notes of Close Encounters Theme
    An Awen
    Possibly Van Gogh's exploding TARDIS
    My dad's name, bd and dd in Egyptian Hieroglyphs because he was just fascinated with Ancient Egypt.

    Then, I'll start on the right arm...hahaha...I'm behind, what can I say? lol
  • Bounce4
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    Love the idea of a message that is so small and personal. Not sure exactly what I'd have written. I have a big foot - opens up the options, haha.


    I have one on my right ankle already. Very 80's, lol. Cross with a rose wrapped around it.
  • sw33tp3a11
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    Mine would be a butterfly . The wings would morph into a flower.
  • wolfsbayne
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    I just found this one today and I love it. However, I would have sunflowers instead and probably just do a half sleeve or quarter sleeve:

    I also want a sugar skull on my thigh, one similar to this:

  • spirytwynd
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    A phoenix on my back. Working on the custom design for it and saving the money. Like the go big or go home idea voiced earlier in the thread. I recently retired from the Army and this tattoo represents the death of the old life and the fire and spirit of the new one.
  • Bounce4
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    I like skulls - just not on me - I wouldn't want to see it all the time - freak me out, lol.

    Posting to say that is the coolest one I've ever seen!