Eating two quest bars a day...slightly obsessed...



  • Ever tried microwaving them? Oh god..
  • FitNurseLex
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    Yum yum to the Cinnamon Roll flavor!! When heated up, it tastes like the real deal! I love Quest bars, but I've had to cut back on them b/c of the price as well! :sigh:
  • Foxtrot2N
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    I have 1-2 a day as meals. I do 6 small meals during the course of the day and they fit in the counts beautifully. It does feel a bit expensive but in my mind every dollar I spend on them to get healthy is another day I get to live. So far, it's a worthwhile trade. :glasses:
  • OH MY GOD.

    Yes!!! They are SO good :) I am completely obsessed. People should check our their instagram and recipe blog too for what else you can do with them. Some people bake them to make them into cookies! I haven't done it yet, but holy shnikes it looks good.

    ALSO, I started by buying them at GNC but have heard that vitamin shoppe is much cheaper by like $5-6 a box or once you've tried some I would try the Amazon route!
  • emjaycazz
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    I have 1/2 of one after my morning workout, and then the other 1/2 as an afternoon snack. The chocolate chip cookie dough one lives up to the hype (especially when microwaved for 15 seconds).

    They are pricey, but you can't beat the amount of protein vs. calories and net carbs and calories. Also, if you have blood sugar issues, they are low on the glycemic index (which has been incredibly helpful for me).

  • Mainebikerchick
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    I prefer Cliff or Think Thin bars, but yes, I love eating several a day and wish they weren't so expensive!
  • fbmandy55
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    I once ate a whole box of fiber one bars, but that's cause they taste like a glorified candy bar and I just cant have candy bars in my home.

    Fiber One bars KILL ME. They DO taste amazing but I've tried them twice and both times ended up with the most painful cramping of my life. Like, crying, begging my fiance to take me to the ER and not being able to stand up kind of pain.

    So I've determined they have a lethal amount of fiber that my body just can't handle..
  • Francl27
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    I love the fiber ones bars, but they make me fart badly.
  • cenafan
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    honest question...why are you eating so many? I eat one before my morning workout (only because I can't eat a big meal that early). But I would rather have "real" food for those calories vs. a bar. KWIM? I also find it really throws my digestive system off if I replace too much food with bars.
  • nielsonfam
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    nmiller - FYI, if you call or email them they will send you 2 free bars by mail for FREE
  • romancefan1983
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    Yummy Quest bars!! My fav is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough microwaved for 15 seconds. OMG!!

    But anywho.... I only eat one per day right now but have eaten 2 before. I wish they weren't so expensive but they are worth the price to me.
  • jennybennypenny
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    I totally eat 1-3/day too... They're so expensive, but they're so tasty and the macros are good that I'm with others--sometimes I prefer them over real food! Ditto on buying them online to save money.
  • SharonCMach
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    Where are you getting them? I can only find them at GNC.

    I order them direct from Quest, they give discounts if you have a rolling order.
  • I'm addicted to these too.. My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough. I eat 1-2 per day.
    In Canada the best price I have found (including shipping) is
  • I just ate about 8 quest bars.... light, weight, baby~
  • GreatDepression
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    I just got the strawberry cheesecake flavor. They are very expensive and taste pretty good. I'm tempted to have one now. Are the "active carbs" on the label accurate? I thought you can't just add a bunch of fiber to something to remove the carbs?
  • Erihppas
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    I WANT to eat more than one a day, but I'm trying to *only* eat them when I don't have time for lunch.

    I kill the Cookies and Cream one...
    I bought a box of that and a box of the Variety Pack. They sent me a free C&C.

    Dear God, they are so good.
  • Erihppas
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    I don't know, but I heard they are actually in litigation for the fiber issue. There were reports that they were over reporting their fiber count, but a consumer advocate group reported that the amt of fiber is actually correct.

    It only increased the calories by 30 something, so they'd be 200 calories instead of 170.

    Still damn good.
  • Ronni66
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    I've never tried Quest bars LOL Do they have alot of sugar? My obsession is peanuts, in the shell. I can eat protein all day long so peanuts make me happy inside :)
  • babyj0
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    Ever tried microwaving them? Oh god..

    Yes!! Best thing ever!!