Hello from the UK, seeking friends :)

PTDawnReema Posts: 28 Member
hi, so I have been on here for a couple of months, in general I am loosing steadily I am happy with the progress, I started at 16st at the beginning of Feb, joined mfp in march and now down to 13st2lbs as of today so high five for me :laugh: would love to have some mates to share the journey I am on everyday logging my diary, seeing others progress is such motivation and I would like to help motivate others :flowerforyou:

see you guys later


  • vtotheicky
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    Well done on losing so much weight already! That's amazing. I'm from London, where in the UK are you? You're welcome to add me :flowerforyou:
  • MrGumbOoO
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    Hi, good going, feel free to add here too. Up near Sheffield
  • jtm4210
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    Fab progress :) well done! I'm in Norfolk, whereabouts are you? Feel free to add me if you like!
  • Cozmetick
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    Amazing weight loss! Im on here a lot and from the north of England, feel free to add!
  • jonny310580
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    Up in rainy Scotland if anyone wishes to add :)
  • PTDawnReema
    PTDawnReema Posts: 28 Member
    hi I am in Durham.. well done to you too... 23lbs:happy:
  • zozag
    zozag Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, im from Nottingham this is my first week. So any advice would be great also doing the insanity workout im on day 5,
  • heavenlyb14
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    Yes, I'm in the U.K., log daily and have a similar amount to lose. Feel free to add me.
  • lilyrosieposie3
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    I am a newby. I am from London. Please add me. I log in every day
  • Hi, I'm in the UK, Norfolk. Well done on your progress so far. Feel free to add me as a friend. :smile:
  • Jd0414
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    Up in Scotland
  • Slatzuk
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    Great Progress. I'm in Lancashire.

    Always glad of more friends to keep me motivated.

    Please add me folks.
  • XLau84X
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    We'll done x your progress is amazing x

    I'm from Hampshire x add me x
  • Fatandfifty3
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    Hi, I've sent you a friend request. Well done you! Fantastic and inspirational weigh loss (or weight release as I see the trendy ppl are saying!)
  • Apocalypz
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    Hi, im from Nottingham this is my first week. So any advice would be great also doing the insanity workout im on day 5,
    For me, it was important to laugh when I didn't complete an exercise in the beginning. This kept me from feeling upset that I'd not "succeeded", which was quite silly really, because simply doing it was a success. Laugh, exercise, laugh, exercise. So much more fun.
  • AngeliqueAcee
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    Hi! Great loss :D

    I'm from Sweden but living in the UK, so I can be British! I've added you and anyone that want to can add me :D

    Have a good day!
  • sprucey85
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    I'm from South London, feel free to add me!
  • carisone
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    I sent you a request but I would really love some more UK friends too so please feel free to add me. I am new, just starting out and I am from Sheffield :)
  • Songbirdie90
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    Fantastic job on the amazing weight loss :) I'm in Scotland, feel free to add :D
  • Kath1391
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    Well done on the weight loss! I'm from south wales :) Feel free to add x