What is your go to drink?

I try to drink lots of water each day but some days water plain or flavored just doesn't taste good.
On these days what do you drink?
I just made some iced tea and flavored it with a pouch of sugar free drink mix that you would normally put in a bottle of water.
Any other suggestions?


  • lemon629
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    I usually drink water with a little orange or apple juice (aim for a 7:1 ratio). Or I'll squeeze 1-2 lemon wedges in my water. It tastes good, hydrates me, and keeps my blood sugar steady.

    I also like flavored sparkling waters, such as La Croix, and various kinds of tea.
  • MelsAuntie
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  • jkwolly
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    Or is this for what I drink daily?

    HA JK!

    Water is great.
  • BlueBombers
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  • kahulalui
    kahulalui Posts: 33
    Raspberry and Lime infused water or Peach Tee Crystal Light.
  • Dnarules
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    Daytime is unsweetened ice tea with lemon
    Night time is wine
  • CindyMarcuzAdams
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    I drink black coffee, milked tea or water. I did buy a plastic lemon and lime with the juice in them as well
  • fitmomhappymom
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    My general beverage rule to live by is either water or wine. Nothing else.
  • fitfor40tx
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    I love water with some fresh lemon juice and a little stevia. :smile: I drink that everyday.

    red wine and beer as a treat only :wink:
  • fatalis_vox
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    I actually JUST did this, and I discovered that it's amazing.

    VERY LIGHTLY sweetened Citrus-Mint Green Tea.

    I boiled about a gallon of water in a stock pot, let it cool about 5 minutes after the boil, threw in 4 green tea with citrus bags and 2 peppermint tea bags. I squeezed in some lemon juice, too. Then I added about 3 tablespoons of sugar to the whole pot and let it brew while stirring and tasting occasionally.

    Then I poured it into a gallon-sized pitcher and stuck it in the fridge.

    It's light without being bland, refreshing without being over-sweet, lightly caffeinated, and I love it.

    I also do unsweetened iced tea with lemon.
  • ekztawas
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    I suggest getting an infusion pitcher. It has a center compartment that you can stick cucumbers, lemons, strawberries, etc in to infuse your water. If I'm at work I'll just slip in a few slices of cucumber to my water.
  • seltzermint555
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    Water. Yeah, I know that's boring. But I actually like tap water, refrigerated. I don't like Crystal Light, Mio, or fruit/herb infused water or anything like that...I also hate ice water. It's gotta be fridge-cold or room temperature.

    Every morning I drink 1 cup of coffee with a packet of sweetener and splash of unsweetened original almond milk.

    Some afternoons I drink a cup of tea...I like jasmine, chai, Earl Grey, etc.

    2-3 times a week I drink a diet cola.
  • tinkbaby101
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    Coffee, tea, or mio added to my water. I love mio!
  • ucabucca
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    I would love to say water but I drop sodium at an unusual rate so I drink electrolyte drinks usually zero calorie or G2 if calories needed.
  • tedrickp
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    Coffee by the oil tanker full

    Coke Zero

    Occasional green/macha/oolong tea
  • brandifleck
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  • brando79az
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    I drink sooo much coffee now. OMG!!!! I'm like the Cookie Monster with coffee!
  • grrrlface
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    I drink tea! No sugar, splash of milk. :) That and water.
  • pamcuster
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    My general beverage rule to live by is either water or wine. Nothing else.

    **LIKE** (or rather...LOVE!)
  • nycoleyrides
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    I drink club soda with concentrated cherry in it for flavor. Just like a table spoon. And by cherry concentrate juice I mean the strong stuff. Like Dynamic health is the brand I find easily. Its great for ailments.

    Also water with fresh Myer lemon from the local tree. I love sour so I will some times add the whole lemon. Tastes better then lemonade to me. Also good to add to club soda but watch for the fizz over.