What was your weight loss in a one month period?



  • ParamoreAddict
    ParamoreAddict Posts: 839 Member
    As long as I'm good and don't eat any fast food or anything like that, I lose at least 2-3 pounds per week and about 10 pounds a month like clockwork.
  • ShaGetFit23
    ShaGetFit23 Posts: 31 Member
    Since end of January til now I have lost 40lbs but I took a month break were I just maintained wasn't trying.
  • TheWeightOfFood
    TheWeightOfFood Posts: 58 Member
    10lbs in the first week (it was a week of hiking through the wilderness), and another 10 during the following few weeks.

    20lbs in the first month. I weight 230lbs when I started.

    That does NOT happen to most people.
  • This is my first month of weight loss and on MFP.

    Lost: 9.3kg (20lbs)

    Lets keep going onto next month!
  • I lose between 8-11lbs a month depending on how good I am with food. I've got the exercise thing spot on but still eat badly at times and gain every weekend so have to lose again.
  • Insomniac8
    Insomniac8 Posts: 182
    4 kg. I went down to 3 kg last month but now I'm back to 4 kg a week.
  • rainbowfaye
    rainbowfaye Posts: 68 Member
    Feb. 5
    March. 8.4
    April. 5.6
    May 7

    In four months I've lost 25 pounds. That's roughly averaged to be 6.2 pounds a month. I love seeing this break down I'm going to have to start paying more attention. :happy:
  • mousetrousers
    mousetrousers Posts: 27 Member
    4 lbs in the past 30 days :)
  • OPile
    OPile Posts: 104 Member
    So far about 10 pounds a month but I expect it'll slow down now as I'm nearing my target.
  • bellevie86
    bellevie86 Posts: 301 Member
    Most in one month? The first 2-3 months usually 6 pnds. After that 2-4
  • lillielocklear5
    lillielocklear5 Posts: 3 Member
    I lost 17 pounds my first month using MFP!
  • reoskit
    reoskit Posts: 9 Member
    This board comes as such a relief. I've lost 5ish in the last month and I kept kicking myself, thinking that I should be losing 2/week. I'm glad to know I fall into a normal range.
  • Ashwee87
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    Just kinda started back just last month, but since March 14th, I have lost right at 12 pounds. BUT, I do have over 100 to lose, so I figure it will start to become less as I keep going. As long as I can lose roughly 1-2 lbs a week, I will be happy. :)
  • arhummel
    arhummel Posts: 32 Member
    13 lbs is the most I have ever lost in one month.
  • neon07734
    neon07734 Posts: 3 Member
    I started this deal attempting to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week and for the first month that was doable. But now I'm at 3 pounds a month. That's easily doable. I don't stress about things, and I don't kill myself to make it happen. I just plug along. it seems like a slow way to do it, and i know people do it faster but now that I'm 74 down that's all that matters. It's taken me 24 months to do it, but it's done. All I can do is keep going and I intend too. I want to be sucessful!

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  • I average 8-10 lbs a month :-)
  • Booksandbeaches
    Booksandbeaches Posts: 1,791 Member
    5-6 pounds in my best month.....but I didn't have a whole lot to lose either.
  • LucasEVille
    LucasEVille Posts: 567 Member
    First month (and highest) 16.5lbs, second month (and second highest) 11lbs. Then its slowed down to a more sustainable and healthy rate.
  • FairlyOddChelle
    FairlyOddChelle Posts: 40 Member
    Usually 8 lbs. a month. Although, just recently, lost 12 lbs. in a month, which was insane to me-- one week I lost 6 lbs., which was a weird surprise. I'm hoping the 8 a month sticks for awhile, we'll see.
  • Just finished my first month. Lost 2.2 pounds (1kg).

    I'm still figuring out my best approach. But at least it's going down.