What did you eat to get heavy?



  • MelaniaMadison
    My God OP, you are stunning!!!!!!

    And it was a crap ton of fast food and closet eating for me. I still eat fast food but I just eat it differently now.

    thanks beauty!! so are you!
    best of luck
  • meltedsno
    meltedsno Posts: 208 Member
    How I gained it:

    JARS of Peanut butter (the crunchier, the better) on a spoon

    HUGE bowls of popcorn -- surprisingly without any butter/salt....hot air popped with nothing.. but the operative words here are HUGE and BOWLS

    Mounds Candy Bars (love that coconut)... chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

    Animal crackers and pretzels

    Saltines and a tub of margarine

    Not eating a meal... but instead snacking all day long

    How I lost it:

    religiously wear a fitbit... walk a minimum of 10K steps/5 miles a day

    bought a Ninja Blender... 1 scoop chocolate protein powder + icecubes + a little water = the best damn thing next to peanut butter on a spoon

    Also bought a food steamer... most meals consist of steamed vegies and chicken or fish

    Dusted off the treadmill and decided to use it for the reason it was created, which is NOT to toss my clothes on...

    Still eat pretzels... can't wean myself from them, but I do count out portions instead of eating a full 14oz bag in one sitting
    Still eat popcorn, but rarely... and then it is limited to a small handfull
    Drink 1-2 glasses of wine daily, mixed with Diet Sierra Mist
    Have 1 to 3 pieces of chocolate daily
    NO NO NO Peanut butter -- the one vice I just can't trust myself with

    Have gone from a tight size 18 (started July 1, 2013) to a size 4 jeans (purchased yesterday)....
  • Ilysandrew11
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    I used to be a size 11 before I started working in a bar. Next thing I know I am a size 18! Thanks to beer, liquor and red bull. I would stay after work to socialize and drinking definately leads to munchies! Now I rarely drink and I portion my food intake. Ialso stopped drinking sodas. Hoping this works for me :-)
  • JennyHollyHansen
    I worked long 12 hours a day at my job so it was whatever food place was around. Mainly McDonalds, Subway, and Thai Place.
    I would keep bags of candy and chocolate bars at my desk for energy when I would get tired and run down (daily). And I drank a lot of black tea with 3 teaspoons of sugar and a bit of milk (like 8 mugs a day). I was also my fittest at this time as I ran 6 days a week for a hour and half most days.
  • KnM0107
    KnM0107 Posts: 355 Member
    I ate to much food (all food)...
  • spirit095
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    Ate too much junk food (family sized bags mostly to myself). Sometimes I went through 2-3 bags a week.
  • StarvingInSuburbia
    When I gained weight, I was eating really healthy, which would give an illusion of skinniness, but I ate way too much of it. Now, to lose, I'm still usually eating good and healthy but cutting my portions way down to a normal size.
  • muswc2014
    muswc2014 Posts: 3 Member
    slider foods...especially ice cream and other sweets amongst fried foods. If it was fatty, it went down easier, and thats what I ate.
  • danicaone_101
    danicaone_101 Posts: 40 Member
    Sometimes fast food but for sure I ate lots of rice. How can I not when it is part of my everyday diet? Went off to college and yup, that is when I started eating more junk food and sad to say, drank alcohol at parties.
  • bajoyba
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    To get to my heaviest, I ate all of the same foods I eat now (which is basically all the foods). I just ate more of them with no regard for portion sizes or my body's energy needs. I was also mostly sedentary and did my best to avoid any sort of vigorous physical activity.

    To lose weight, I ate at a moderate calorie deficit and learned to fit all the foods I loved into my calorie goal. I also make a point of being active on a daily basis.
  • seltzermint555
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    I ate mostly the same things I eat now. Just in larger amounts. A lot of the time I looked to other people for an idea of what was "normal eating" and sadly, even though many of the people were thin or average weight they were eating far too much, restaurant food too often, and huge portions. Also, I believed that a little somethin' sweet was NECESSARY after both lunch and dinner. While I don't think that is always a bad idea, full size desserts aren't something I needed to have often.
  • liekewheeless
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    Bread and sugar. I LOVE all thing bread. So, when I was hungry I would eat slices of bread with whatever we had in the house on it. Butter and sugar for one, or peanut butter, or jelly. Did I mention I love sugar?

    Then on the weekends we'd have pastries and I'd eat half the box. It's only ones a week right? Except sometimes it was 3 times a week.

    Dinner usually involved a type of bread. Pasta, pizza, toasted bread, egg noodles, dinner rolls, pancakes.

    Now I'm still eating breads, but smaller portions. I'm still leaning heavily to the carb side of my macros.
    I'm using this site to learn and be aware of calorie dens foods and rearranging my dinner plate. If I'm really hungry I'll still have some bread item but a little bit and fill up on plain veggies.

    The logging is really helping me not to have that extra serving. So I eat one bowl of cereal instead of 3 (or the whole box).
  • Rainboots80
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    I gained by eating way too many carbs. The more I ate the more I craved those. Pretzels, pasta, pizza, bagels, cookies, cereal ect. I have been losing doing the opposite and keeping carbs under 100 g.
  • Topsking2010
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    Lots of fast food and junk food!!!
  • Meerataila
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    I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and how much I wanted. Then washed it all down with soda.
  • karasz816
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    McDonalds 3 times a week, Candy bars and Tastykakes/Entemanns at work for lunch, I only ate 1 large meal a day, and drank Monsters , Gatorade, soda or Turkey Hill tea all the time.

    I got up to 200 lbs. Which is crazy because I walk around at work doing some moderately physical labor and walk the dog twice a day for 15-20 minutes.

    I did MFP for a week just to see what I was eating and realized the calories from just the drinks alone were the size of a meal themselves. (240 for a 20oz Monster, 560 for a half gallon of Green Tea a day, or 800 for half gallon Lemonade Tea)

    The monster and Lemonade Tea is about HALF of my total daily calories.

    Its crazy to think 3 dippy eggs and 4 slices of toast have less calories than a half gallon of tea does.
  • dunnodunno
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    Basically everything.

    Mostly anything sweet.

    With ice cream I would often pile on cookies or cereal
    I could eat around 6 or 7 pieces of pizza (I bet I still could LOL)
    Three or four pieces of lasagna
    I once ate ten regular sized candy bars & on a different occasion ate an ice cream container that contained six cups
  • fit_rox
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    Freshman year of college was a combination of binge drinking and cafeteria food.
  • suejoker
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    CHEESE & nuts, mostly. Too much and too many. Otherwise, I ate pretty healthy, so none of my friends could understand why I was so heavy. Well, when I got here, I realized that 1/4 cup of most nuts is 170 calories and I could easily eat 2 cups in one sitting. With cheese, it depends on the kind, but it's basically another high fat, high calorie food. Now, I sprinkle crumbled cheeses or nuts on salads or cooked veggies, instead of making them the star of the show.
  • waldo56
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    Fast food and eating out in general too much.
    Beer. Waaaaaaay too much beer.
    Always having a tube of cookie dough in the fridge and/or massive case of oreos in the cupboards. And attacking them thoroughly regularly.

    The only thing I really gave up though is the fast food; mostly became not lazy with cooking (fast food is repulsive though nowadays to me, my cooking is way better). Everything else I learned moderation.