do you leave your diary open?

i was curious - do you leave your diary open or keep it private? i leave notes to myself in the foods notes, and have an odd diet, so i don't feel entirely comfortable leaving it open, but i can't really see why not.


  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    Mine's open. I also make notes and that sort of thing, but figure if anyone has questions, they can ask me. :smile:
  • Dragoness1980
    Dragoness1980 Posts: 21 Member
    Mine's open. I find it better to look after yourself when other people can see what you've been doing
  • DivineChoices
    DivineChoices Posts: 193 Member
    Mine is open to my friends. I leave random notes in my diary too. But most of it is self-explanatory. If not, my friends are more than welcome to ask me about it.
  • Ready2Rock206
    Ready2Rock206 Posts: 9,488 Member
    I don't see any reason to hide what I eat - mine is open.
  • tinkbaby101
    tinkbaby101 Posts: 180 Member
    Mine is open. I figure nobody's going to criticize it, unless I ask for feedback. It feels almost like I'm ashamed of the foods I'm eating, if I choose to keep it private.
  • WisheeNY
    WisheeNY Posts: 72 Member
    I don't. I'm embarrassed about my food I guess? Lol! Plus I eat the same stuff all the time anyway.
  • Jimsmith109
    Jimsmith109 Posts: 38 Member
    My diary is open for all to get ideas or give them : }
  • endermako
    endermako Posts: 787 Member
    mine is open. It helps me stay accountable.
  • Mine's open to friends. I've only had one person message to harshly judge my sugar intake, but I consider it a good thing. Sometimes it's not enough just to track calories, sometimes it's good to have a slap in the face, so to speak. :)
  • itsbasschick
    itsbasschick Posts: 1,584 Member
    i'm not embarrassed - i haven't missed logging a single meal, and haven't eaten a single bite that wasn't thought out. i've been food diarying in a notebook since may 2, only started here recently. on the other hand, i had been sticking to the MFP calorie allowance, which was 1200 calories, and i figured out was just too low for health, and i feel bad people may comment on that or worry about me.
  • itsbasschick
    itsbasschick Posts: 1,584 Member
    this is actually pretty interesting - thanks for the replies :)
  • sfbaumgarten
    sfbaumgarten Posts: 912 Member
    Open. I only had it open to friends for a while, but now it's totally public.
  • kk_140
    kk_140 Posts: 518 Member
    I don't leave it open because I do not use MFP for tracking calories. I prefer the old fashioned pen and paper way of doing things. And if I don't know how many calories are in something, I just don't eat it.
  • Swaggs51
    Swaggs51 Posts: 716 Member
    open.. i want my friends to be abl;e to look at it and give me tips
  • Open as well.
  • WLG1974
    WLG1974 Posts: 90
    Ya, mine is open.. to myself.
  • kcmcd
    kcmcd Posts: 239 Member
    I think it's open, but I changed my settings to not announce when I've "stayed under calories", and I never click the "finished logging" button anyway.
  • ShibaEars
    ShibaEars Posts: 3,928 Member
    Mine's open. I make notes in the comments sometimes, but it's not personal info. If people want to look at it they can, and it in no way affects what I'm doing :)

    I also like to look at other people's diaries because it can give me some new meal ideas.
  • albayin
    albayin Posts: 2,524 Member
    closed. I don't log consistently so nothing to share, plus I feel kinda the same way as a few others: don't feel comfortable since I don't ask why I am not losing weight so no need to have other people poke inside. :)
  • Lourdesong
    Lourdesong Posts: 1,492 Member
    I believe it's closed. I also use the food notes for my own notes about food, exercise, personal appts, whatever.

    I might open it in the future, but to be honest, I've seen at least 2 people on the forums in my short time here use other people's diaries as a way to score points against them during some unrelated arguments.

    That kind of thing doesn't make me feel open to the idea of being open.