Things all women (and some men) need to hear!!



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    Use sarcasm quotes next time.

    why? its more fun when ppl get their panties in a bind over a an innocuous comment.

    Not sure why you think anyone's underwear is in any sort of uncomfortable position. Does anyone take anything on the internet seriously anymore?

    They shouldnt, but they do, hence being told about my "sexist drivel"

    Labeling your comments isn't taking them seriously.

    NO labels, NO H8. i was just about to open up and you talk to me like that?
  • Holy krikey.... can we just get back to the post?
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    Holy krikey.... can we just get back to the post?

    No. The comments are far more interesting than the post.
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    Holy krikey.... can we just get back to the post?

    No. The comments are far more interesting than the post.
    Funny how it usually works that way
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    I am not reading all that.

    I will read it to you in my sexy voice.

    I'm in.
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    Iv given up on all that!
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    So-- firmly believing that you can't effectively change something you hate- loving yourself in your current state, (fat, chubby, thick, etc) can be an incredible catalyst for change. The article at least covers the first part. You SHOULD love yourself. You should be confident and feel gorgeous and not limit yourself.

    If you can do that- loving yourself like that- then maybe you can take better care of yourself going forward. Maybe it will help you see that you are fabulous and amazing and that you do in fact deserve (in addition to hot men and sincere compliments and that sense of self value) a healthy body. You deserve more than crappy fast food, and you deserve workouts that make you feel strong and happy.

    Just my two cents. Good post OP.
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    Of course women should love themselves and their bodies!

    But that doesn't mean that they should not exercise and maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Women (and men) should strive to be the best they can be, and part of that is being healthy. If they're not there yet, they need to move in that direction. It's not too late to start and nobody's getting any younger. If someone is an emotional eater it might be time to see a counselor to overcome these things so they can begin their path to a healthy lifestyle.

    And just because someone's blood work is normal doesn't mean they're not at risk. The body is under strain from the excess weight and eventually that will catch up with them. It may not be for another 10-20+ years but it will happen eventually. And at that point you'll look back with regret on why you didn't build healthy habits earlier in life, when you had more energy and it was easier to drop the weight... :frown: I was only 25 at the time but I already had back and knee problems from being overweight. After losing some weight I don't have those problems anymore.

    Start being healthy now; don't wait for you, a friend or family member to have a heart attack, get type 2 diabetes, or some other health crisis to be your wake-up call.

    It's a both/and approach, not an either/or approach. You can BOTH love yourself AND take care of yourself. It's not that overweight/obese women shouldn't love themselves and it's not that overweight women should learn to be happy with how they are and not exercise or watch what they eat.
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    No. One shouldn't "love oneself". not at all.The Self Esteem generation is coddled and deluded and often intentionally ignorant. Effective change is going to come from an emotional base, not a rational base and getting mad-- mad enough to do something about lack of fitness is much more effective.
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    chicks are weird.

    I can agree with you. I find myself weird, but have no problem with accepting it. I am content with being weird. =-3
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    I dunno, maybe these sorts of blogs help some women feel better about themselves. But it just rings hollow to me. There's something condescending about it. Imagine a similar post directed towards conventionally beautiful women. It wouldn't make sense. Even if some conventionally beautiful women have self-esteem issues, it still wouldn't make sense to be that condescending. Yet it makes sense when condescension is directed at fat women. Funny that.

    edit: it's also not talking to any fat person in particular, just fat women in general. Many of the points are vacuous due to that, points such as "you're beautiful". How does he know given that he's not talking about any one in particular?

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    Two things...

    Regarding not having to exercise to feel good about yourself... exercise can make you feel good about yourself whether you lose weight or not. Moving your body just feels good. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a workout. I like getting stronger even if I don't get thinner.

    Regarding "fat chicks banging hot guys". I feel this implies that fat chicks and guys are not "hot" or worthy of a bang. If you're a fat chick and you only want to bang "hot" (re: not fat) guys, that's kind of sh***y. You're saying that you don't accept fat bodies, but other people should accept your fat body. Yes, it's what's on the inside that counts, but if you don't subscribe to that yourself you shouldn't expect others to do so.