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    *bump* and to track in my own feed... Many thanks!!
    Updated Again

    v4.01 - Configuration is improved. Import method rewritten to speed up and reduce queries. Now exports cholesterol, sugar, sodium and fiber. Layout and configure changes. Added ignore today button, not fully supported yet.

    Tool can be found here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/EvgeniZyntx/view/new-mfp-data-export-tool-major-update-659927

    This is my first time seeing this! Thanks!!! Now I have a reason to set my actual macro goals in mfp... I always just leave them set to default but keep my real goal in my mind :wink:
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    This looks awesome. Looking forward to downloading later. Thanks!
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    Bump to download after work :)
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    Bump to get this download this evening. Thanks in advance!
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    Here is one example of the graph you can create with this.

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    If you uploaded the worksheet yesterday, and had no data from a year ago, the export would have crashed. This is now repaired. Program update is available at the same link

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    What can I say....you are a superstar for all your hard work on this! Thanks a million :drinker:

    I feel bad to bother you....however this did not work for me....I got an error message that said:

    "Error: After location 6 in function ImportXMLdataMFP. The most recent error number is 5. Its message text is: invalid procedure call or argument."

    I tried at 365 days and then at 29 days as I've only just got back into loggin for the last 30 days after taking quite a long break. Neither worked. Do I need to change some settings perhaps?

    All my good data is from a few years back when I was loggin consistantly (just getting back into it) but I believe the report works for the last year only?

    Again, thank you sooooo much for putting this together!! Really appreciated by everyone here from the looks of it!
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    Ok, I believe I've resolved your issue - the program crashed during the reading of settings when someone used "stone/lbs". This is now resolved. Also, the program should now work with Excel 2007/2010/2013.

    Updates are at the usual location:
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    It worked!!! :smokin:

    I can't believe how clever you are - the info on there is amazing!

    Thank you ever so much - can't tell you how much I appreciate this!!!
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    You are welcome!
    And thanks for the feedback!:flowerforyou:
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    This looks incredible! Replying to download when I get home. Thanks!!!
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    I am going to have to try this! Thanks!!!
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    this is an awesome tool. Can't let this one go unnoticed, too great!!!! Wonderful job on that, I still have to read a little closer to correctly interpret what some of the charts display. But this is incredible ;)