When you make a doctors jaw drop!



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    Great job! You've done something really good for yourself!

    I remember reading some time back that the people in Colorado are among the healthiest in the US. Don't remember if an explanation was provided, but there are certainly fewer overweight people to be seen than here in South Carolina, which has a pretty unhealthy population compared with many other states.
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    I'm so happy for you! Interesting about Colorado. What is it about this cool state that helped you discover calorie counting? Were the residents generally healthier?

    Well at least the town I live in Fort Collins, everyone seems to be living the healthy life style! This guy at my work lost over 100 pounds by counting calories. I didn't believe him until he showed me his before pictures. Trust me when I say I have tried A LOT of different diets, was taking fat burning pills and everything under the sun. I actually just discovered MFP about a month and a half ago, I was writing everything down before lol a lot of work.

    Have you started using the barcode scanner to enter stuff yet??? Your mind will be blown.

    Great job on getting your health under control!!! that's a great NSV!
    Yep! I'm still amazed at all the stuff its able to read! And thanks! :)
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    Congratulations! Are you trying out for he academy now?
    Thank you :) And yep! I have until January until its actually starts but I'm going to be doing the actual physical abilities test in November. I'm hoping to be at my goal weight before the academy starts!
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    That's amazing!

    I'm curious though, what was your blood sugar value?
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    Wow! You're amazing. Nice work!!!
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    That is fantastic news, youve already changed the path of your life in such a big way! I hope many people read this and see what can be achieved when people are acountable for their health :flowerforyou: Best of luck on your next physical :smile:
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    What an awesome gift you've given to yourself! Congrats!
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    Hooray for you! I bet you are just feeling super. Enjoy that hard earned feeling, and keep at it!
    I completely agree. Keep it up and the rest will be off before you know it.
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    So happy for you! All that hard work is paying off!
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    Great work amazing! Talk about motivating to keep up the good work for years to come.
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    So glad to hear that you have had such great improvements in your health . I'm sure you must be feeling much better now over all . Before you know it you will be here telling us you have reached your final goal . Keep up your hard work .
  • Great job! Keep doing what you are doing. I am so proud of you
  • awesome!
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    You just extended you life on earth. Job well done.
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    That is amazing...what a huge change! Keep that up!
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    Great job man, keep it up!
  • That's incredible, you should be so proud of yourself :)
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    That's awesome, congrats!
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    Keep up the good work.