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Sunset or Sunrise? And why?



  • Army_Of_OneArmy_Of_One Member, Premium Posts: 107 Member Member, Premium Posts: 107 Member
    Sunrise, because it usually means I am fishing, and hopefully with my fishing Bud.
  • snowflake930snowflake930 Member Posts: 2,193 Member Member Posts: 2,193 Member
    I absolutely love them both, I find them beautiful and relaxing and they always make me smile:



    Absolutely my sentiments exactly.
  • TheNewPriceIsLoadingTheNewPriceIsLoading Member Posts: 2,135 Member Member Posts: 2,135 Member
    Both, although, Sunset usually, because then I could be enjoying a cool evening with the woman I care about sharing a nice meal and a glass of wine on a beach somewhere.

    Sunrise, just means, I am up before the sun, and on my way to work.:grumble: :grumble: :grumble: :angry: :mad: :explode:
  • 2_FitNFab2_FitNFab Member Posts: 163 Member Member Posts: 163 Member
    Sunrise..because I'm still here to see it another day!
  • Go_Mizzou99Go_Mizzou99 Member Posts: 2,643 Member Member Posts: 2,643 Member
    Put another sunrise in the books for me.
  • sw33tp3a11sw33tp3a11 Member Posts: 4,651 Member Member Posts: 4,651 Member

    A start of a new day, a new chance to make a difference, to change....
  • Lisa1971Lisa1971 Member Posts: 3,090 Member Member Posts: 3,090 Member
    It depends! If I'm getting ready for a morning workout..sunrise
    If I'm hungover in the morning....Sunset.
    If I'm on vacation in St. Croix...Sunset
    If my husband drags me out of bed for a deep sea fishing trip..Sunrise
  • JonnyMacAwesomeJonnyMacAwesome Member Posts: 770 Member Member Posts: 770 Member
    Neither. Both suck to be driving into...sunrise on the way to work, sunset on the way home.

    Unless it's winter time, then it's just dark whenever I am driving...

    I prefer the dark. It's nice.
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