At what point did you finally decide "this is it..."



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    For all of my teens and twenties I was obese, but didn't mind. Seriously. It felt normal for me and I didn't have any problems with work, friends, relationships, clothes, etc. I had loads of energy and was GENERALLY healthy. I had no health issues, normal BP and blood sugar and periods, didn't take medicine, etc. But...yes I was very obese.

    omg that is EXACTLY me!!!^^ except now i do care, like you mentioned further on in your post!!!!

    I always like to try to keep it real! I mean, a lot of people act like every person over 200 lb is suicidal with 25 medical diagnoses ;-)

    Totally agree with this, I have great friends and family. They loved me at 300 pounds, they love me now. I had a decent job and was well liked at work. I had no health issues. This is why I can't really pinpoint the moment it clicked.
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    I was obese my entire life and didn't care. Last winter I started having anxiety about getting diabetes and heart disease. I got on the scale one day to see 275.7. I was in shock. How could I only be 25 pounds away from 300. It was close to the new year so on January 1, 2014 I started my journey.
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    I decided that by April of 2015 (the 10th anniversary of my mom's death), I wanted to be in the best possible shape I could be (or headed toward it) for myself and my family.
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    Oh God...where to start!

    #1 My brother lost a ton of weight and I instantly became the 'fat one' in the family. Wasn't a role I wanted.

    #2 Actually jumping on a scale and seeing the number! I had no idea I was that heavy.

    #3 Not being able to find a recent picture of myself I liked!

    I could go on and on........a culmination of about 10 of these 'little' things finally made me snap and I am so glad I did.
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    A combination of things...(just started this week)

    1...not to be a downer, but I recognize that I've been slowly and gradually sinking further and further into depression over the last year or so. It freezes me in place where I can't do anything. I recognize that I might feel better mentally if I feel better physically

    2...a former student/babysitter recently dropped 100 pounds. There's just no reason that I couldn't lose 40 pounds when she accomplished what she did.

    3...a particular picture my wife took of me last summer that just kills me to look at.

    So, I joined a gym and started with a personal trainer this week. I only made it a short time during the first session, but I've been committed for 3 days now and still going strong!
  • During my teen years, my father had put a lot of pressure and guilt on my about food, and even during the past 4 years that I've been on my own, I've felt that changing my habits would be caving to the pressure he put on me--which wasn't reasonable or healthy, a 140lb, 5'6" 14-year-old should not have to hear "do you really need that?" with every. single. meal.

    But I had my turning point a few days ago. I'm 225lb now, and no taller than I was back then. And I don't feel very attractive and get winded walking up the hill to campus. And this is how I feel at 22. I don't want to know how I'd feel at 40. It's early on, yes, but I've decided I need to make a lifestyle change, and get myself to a place where I look and feel good.
  • I am 31 years old and started a desk job from previously working retail always being on my feet and at times to busy to eat. I was about 120. I quit smoking and went to my desk job and the pounds started to stack... Now 4 years later i found myself 7lbs away from being 200lbs my cholesterol started going up i couldnt do the simple things i used to do. I had dieted and worked out before lost 15lbs gave up then fell back in the hole but after seeing myself in the mirror and taking a good long hard look and thinking about my kids and their future with out me i said "Okay enough! Get up off your lazy fat *kitten* and do something!" I started back 1st of June and happy to say last i looked i am 8lbs down.. Its a slow start but its a start... Good luck in your venture.
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    When I had to buy a new suit for my sisters wedding--a suit I will never wear again. Trying to find a right fit, the 3-Day Suit Broker salesman mentioned that they have a size option called "portly" for the belly that is a bit bigger than the chest.
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    When I was miserable in my party dress for New Year's Eve.

    Dressing up and celebrating with friends is supposed to be fun, not miserable. The Saturday that followed life changed and when I ever feel weak, I look at the picture we took that night and I NEVER want to go back there.
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    Negative motivation has never worked for me, either its something that built up in me over time and a culmination of little things that pushed me to start, or else when I've gotten a taste of a little weight loss, liked it and wanted more. So no easy answer really, but whatever it is within you, when you find it, you just got to hold onto it for dear life and run with it :)
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    Oh that's easy....when I overheard someone refer to me as "the fat bald guy that just ordered a pepperoni pizza! " I didn't get angry with the person who I overheard....she was just describing me in a brutally honest different than "the Skinny guy with brown hair". But that was when enough was enough for me!!
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    ive being fat since ive been small and i love fashion but most places dont have my size and over the last 8 months ive gained so much and its time i cant get any bigger so ive recently started :)
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    The slimmest I'd ever been in my life was in 2011 when my husband was in training for the Army. I'd ridden my bike for an hour each day to get to and from work--and just to get around town--since I didn't have a car, so I stayed in decent shape. When we moved to his duty station, I was out of work for over a year. The stress, boredom, and lack of fulfillment (cabin fever) I felt in my life led to me abusing food and becoming sedentary. Eventually, I found work, but I still steadily put on weight. Having a desk job and being careless with what and how much I ate didn't help, either.

    During my active period, I felt overweight. Now that I think about it, that was silly because pictures prove that I was practically a twig back then. I cringe when I look at more recent photos of me--especially those candid shots taken by others where you can't ensure the lighting and angles will be flattering. ^_^.

    I've always wanted to fit back into my old clothes and look the way I once did, but I never took action. I'm not sure I would have even known where to start. My roommate introduced me to MyFitnessPal a long time ago, but I never stuck with it. I actually gained around 10 pounds between then and now. But slightly over a week ago, my roommate decided to make a change for himself. I asked him if I could work out with him and he agreed, so we exercised in the garage together. And I haven't stopped since. I'm so proud of myself for having lost 1.4 lbs already! And it's not even as hard as I thought it would be to eat healthier, count calories, obey my caloric deficit, and get moving.
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    Well what did it for me was really all the educational shows, especially a show called "My 600 lb. Life." I had let 25 pounds sneak up on me over several years, by my refusal to get on a scale.

    My doctor asked me to take a diabetes test, which insulted me. I thought alright I may be a little overweight, but diabetes, com on! I then watched a show called weight of the nation and learned you don't have to in the obese or morbidly obese category to get this horrible disease, you can be a few pounds overweight and get it.

    Well, at that very moment, I knew my life, my limbs, and my health was more important than food.
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    The breaking point for me was when I went to the mall with my sister, I hadn't been to the mall in a while. I couldn't walk because my feet began to hurt so I sat down directly in front of a mirror with my girls. When I saw myself, I was like OMG I look terrible! I couldn't wait to get out of that mall and back home. I knew then I had to do something cause I couldn't hide myself forever.
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    i went shopping and couldn't get anything to fit me, avoided the scales for years, hated looking in the mirror, took a good look at my self one day and realized ignoring it wouldn't make it go away and nobody could do it for me.
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    My very kind doctor started mentioning that I may want to pay closer attention to my food intake. Then he mentioned that my cholesterol was being flagged on test results. Next it was my blood pressure that wasn't looking so good. Finally when I complained about my knee aching he came right out and said I was now in the obese category and if I didn't start making better choices I could end up with some really serious health problems.

    During the few years I was overweight (size 16/18) I had been talking about all this to a co-worker I was close to. The usual stuff...complaining and not doing anything about it. Eventually she got tired of it, came into my office and put her arm around my shoulders. She bent down and whispered in my ear that she loved me but I was too fat. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said it's time for me to join Weight Watchers. LOL

    That was the trigger for me. Seeing that someone actually cared about me. We're still co-workers 6 years later and she is quite proud of the part she played in getting me to where I am now. Just today she told me how wonderful I look and because she is so truthful, I can believe her. :love:

    It's been interesting to see all the different reasons. Great thread OP!
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    I was tired of my waist band rolling over and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to buy clothes at my favorite store.
    I hated pictures of myself at family events.

    ^ This is exactly me.
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    I got back from my honeymoon sick and exhausted because I was too fat. The extra weight caused my heart problem to escalate and my asthma. Not a good combination in another country. I was also uncomfortable in my own skin. Nothing fit right, even large cloths because I carry my weight so oddly. I sat there and realized that my dad died a horrible death and I was following in his tracks. Mom had to take care of dad and I knew that if I continued on this track, my wonderful husband would be saddled with caring for me. It is one thing when your sick and can't help it. Yet another when you know better. Now I'm 20lbs into the journey and feel like a new girl. You will too. Even if you have a set back, no problem. Just start from scratch. At the end of the day you have an opportunity to live a new life. Don't let food ruin it for you. If your upset find out what is bothering you. I'm a Born Again Christian, so I let the Lord take over. I listen to Praise Music and pray. It helps me. I've also dug deep to see what emotionally ails me. I was carrying 100lbs of baggage. Homeostasis. Moderation.. all the same.. Be kind to yourself. If you lose 5lbs, treat yourself to something pretty or fun. I just treated myself to a nice pair of jeans... Yep. They are twice the size I want to eventually wear, but much smaller than the ones I was wearing. Next 15... Pretty Nighty! Good luck my friend!!!! You can do it... one lb at a time!
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    I just love reading all of these because I feel like I can really relate to almost all of them!

    I've only just started (restarted ugh) this. Hopefully it sticks.

    The recent things in my life that made me want to try...

    My feet have started hurting. I work in an office so I don't even stand or walk all day. But I come home at night and my feet are so sore I limp. It's scaring me. My dad is morbidly obese and his feet always hurt. It just freaked me out that maybe me feet hurt because I've gained so much weight.

    I've realized that I have zero self confidence. That's pretty bad. I've always thought of myself as "cute", not beautiful or gorgeous but not bad. "Do-able" is what I called it. When my husband and I were "being intimate", I even felt sexy.
    That's all gone now. Seriously. I feel miserable and fat and ugly. I'm constantly trying to hide myself. Behind other people, in the dark...forget about pictures!