How much weight did you have to lose to go down a size?



  • bd0027
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    20 or so pounds for me usually. It sucks.
  • LoobylouL
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    I find it is every 10lbs. I found that when gaining too!
  • SusanGettingFit
    I am roughly 40 pounds down and still in the same size. BUT... they fit me now! I am not squeezed in, praying the buttons and zippers hold, all muffin-topping out of them so I call it a positive change. I am thinking in another 10-20 pounds, I will finally be ready to go down a size. Fingers crossed! All of this hard work deserves some new jeans at least!
  • caitconquersweight
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    About 30 pounds. I started at 22, then ended up in a 20 for a loooooong time. When I came back to MFP, I was in a 20. Now that I've lost 30 more pounds, I'm in an 18.
  • lynn1982
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    It depends on your height and how much you have to lose. I started out at a very tight size 14 and XL (I was bigger than that but in denial). I lost weight very slowly - it took over 3 years for me to get where I am now, but I am currently a size 0 and xs. (I'm 5 feet tall, so that's normal for my height.) At first it took a while to drop sizes - maybe 20 pounds or so. When I got closer to where I am now, it was every 5 pounds and then even 2 pounds made a huge difference. So it really depends on your height and how close you are to your goal weight.

    This might sound like a silly suggestion, but try going into stores where you normally shop and try on clothes a size or two smaller than what you're wearing now. You might be surprised! Back when I was still wearing a size 12 pants, I went dress shopping and picked up a size 12 dress. It turned out I actually took an 8...
  • Docbanana2002
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    I've gone from 22W to 12 after 68 pounds weight loss (from 250 to 182 now. I'm female and 5'6"). Works out to about a pants size every 10 pounds. It took much longer for the shirt size to change...about 30 pounds before I saw a major change, but now it has caught up to the pants and I'm wearing a Large.
  • whipsmart10014
    I went from size 28 to 26 jeans with only a 10lb loss via a circuit training program (ie. combined strength/lifting heavy and cardio). I assume my smaller size, given only a 10lb loss, is because most of those 10lbs were fat and not the 50:50 fat:muscle loss that happens with diet or cardio only programs.
  • gary241069
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    It's really going to depend on the individual, don't give up hope. The first time I lost weight, I went down a pants size every 15 lbs or so...but my shirt size didn't change because I swear my boobs want to be on Dolly Parton's body...

    I'm lucky that way I suppose. I don't have to worry about my boobs!
  • Meerataila
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    Buy tighter clothes? :love: :happy:

    I like this idea. If your current clothes refuse to be motivating, go to the store, or thrift store, pick up some motivators, a pair of pants or whatever that is just a little too tight but that you know you'll love when they fit. Then shrink into them.
  • ErinG0517
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    You guys are all super helpful. It's nice to hear that others are going through the same thing. I tried on a pair of pants yesterday that I had for work (hadn't worn them in a while because it's been so hot out!) and they were super loose! (they were 16W) One of my patients even said it looked like I was going to lose my pants any minute. That was super encouraging. My husband and personal trainer keep telling me that it will happen, but it's nice to hear other people going through the same thing. You guys are great!
  • AnitaVolpato
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    It's weird! I lost 12 lbs in one month & I went from a 10/12 to an 8 petite. It really depends on how the clothes were made also..
  • tanyoshka
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    I pretty much posted the same rant yesterday. I've lost 45 pounds and have gone down a single pant size. Argh! However, I am clearly looking better and more slender, but it would sure by nice if my pants agreed with the mirror.
  • Jezebel_Barbie
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    23lbs lost and am still in the same size clothes. I guess they were too tight on me before so it'll take a while longer to go down a size.
  • ew_david
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    Body recomp FTW.
  • echofm1
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    I think it depends a lot on how big you are. It took me about 30 pounds to lose my first size, and another 30 for the second (So 60 pounds to go from a size 26 to a size 22). However, after that it's been taking about 20 pounds a size, and I'm at size 18 now. It also varies depending on the person and clothes you wear, but that's been my experience. I feel like for the 10 pounds for a size thing, you have to already be a fairly average sized person.
  • raisealittlehell
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    As others have said it will depend. For me I lost 25 lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 2-4. But some of that is also me working on my body so I may not have lost any weight but my measurements changed.

    Keep on working on it and you will see a difference!
  • seltzermint555
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    I wore size 22 at 307 lb and I STILL wore size 22 at 250 lb. Then I suddenly wore an 18 in the 240's and have gone down in sizes a bit more quickly since then. For example in the 190s I was in between 14-16 and now at 177 I'm in a 12.
  • Ldbg289
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    Not really sure how many pounds translates to one size for me but I've lost about 56 pounds and went from a size 16(in some I probably should have been wearing an 18)to anywhere from an 8 to a 12(the 12 is a bit loose on me). Most of my pants are size 10 though.
  • SingRunTing
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    To be honest, my clothes were too tight for me when I started. I've lost 14 lbs. The clothes I was wearing are now fitting me now or are a little loose. The next size down is a little tight, but wearable. So another couple of pounds and I'll be squarely in the next size.
  • yopeeps025
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    So, a bit of background. I've been working out and eating healthy and so far I've lost 30 pounds (yay!) I just wanted to know from the rest of you how long it took you to go down a dress/pant size, because I haven't yet! My husband thinks I'm losing weight from my back, which I agree, I can tell that area is more toned, but I'm pretty sure I didn't have 30 pounds of fat on my back. Did it take any of you a lot of weight to go down a size? I ask mainly because it's mildly discouraging to see the weight loss on the scale but not necessarily on my body. Advice? Similar stories? I'd love to hear them!
    That is awesome

    Do you know how much of that is fat loss? There is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. Fat loss drops inches way more then weight loss. Although, weight loss can be total fat loss if the nutrition is on point.