Breaking up-give me my CD's back

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My BF of over 2 years and I are breaking up. We have been living together, in my house since we got serious back in early 2012. He has been packing up his stuff and moving it into storage until he finds a place. Well, here's the thing. We have this lamp, it is an antique Cambodian baby skin lampshade lamp that was given to US by his uncle. His uncle was in Viet Nam, and had smuggled this lamp back with him when he came home on liberty one time. We did not have anywhere to put it in out house, so I bought a reall nice antique table for cost me a few hundred dollars...and the lamp is the focal point of our living room. Well, he wants to take the lamp. It was a gift to both of us...and I think that since i bought the table to display it...and since he does not even have a place to stay yet, I should get to keep it. Plus, I am the one who always buys the lamp oil for it anyway. He insists that since it was his uncle that gave US the lamp, it is his and I have no right to it. I am thinking about hiding it and just telling the BF tough titty. What do you guys think?


  • sixout
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    It's from HIS uncle. So now, you shouldn't get it. Stop being a child.
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    Ummm... baby skin?
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    You should grow up!!! It was to both of you but it was his uncle, he just gave it to "both" of you because it would have been rude to just give it to him. He doesn't care about you!
  • sixout
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    Ummm... baby skin?

    That's how you know it's high quality.
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    I love baby skin lamp shades. They cast such a lovely glow for ambiance.
  • Guns_N_Buns
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    That lamp is more sentimental to HIM than to the person that occasionally bought lamp oil and a sweet pedestal for it's display.
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    Just break up.

    Oh wait. :wink:
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    It's his. you keep the table. How would you feel if your grandmother gave you both her *insert something sentimental to you* that he uses more (grandpa's watch, dining table, antique clock) and he tried to say that since he uses it more he gets to keep it? My guess is that you would say that since it was your family that gave it it's yours. If it wasn't for him you wouldn't have had the lamp in the first place. his uncle may have given it to both of you but I highly doubt that if it hadn't been for your ex he would have given it to you. Stop being petty. It's highly unattractive.
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    just break... oh... uhm.

  • jnichel
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    Ummm... baby skin?

    Hurts less.
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    You keep the table you bought, and he keeps the lamp from his uncle.

    I'd feel this way even if you two were married for 30 years and the uncle was closer to you than his own nephew. It's from his family.
  • The_GingerBeard_Man
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    Let him and the lamp go. You can find a new focal point for the living room, and one that won’t remind you of him.
  • Bahet
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    Did you really think anyone would say that because you bought oil for it it should be yours?? Seriously??
  • jnichel
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    Did you really think anyone would say that because you bought oil for it it should be yours?? Seriously??

    Whale oil isn't cheap.
  • cicisiam
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    If it was really over between you and your would of handed it over gladly to be rid of him, so you can move on. Get over it!
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  • _Pseudonymous_
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    I instantly got Song for the Dumped by Ben Folds Five stuck in my head when reading this title.

    OP, as nice as the lamp is and as much as you like it is from HIS uncle and his family and it seems to me that anything that was gifted to the two of you from his family has the right to go with him. How would you feel if it was your Aunt who gave the gift and he took it?

    Don't needlessly draw this out. Allow both of you to move on and grow from your experience together.

    And in all honesty it seems a little bit tacky to fight him over this gift from HIS uncle. Pick your battles.
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    It's his lamp. It was given to both of you by HIS family. Why would you want to keep it?