What's for dinner tonite?



  • Grilled salmon and oven roasted Asparagus! And a big glass of wine. =)
  • Meerataila
    Meerataila Posts: 1,885 Member
    Either nothing (if my tummy won't settle from my culinary crimes of yesterday) or a delicious banana blueberry strawberry homemade smoothie. (I have to brag, it's sad, but it's one of the best things I've ever made! I'm such a noob 'cook'!)
  • climbing_trees
    climbing_trees Posts: 727 Member
    Pattypan squash stuffed with cherry tomatoes, basil, and quinoa!
  • Sharon_73
    Sharon_73 Posts: 189 Member
    Tonight is date night with my love so it is a picnic on the beach with champagne!
  • oinkerjnn
    oinkerjnn Posts: 85 Member
    Tonight is one of the the 1/10 meals my wife cooks, so we are having chicken scallopine with asparagus, mushrooms, and whole wheat pasta.

    If I see her using ridiculous amounts of butter (which she tends to do), I'm having leftover crab cakes and salad though. This will get me in trouble but I'm ok with that.
  • CkepiJinx
    CkepiJinx Posts: 613 Member
    Clam cakes and chowder tonight our school is having their annual bazaar so supporting them while eating yummy food for dinner ;)
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,899 Member
    I'm going to the Old Spaghetti Facotry and having their mushroom marinara spaghetti, spumoni ice cream and an asian salad. So... i had fish with lemon pepper seasoning and asparagus, carrots, and broccoli for lunch. And yogurt as a snack. Will probably eat some fresh strawberries and snow peas later as snacks too.
  • stephgas
    stephgas Posts: 159 Member
    was feeling lazy so i pulled some veggie burgers out of the freezer, popped english muffins in the toaster (instead of buns), made a box of annie's organic mac & cheese, and a green salad.

    hubby ate all the leftover mac & cheese. i portioned out 1/2 cup for myself and let him at it.
  • FatOldManMN
    FatOldManMN Posts: 1,116 Member
    Flat Iron steak...sauteed mushrooms...corn on the cob....hash brown pattie....cab-merlot blend....caprese salad
  • knightreader
    knightreader Posts: 813 Member
    long day. pizza and too much beer.
  • Swiftlet66
    Swiftlet66 Posts: 729 Member
    My favorite Vietnamese fast food--banh bao (steamed pork buns). Then I boiled some corn... 24 years old and I've never boiled corn before in my entire life.
  • drabbits3
    drabbits3 Posts: 140 Member
    I made homemade nachos for my boys and I had what we call a Mexican bowl-- 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup black beans (I do dry beans and make them in the crock pot), salsa, a little bit of light Mexican cheese and 2 Tablespoons of guacamole. If the kids have this obviously I don't measure things out for them and they pile on the cheese and sour cream. It came in at 400 something calories--not bad and really very filling and flavorful. I can even do without the cheese and it doesn't lose much.