What do you eat with cottage cheese??



  • abadvat
    abadvat Posts: 1,241 Member
    a spoon
  • bsuew
    bsuew Posts: 628 Member
    salt and pepper or pineapple are my favorite but tomatoes are good too.
  • Snip8241
    Snip8241 Posts: 767 Member
    Cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro with hot sauce. You can leave the hot sauce out since you don't like spicy.
  • SuperSexyDork
    SuperSexyDork Posts: 1,669 Member
    My kids like it mixed with salsa and used as a dip.

    I like putting diced cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, and black pepper in mine.
  • nezbit88
    nezbit88 Posts: 37 Member
    I throw zucchini, onion, garlic, chili and tomatoes in a baking dish and lightly cover with passata, once cooked I top it with cottage cheese. Love it!
  • riadhdeb
    riadhdeb Posts: 212 Member
    I always mix mine with a handful of strawberry or blueberry to keep the carbs low
  • mickie_on_my_way
    mickie_on_my_way Posts: 32 Member
    avocado and salsa; not extremely appetizing-looking, but DELICIOUS!
  • shellylb52
    shellylb52 Posts: 157 Member
    Tomatoes or pineapple. All of these ideas sound so delicious, I'll definitely be trying someof these combinations! :smile:
  • pinktoesjb
    pinktoesjb Posts: 302 Member
    I prefer savory, I have it with cucumbers celery green peppers and tomatoes, good with lots of black pepper on top of a baked potato too.
  • BlondeButtercup127
    BlondeButtercup127 Posts: 750 Member
    Fruit is my go to with it! Love it with pineapple and cherries!
  • nothing...tastes good all by itself!! :)
  • mangogirl272727
    mangogirl272727 Posts: 95 Member
    Dude cottage cheese with chopped apples is the absolute bomb. Can't beat it...You gotta try it. Also with sliced tomatoes + dried dill + fresh cracked pepper, with raisins (I know it sounds weird but it's good!), I really like it mixed into oatmeal with some peaches or chopped pears...yummers.
  • Missjulesdid
    Missjulesdid Posts: 1,444 Member
    diced tomatoes or spaghetti sauce, oregano and basil... AND a bit of mozzarella and parmesan if you wish. Microwave. DELICIOUS

    Also I like to make jello. after you add the cold water, put the jello liquid in a blender with a cup of cottage cheese. BLEND. and then chill.
  • Salt, pepper, and diced carrots and tomatoes. A little pinch of dill if you like a lot of flavor.
  • blend a cup in the magic bullet, with 1/2 tsp vanilla and a sweetener--tastes like greek vanilla yogurt. I'm going to try it savoury for a dip, just haven't yet.
  • donnat238
    donnat238 Posts: 309 Member
    fresh blueberries and tsp of chia seed, or a couple of slices of avocado
  • crispsandwich
    crispsandwich Posts: 177 Member
    just had sweet chilli sauce and crackers, was lush!

    also love it with slices apples and cinnamon
  • b0nnyd0g
    b0nnyd0g Posts: 84 Member
    with Marmite on crackers :)
  • roxywho42
    roxywho42 Posts: 165 Member
    Most of the time the only thing I want with my cottage cheese is more cottage cheese. If I am going to add to it my favorite thing is to dive cucumber, ham, and red onion, sauté the ham and onion, then mix it all up.
  • Jen800
    Jen800 Posts: 548 Member
    Cottage cheese
    Sundried tomato italian spices
    sunflower seeds
    bacon bits
    green onion/chives

    love pairing it with a rye thin.

    I SERIOUSLY JUST ATE THIS AND IT WAS THEBOMBDOTCOM I couldn't believe it. I usually just eat black pepper on my cottage cheese and this was a complete shock. AMAZING.