Skinny/ Fit people Problems



  • melb_alex
    melb_alex Posts: 1,154 Member
    Last time I tried to buy jeans, they got stuck at my calves.

    hahah Chris you need to buy for the ripped men!
  • wannakimmy
    wannakimmy Posts: 488 Member
    Pants way too loose. I have dropped down 4 sizes. While I am excited to be able to shop in a store and not just online now, I do not want to spend too much on new clothes until I get closer to my goal.
  • joyfuljoy65
    joyfuljoy65 Posts: 317 Member
    Oh, yeah bra shopping only happens online for me. Try finding a bra with a band size of 30 in a cup size befitting a matronly bosom on a Walmart budget, lol! I live in sports bras (the Hanes 3-pack el-cheapos) during summer break. :sad: feet shrunk, for real! I have a whole shoe wardrobe of wide widths that are too roomy now. Didn't see that coming. Really, even my feet lost weight?

    Loss of favourite shoes is my surprise issue too - gone from a 9(UK) to a 7(UK) and width reduction too...... never expected that
  • Cheyenne_K_
    Cheyenne_K_ Posts: 31 Member
    I have an apple body shape, and while I dont see a change in my waist, my shorts do fit better. But what I see is my boobs disappearing at an alarming rate. I went from a DD to a C in two months. Im so scared of what the end product is going to look like. Ive started saving for a boob lift and implants -_-
  • shaynepoole
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    The shoe thing threw me too - I was not expecting to lose a full shoe size and width... I went from a 9 1/2 wide down to a 8 1/2 regular and my shoes would fly off my feet...

    Socks were the only things I owned that did not need to be replaced
  • Flookbird
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    I can't lay on my side with my legs one on top of the other because my knees and ankles hurt due to not enough padding. Bone on bone is not fun.

    I have to be more careful about my alcohol in take because I have lost so much weight it affects me more.

    These were the exact 2 I was going to post! I hate that first one when I'm lying in bed at night!

    As for the second one, well I horribly embarrassed myself on a work night out by being sick! Thankfully, all my colleagues were very understanding when I blamed the 4 stone weight loss!

    I'm finding I'm getting more (unwanted) male attention too - from men with wives! Not good!
  • KiwipowaRoo
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    Yes to the complaints about being too thin! When I'm right in the middle of healthy BMI...
  • psych101
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    The jeans that fit my quads are waaaaaay too big in the waist :sad:

    I had to pay to get my wedding rings sized down three sizes and they're loose again :sad:

    I have an addiction to buying workout clothes :drinker:
  • psych101
    psych101 Posts: 1,842 Member
    Oh and it takes me forever to shave under my arms cos there's so many different nooks and crannies in there now lol
  • loribethrice
    loribethrice Posts: 620 Member
    Not being able to lose the last of my weight because my body is holding onto it for dear life!

    Being at that awkward stage where I'm in between sizes so everything either looks huge or too small.

    All my bras being too big, but not being able to get more at the moment.

    Needing to buy all new clothes.
  • rainbowfaye
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    I went camping this weekend and I only had a sleeping bag between me and the floor. The normal way I sleep had my hip digging into the hard ground all night. It sucked but a part of me was all... oooh I have hip bones.
  • eslcity
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    I live in asia.... one of the problems i'm finding is that now all the american size clothing are way to big (wide)... and the asian size clothing are too short....

    so i'm kind of looking like peewee herman...

  • RHachicho
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    When my *kitten* was shall we say more "cushioned" I could sit on hard wooden benches and metal train station benches with no problem. Now they hurt my hipbones lol. It was like having my own portable sofa to sit on.

    Oh and I am on my fifth generation of new trousers. And they are too big for me XD.

    I'm not skinny yet but im on the way.
  • baldnavywife
    baldnavywife Posts: 36 Member
    my heart rate monitor chest strap won't stay up anymorw & I have it at the tightest it can be

    This is so annoying!!!

    Fold and Stitch off an inch of it? I've had to become an alterations pro, though I just have a needle and thread. And I've done this a couple times, but sometimes ya just gotta let the loose clothes go:

    OMG thanks, you're the greatest! :flowerforyou:
  • baldnavywife
    baldnavywife Posts: 36 Member
    People who didn't know me before weight loss assume I was always thin, that it's easy for me to maintain this weight, or act insecure towards me on the topics of weight/fitness/nutrition. I used to be get bullied and would never want to put someone through that, but they don't know that.

    My obese family members think I'm too thin (they tell me so) and try to enable my old habits when I visit them. It's an uphill struggle.

    i definitely feel your pain. i hate that i have to explain that i was overweight 6 months ago & simply worked my butt off
  • Francl27
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    It takes me an hour of running to burn 450 calories.
    I'm always cold.
    I buy way too many clothes.
    Cheat days are less forgiving :sad:
    Vacations end up stressful because of all the foods.
    Having to buy too many sneakers because they get worn too fast... check.
    Sitting everywhere hard hurts.
  • sweetpea7441
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    This is a great post. For me its the fact I always seem to be inbetween sizes! Either too tight or too loose! I used to walk into the store, grab my size, buy it and walk out. Never tried anything on.... Now everything must be tried on! grr..
  • I almost pantsed myself at work in front of our CEO because they were so loose. I literally had to borrow a safety pin to keep them up.
    Admittedly this is not exactly a problem because it gives me an excuse to go shopping.
  • tinatwin1971
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    Jeans are becomming baggy which at 5'3 isn't necessarily a good look. Slightly worried that my bust won't reduce along with my wait which could leave me looking very very very top heavy at 34FF. Praying that my shoe size will drop a little so that I can stop coming up with excuses for not wearing the Manolo's and Jimmy Choo's that my partner bought me :heart:
  • If they're a little snug a lot of shoe repair places might stretch them for free.
    I do a lot of orthopedic shoe work for a podiatry practice and we do it for patients all the time as a courtesy.