Post here if you want more friends :)



  • scotiagirl70
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    Hi. I'm just starting..not yet sure how things work so any help much appreciated! I add me as a friend and we can keep each other going! I'm in Scotland.
  • Fasttrack2freedom
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    New friends rock ! Build the team , then the vision can become a reality
  • Add me!!! I need motivation! :)
  • just joined and need some motivational friends with great tips and I can motivate and give tips as well , share advice etc
  • Kaylee11133
    Kaylee11133 Posts: 31 Member
    Joined a few months back, but I only have a handful of friends on here. I'm 23 years old, I started my weight loss on the 1st of this year(232 lbs) and so far have lost 56 lbs. I have 30-50 more to go and I would love to have some friends with similar stories or goals. I'm on here and log everyday and would love to have and give more support.

  • jspanman
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    Add meeeeeeee!!
  • Sinful_moon
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    I would love more interactive friends!
  • prettyface55
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    Add me
  • Looking for friends!
  • C'mon you know you want to! Friend me!!! :bigsmile:
  • mayra_freeandfit
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    I'd like more friends. Funny, motivated and super cool friends B)
  • csigh
    csigh Posts: 2
    Hi! I would love some interactive friends too. I log my workouts and try my best to complete my diary daily. Add me!
  • NicoleLawrence98
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    hey everyone add me x
  • 87Djones
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    Log daily and like being active. Feel free to add me for motivation or wanting to ask questions
  • jpa2161
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    Yes! Great posts! Please feel free to add me if interested. I can use the motivation and I am and plan to be very active so if you add me I will stay in touch and we can all work together to motivate and inspire one another.

    Edited to add: I notice there are a lot of spam posts...glad this isn't one
  • xlisadawnx
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    feel free to add me as a friend
    i need the motivation haha:wink::smile:
  • More support? Sounds awesome,add me :)
  • Hi!

    Im new to this so have 0 friends at the moment, would love to have a large community of you to share my weight loss tracker with!!

    Katie X
  • smetka01
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    In for new active friends :) Feel free to add me.
  • FR89
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    always nice to have mfpals ... I haven't been around much but now im motivated and back on for good to see some serious results

    feel free to add! =) x