If we had a zombie apocalypse what is your strength?



  • PatheticNoetic
    PatheticNoetic Posts: 905 Member
    I seem harmless, so you'll trust me, right up until the point where I take you out and steal all your *kitten*. Assuming the husband survives, it will probably actually be him that takes you out while I'm distracting you.

    I'm teaming up with you.
  • fredgiblet
    fredgiblet Posts: 241 Member
    I have a number of guns and a fair amount of ammo. Plus a month or so worth of canned food if I conserve.
  • I'm a zombie, and coincidentally, like tasty and tender folk who wouldn't mind chewing on some hotties *kitten*.
  • Erica_theRedhead
    Erica_theRedhead Posts: 724 Member
    I used to play softball, so give me a bat and I will literally bust some zombie heads!! I'm also a pretty good judge of character (no tolerance for the Governor), and have medical training.

    The only thing missing is the ability to hunt, which I will learn from someone else. However when that person inevitably perishes, I am able to sever emotional ties pretty quickly and can move on.

    Look on the bright side, when you're scavenging for your next meal there's no need to count calories!
  • BraveNewdGirl
    BraveNewdGirl Posts: 937 Member
    Layin' it all out!


    Intelligence. Will recognize zeeks for what they are and will not waver on putting them (or other threats) down.
    Ability to compartmentalize and act out of necessity.
    Solid aim with both a bow and handgun. (I can only assume I'll be passable with a crossbow too.)
    Physical strength.
    High pain tolerance.
    Strong swimming skills. (Can hold breath for well over a minute).
    Some medical training.
    Fiercely loyal/protective. Will not leave others behind unless there are no other options.


    Endurance isn't where it should be. Some motivation may be required. (Please note: Not being a zeek Snack-Pack is probably sufficient motivation.)
    Potential agitator. Will dissent or break ranks if leadership appears to be making lousy choices.
    No desire to lead or follow. Outsider of sorts.
  • Go_Mizzou99
    Go_Mizzou99 Posts: 2,628 Member
    I am an engineer. You all will need me and my skills. You are owned.

    Get me a beer - NOW!
  • sentaruu
    sentaruu Posts: 2,206 Member
    I've got a whole lotta bang.
  • s1rens0ng
    s1rens0ng Posts: 127 Member
    Im great with a pencil! I could draw there attention and poke there eyes out ?


    I could round house there heads.. im not running , that would be more dangerous :tongue:
  • hazeljordan1974
    hazeljordan1974 Posts: 107 Member
    Wow! There is quite a team here on MFP - who knew?

    I guess another strength of mine is my murderous streak when I'm hungry - I imagine in the apocalypse food will be hard to come by so I will be in constant "attack" mode!
  • mantium999
    mantium999 Posts: 1,499 Member
    I can pick off a fly with a rubber band from across the room
  • some_betty
    some_betty Posts: 322 Member
    Lobster Hypnosis. Should work on Zombies.
  • Nessiechickie
    Nessiechickie Posts: 1,392 Member
    I had to leave, come back, leave, come back to think of a strength
    and really i can't think of a darn thing..... just leave me behind.:sad:
  • sentaruu
    sentaruu Posts: 2,206 Member
    nah, you're cute enough to keep around
  • MassiveDelta
    MassiveDelta Posts: 3,313 Member
    Good thread.....Back from the Dead
  • jacques57
    jacques57 Posts: 2,129 Member
    A firm grasp of reality.
  • Saucy_lil_Minx
    Saucy_lil_Minx Posts: 3,302 Member
    I have no problem, hunting, skinning, and gutting whatever I catch. Have all the basic survival skills, and then some!

    This girl can get dropped in the middle of the woods, and get out alive!!
  • dlkorsak
    dlkorsak Posts: 60
    I own a good amount of firearms
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 195,833 Member
    My Brain & I'm a bit of a BadA$$! :bigsmile:
  • ldrosophila
    ldrosophila Posts: 7,512 Member
    In my head I'm a zombie mercenary but in reality I'd probably just be bait
  • Joannah700
    Joannah700 Posts: 2,665 Member
    I make awesome pie from scratch.

    That's it really.

    But everyone say's it's SUPER awesome.