Anyone else fear running outdoors?



  • sarahc001
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    I agree that people are too concerned with their own lives to notice or judge you as they drive by, sit on their porch, etc. I have only noticed runners since I started running myself, and no matter how proficient they are, all I think is "damn, I'd rather be doing that than driving myself to work or wherever I'm headed." However, if you are still concerned, find a trail. I was out yesterday for over 1.5h and didn't see a single person.

    One thing you will notice when you first start is how quickly your body adapts to the training. In the beginning it is extremely rewarding in the sense that you will find yourself getting noticeably stronger very quickly. Don't get me wrong; it's always rewarding, but I can remember starting on a local "loop" and having to walk portions of the route...a few weeks later I was running them (albeit slowly.)

    Good luck!
  • Zekela
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    I recommend you try to get over it.

    Very few people will judge you. Most of the people who will see you are not runners. Your neighbors will mostly either not care or admire your efforts as they sit on their couch or front porch.

    Yupe... I agree. I run by myself all the time not caring. The people who notice are mostly impressed... Some are even inspired as they start running or walking outdoors too. So who knows, you may also inspire people to exercise more.
  • RAWR1202
    I feel a little bit self conscious but that's because I'm not a people person, not because of the jogging itself.
    But regardless of that, I still prefer the gym because I can watch stuff while running and I'm not limited to just running so it's easier to exercise for a longer period.
  • EmpressZhark
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    I felt exactly the same when I started running last year. I felt really silly, really self conscious. But I was determined – so I got out of bed at 5am each morning and ran when there was nobody about.

    After a couple weeks I got fed up of waking at ridiculous o’clock, and my confidence had built up a bit (it also helped that I was starting to run for longer periods on the C25K programme, so people wouldn’t see me run for 30secs and then walk for a minute), I switched to running after work in the evenings and reclaimed my lie-ins in the morning.
  • _SantaClause
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    I was running on a treadmill, even did 2 5k's in 2 weeks at the gym. It was enjoyable, and I did not feel that much pain from doing it.

    The other day, I tried running outside with my dog. All I could feel was hard pounding through out my entire body, and tension in my head. Now I have shinsplints.

    I will stick to the treadmill. Running is not that important to me.

    That's not running outsides fault...that's you doing too much on your first run outside...and/or not having correct shoes.
  • kgb6days
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    I am afraid to run outside not because I don't want others seeing me, but because I'm afraid for my safety.
  • icrushit
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    No one cares what you look like when running. I do however understand the self-conscious aspect though, as I feel that way about getting in a swimming pool when I'm overweight. Perhaps you might find a decent programme to get you up to speed running handily enough ? Also, even without running, you can increase your lung capacity with breathing exercises, so when you do run, you may not get out of breath so easily and give you a bit more confidence when you run. Good luck :)
  • _Terrapin_
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    I really want to start jogging, but self conscious kills it the moment I consider it. I've been doing calorie programs on my elliptical and have been keeping up with the rpm at each intensity level but I really think jogging outdoors in the mornings would be fun.

    If you ever felt this way, how did you overcome it? I would be going around neighborhoods and I think the part that hangs me up is knowing I'm going to suck at it, and people seeing me sucking air and nearly dying on their sidewalk.

    OP- - -five years ago, we had one or two folks running in the AM in the 'hood. Now, we have about 20 depending on the day. When you ask them what prompted them to start running more through the neighborhood they almost always point to someone who they saw running by their home and felt they could do it too. You never know who you'll inspire. Are you still reading this? Why? Go on, out the door, down the road you go. Have fun too!
  • floralfriday
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    I've been thinking about starting outdoor running recently as I'm getting bored of doing it inside. I figured I'd start by buying a nice pair of running shoes so that I have to go or else they'll go to waste! I think that I'll be ok after that first trepid run.. As long as I don't get any hateful comments or fall over that is!

    As for feeling self conscious. I don't bat any eyelid at joggers when they go past, it's so common nowadays so why should anyone pay attention to me? :happy:
  • miriyummy
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    safety is the biggest concern for me. I looked up the route I wanted to take and found lots of news stories about women runners being attacked, stoned and shot at by street kids and sexually assaulted. Decided the treadmill was a lot more appealing.
  • likitisplit
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    I was 215 when I started and didn't have any other choice. I was sure that everybody was going to laugh and assume that I was going to fail. The reality was that was projection. *i* was ashamed and worried about failure.

    My neighbors were inspired and supportive.

    Lacing up my shoes that first day was one of the hardest things I've done. It was so worth it.
  • Tanie98
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    I actually prefer to running outside than on treadmil.its fun.I run on a busy street during day light hours.I don't go in secluded areas and I often pass by other runners as well. So its not a big deal
  • Mohana94
    I run when there is very few people out and about around 8-9 pm as there are enough people around to make me feel safe but not too many that I feel extremely self-conscious. But everybody looks awkward running so don't worry. Also, I don't think people pay too much attention to other people running or exercising.
  • 2014Christina
    People don't look at the way you run, how fast or slow you are or how big or little you are, they look at you with admiration. So get out there and do it, besides, you should never ever care what other people think.
  • gelendestrasse
    Get a bicycle, it's easier on the knees and you see more.
  • AglaeaC
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    I don't like running where people are still somehow (sitting en masse in a park or such) and I still have days when I feel extremely self-conscious, but I realise it is happening in my head only. It wouldn't occur to me to judge anyone, who is doing something good for their health, so I have to assume others think the same. And if they are openly rude, it tells a lot about their appalling personalities, which has nothing to do with me nor is it a problem of mine.

    The conclusion therefore is that if I'm restricting myself in any way with regards to exercising in public, it is my problem to fix, because the only thing that happens is I end up choosing unhealth over health. And that's not why I'm here, but my purpose is to become as balanced as I can. They don't call it lifestyle change for nothing.
  • dawnmcneil10
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    If you want to run/jog go do it, it's good for the mind and body. As for others watching well you never know you might just inspire someone else to get off the couch.

    It might help to go to a neighborhood not your own for a bit to get comfortable with yourself.

    I can tell you from experience my neighbors actually give me encouraging words now if they see me, things like "looking good" "get it girl" "go for it" and so on. I wouldn't run here in my own neighborhood until I felt ok with it, I hid on paths and quiet streets and never wore anything flashy so I get where you are. All I can suggest is put on your brave outfit and go for it!
  • swaymyway
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    I was at first - hated the idea of people seeing and judging me so I went at 'quiet' times and I wore a baseball cap to 'hide' behind - seems like a lifetime ago now, you get used to it as you get better and realise no one (other than the very occasional immature prat) cares.

    I've now been running three years - enter races all the time, have loads of running buddies that hear me grunting and moaning for hours every week and still want to hang out with me - worrying about people seeing me run doesn't even cross my mind now.

    It's easy to say I know - but just do it :)
  • Snip8241
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    Get a friend to go with you. Don't worry about what you look like. Some people will judge, yes, but more folks will see you and admire you for being out there.
  • sappy42
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    To echo most of the PPs, you just need to get out there and try it. I've only been running since March and I find that folks really don't care. Other runners say good morning or even just give a simple nod. Put the earbuds in and get lost in your workout!