How fast can you run/walk a mile?

I am new to running (started running 3 weeks ago:drinker: ) Started off doing 20 min/mi and am now doing 15 min/mi.
I am so proud on myself. Although i am still slow compared to other, slow progress is better then no progeress.. So tell me, How fast can you do a mile? :happy:


  • SMKing75
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    I can run a mile in about 14 min. I have never in my life wanted to or been able to IMO, run a mile. So, for me 14 min is good ;-)
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    It depends. My mood makes a big difference. Also, if someone is chasing or racing me. And, of course, terrain. On a flat terrain I can walk or run a mile in 15 min pretty easy. On a good day, I can probably do 11-12 min run. But I think I could do it fastest with a mix of running and walking.
  • missiontofitness
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    With a mix of walking and running, I've gotten myself down to a 10-11 minute mile. :)
  • tomcornhole
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    I'm going to say well done, congratulations and awesome for you. Now that you've done a mile, what's next?
  • jrline
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    I did my first 15k this past Sunday run/walk and was done in 1:26:29 averages out to 9:18 a mile. Good Luck

  • fishgutzy
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    My wife says I walk too fast. Between 14.5 and 15 minute mile uninterrupted by traffic light or street crossing.
  • larrodarro
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    When I was in High School I ran the mile in 5 minutes and change. 35 odd years later, my old knees and feet keep me from running any length of time, but I walk two miles in 27 minutes at least two or three days a week. That is 4 1/2 mph. When I was losing, I did a lot more cardio than I do now. I worked myself up to a mile at 5 mph, or 12 minutes. I haven't done it in months, so I doubt I could do it now without a couple of weeks of gradually increasing.

  • ponycyndi
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    It depends on what's on fire.
  • Bluwaves1
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    Fast enough to look cool! (at least in my own mind) :laugh:
  • klkwak529
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    7 min 17 sec
  • larrodarro
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    I'm not that great at figuring out math problems though, so not sure how fast a mile would be.

    3.8 mph is a mile in 15 minutes 48 seconds.

    Here are some other times.

    12 mph 5 minutes
    11 mph 5 minutes 27 seconds
    10 mph 6 minutes
    9 mph 6 minutes 40 seconds
    8 mph 7 minutes 30 seconds
    7 mph 8 minutes 35 seconds
    6 mph 10 minutes
    5 mph 12 minutes
    4.5 mph 13 minutes 20 seconds
    4 mph 15 minutes
    3.5 mph 17 minutes 9 seconds
    3 mph 20 minutes
    2.5 mph 24 minutes
    2 mph 30 minutes
  • PaytraB
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    I am new to running (started running 3 weeks ago:drinker: ) Started off doing 20 min/mi and am now doing 15 min/mi.
    I am so proud on myself. Although i am still slow compared to other, slow progress is better then no progeress.. So tell me, How fast can you do a mile? :happy:

    You're making good progress on your speed. Never compare your speed with others. It's so individual that it really is all about you.

    After 2 years of running, I currently run about 7:30 minute Kilometer (12 minute mile?....something like that).
  • fleetzz
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    I have been running for a year and a half-started running at 14-15 min per mile, I now run under 9 min per mile for a 5k. I haven't timed a single mile run as fast as I can for a year but I imagine it is about 8:40 or so (it was 8:55 September of 2013). My half marathon pace was about 11:10 per mile in June of this year. It takes some time, longer for me because I am 46, and I had a 26 year hiatus from running, but the more you run the faster you get:smile:
  • runeatrunlive
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    If it was just a single mile I had to run I can run it in around 8:45. In a 5 or 10k race I'll run at around a 9:30 to 10 minute mile and around an 11 minute mile for a half marathon (hopefully this will improve in time though!).
  • ScottH_200
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    You are to be commended for just getting out and walking! Who cares how fast or slow, you're doing it and that's excellent! BRAVO!
  • I ran the Mile 5 times this summer with my best being 5:30 and slowest being 5:46 and I'm 53 years old. That said, you guys ROCK! Instead of trying to go farther why not try to get faster? I think a targeted training plan to reduce your mile time will pay big dividends in weight loss.
  • bradsbaby1996
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    When I started running I could barely run 5 seconds without thinking I was gonna die! My first nonstop mile was 19:1 and I was so proud that I ran it without stopping.. Fast forward a few weeks of improving.. yesterday it was 12:01 and I vowed that today would be better.. so.... this morning my time was 11:54!!! Under 12 minutes for someone that weighed 264 a year ago and was never active! I'm pretty proud of myself. . Running rocks:-)
  • sphkhn
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    I'm around a 9:30min/mile for running less than 3 miles over 3 miles I slow it down and go about 11min/mile walking I'm usually between 14-16 min/mile. Good luck!
  • sarieth05
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    I'm still a beginner with running (I started late July and could barely walk fast at all!) and the last time I timed myself, my mile was sitting around 14:42. Considering my mile time was around 12 minutes in HIGH SCHOOL, I figure I'm doing okay. :tongue: