Children named after tv characters or celebrities



  • Ali_momof2
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    My youngest son's name is William Patrick, I loved The Smashing Pumpkins in high school, but his name also after his dad's brother who passed away and my great grandfather ( or so I tell ppl so they don't think I'm nuts, but really I loved BillyCorgan ).
  • swimmermama
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    If I ever get pregnant again and it's a boy, I really want his middle name to be Tiberius but my hubby says no :-(
  • sillygoosie
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    My daughter is Macy after William H Macy.
  • miss_jessiejane
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    My youngest daughter's middle name is Leia.
  • Alisontheice
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    My son is Harris. We always get the "oh after Harrison Ford?". No its not actually because we would have called him Harrison then. :)

    So my son wasn't named after a celebrity but inadvertently was

    I also figure skate and it's the name of a compulsory dance so in certain circles he's named after a dance…also no
  • LordOberon
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    My kids' names are Jay and Silent Bob. My daughter is Silent Bob. It's kind of the inverse of A Boy Named Sue.

    Smokin weed, smokin weed.
    Doin' coke, drinkin beers.
    Drinkin beers, beers beers.
    Rollin' fatties, smokin blunts.
    Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts
  • AwMyLoLo
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    My mom named me after a character on her soap opera. Everyone thinks I was named from Bewitched, but not so. I'm Samantha.

    *edit for spelling

    I'm named after a soap opera character too (Hillary). My sister's name is Samantha.
  • yo_andi
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    My eldest son is Anders. heard the name as a teenager when Anders Hedberg came from Sweden to play hockey in NA for the Winnipeg Jets.

    My son is 33 and I still love his name.

  • maroonmango211
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    My first son is named Lane after Lane Frost (my favourite movie at the time was 8 seconds) w ho was a bull rider. My second son is named Zakk after Zakk Wylde the musician (guitarist for Ozzy for many years as well as Black Label Societyand Pride and Glory front man).
  • NotRailMeat
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    My daughter is named Kendall after Kendall Hart, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar on "All My Children". Yes, my ex had no life and spent all day watching soaps while I worked to pay the bills.

  • kelliehaley
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    My son's name is Shane after Shane Donovan from Days of Our Lives. I was a young mom and watched the show while I was on bed rest. He will be 29 next month and I still love his name! I'm glad he wasn't a girl because the name I had picked is hideous. HA!
  • jessiruthica
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    My daughter's middle name is Grace after Grace Kelly who I was a little obsessed with when I was a kid.

    If we'd had a son, my husband wanted to name him Bear after Bear Grylls.
  • jboccio90
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    My daughter is named after a band called Eisley.
  • HappyBlues
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    My son is Aiden, not necessarily after Aidan from Sex and the City, but that is where I fell in love with the name... and maybe the character too. ;)
  • Pedalpush
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    My husband and I may or may not have named our first born Tyler after Tyler Durden from Fight Club... :wink:
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    My son's name is Jasper but I swear to all that is holy that it is NOT after the damn sparkly vampire...I was hoping everyone would forget about that character when I picked the name, but no. I have had several people ask me if that's where I got it... *sigh* :o|

    I would love to name a boy Edward, but never will!!
  • vicbre2010
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    One of my favorite movies is Endless Love so I named my daughter after Brooke Shield's character- Jade
  • Spnneil06
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    I was named Melanie after "Gone With the Wind" and my daughter was named by her than older sister after the show ICarly, but we spelled it Karly.
  • AusAshMommy
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    My Son, Austin is named for Stone Cold Steve Austin - my hubby & I watched a LOT of WWE and WWF when I was preggers with him, his middle name is Mitchell, named for my Hubby's childhood best friend.

    Our daughter Ashley Jordan is a name assembled from a list of names hubby handed me...then again I babysat a little boy named Jordan as a teen and the name stuck with me.
  • ekztawas
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    I was named after Lesley Ann Warren.