What type of milk do you drink?



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    I would say, please do not drink soy milk as it can increase the chance of breast and prostate cancer.

    That's because you believe whatever fool thing you read on the internet.

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    I find lightly sweetened almond milk to be just right and only 10 cals more than unsweetened.
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    Regular or chocolate almond milk. I love it!
  • libbydoodle11
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    I have never really liked milk, consequently have never drank it other than in my coffee on occasion.
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    I've tried many varities and my favorite is whole and 2% milk. I don't care for skim milk.

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    Cashew Milk!! Easy to make, nutritious and so much tastier than almond milk! Plus there is no waste....no need to strain the cashews out like they do with almond milk. And there are no additives like carragenan (sp?) which seems to be in all the almond milks. It is very versatile....use it in coffee, have it in a bowl with chia seeds as chia seed pudding, or mix it with fruit juice or spices to make a wonderful salad dressing.
  • Chaidell
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    For drinking or in cereal I have unsweetened soy milk, for desserts I use coconut milk, and for everything else I have skim milk.
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    I don't actually drink milk alone much or add it to coffee, but I always use regular cow's milk in stuff. I vary from skim to whole depending, as IMO it's all good.
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    I only use it in coffee and then it's chocolate almond milk!! Yum! Although this week, I have splurged with Peppermint Mocha....'tis the season. :D
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    I typically drink goats milk. If I drink cows milk I go for whole and grass fed. But I tend to avoid it as it makes me feel like I'm in a mucinex commercial.
  • Runcakes
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    Usually vanilla soy or almond milk. Or dark chocolate almond milk (yum!) if I have a chocolate craving.
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    When I'm at home I drink unsweetened almond, when I'm at my boyfriend's I drink rice milk because it's what he prefers.
    I use unsweetened soy milk for cooking.
  • victoire713
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    Soy milk and viva fat free skim milk
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    Skim milk. Use in tea,coffee and porridge or scrambled eggs. Have never tried almond milk but tried soya and hated it.
  • I drink unsweetened almond milk because it's 30 calories for a cup. Can't beat that! It took me a while to get used to the taste but I mostly use it as a vessel for my cereal / smoothies / oatmeal / etc. if whole milk was low calorie I would lap it up! I love love love the creaminess and deliciousness of whole milk.
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    we use aldi lite milk in this household have for a long time
  • unsweetened almond milk
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    I can't have dairy or almonds so I use coconut milk when I cook and bake. Sometimes I find it gives things a slightly odd flavor, but usually I don't notice it at all (and it's amazing in Indian recipes). I don't like it on cereal or straight from a glass, but I rarely eat that way anymore anyway.
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    Cow milk, full fat.