My story of sweet revenge (pics)



  • pusheen12
    pusheen12 Posts: 192 Member
    Not sure why state you failed at the revenge part? Looks like a total success to me! Guessing you mean when you started focusing on yourself instead of the revenge you found true success. I do a little of both to be honest, both thoughts motivate me. I am grateful to Donna (a mean waitress) and an even meaner relative, thank you, without you I might have lost my resolve. I might still be fat. For me, I use whatever it takes to keep me mentally on track. Of course personal health and positive thoughts are the best. However, sauntering by a certain vicious (and heavy) lady during the holidays knowing I'm looking good is incredibly motivating ;)
  • kleonard42
    kleonard42 Posts: 204 Member
    Oh my goodness, very inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing! You've given me some hope and reminded me that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Awesome job!
  • queenmedusa
    queenmedusa Posts: 247 Member
    Just spotted this post and it's about 18months old. I hope you're still doing great - you did manage revenge because he didn't break you!!!!!! You're awesome :)
  • tenkim
    tenkim Posts: 5
    awesome you look awesome well done!!!!
  • bravo
  • Angurla
    Angurla Posts: 159 Member
    Thank for sharing your story and being an inspiration. You look fabulous! Great job
  • arhoney
    arhoney Posts: 27 Member
    "If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way!" This is so true. I want this so bad that I'm putting aside my comforts for my ultimate goals. This journey isn't just about me but what an example I can be for my kids and generations after me.
  • Trent1612000
    Trent1612000 Posts: 57 Member
    Great job!
  • Bijou111k
    Bijou111k Posts: 5 Member
    Amazing story! You're an inspiration for me!
  • sadrina1986
    sadrina1986 Posts: 30 Member
    you are such a great demonstration of the true meaning of "American dream". Thanks for all the motivation and encouragement.
  • Local_Atlantis
    Local_Atlantis Posts: 262 Member
    You look gorgeous!! Well done.
    I have alwayd tried to lose weight for the wrong reasons in the past. I am so glad that you ended up doing it for you!! That's what I am going this time, and it feels wonderfully different to the previous attempts. I feel like I cannot fail! How can I fail myself?

    But seriously - WOW! You have done so well. :smile: xx
  • Redheadllena
    Redheadllena Posts: 353 Member
    WTG!! You rule!
  • carot0105
    WOW, truly an inspiration. congratulations!
  • hilaryetta
    hilaryetta Posts: 6 Member
    Thank you for posting this and congratulations on your journey! This has been such an inspiration to read. I've been divorced for a year, am a single mom to two boys, work full time, and your story really resonated with me. I've lost twenty pounds since June of this year and your story is the exact motivation I needed to keep pushing forward. You're a true inspiration!
  • SuninVirgo
    SuninVirgo Posts: 255 Member
    Wonderful! You look so good and you are a great inspiration.
  • daynerz
    daynerz Posts: 227 Member
    Deep, kudos to you. Never lose heart of yourself and your dreams. Congratulations, your kids also have a super mom to look up to in all ways. <3
    Also thanks for the link to the TDEE, best one I've seen yet.
  • Wheelhouse15
    Wheelhouse15 Posts: 5,575 Member
    It's hard to find a more inspirational transformation. It just goes to show that once you find your motivation your true strength will show. Great job and keep on improving! :D
  • letgoorbedragged
    letgoorbedragged Posts: 23 Member
    Great story. You must feel amazing. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.
  • nsalley99
  • badholland
    badholland Posts: 67 Member
    Wow! This really is amazing. Congratulations on the bodybuilding comps- such an inspiration.
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