almond milk, yes or no



  • befellthee
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    I love Almond and Cashew low in calories and they make my protein shakes so good! If you are counting on milk to meet protein goals, the new "Almond Plus" has 5 g of protein per cup!
  • fatboy235
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    I use the unsweetened almond milk from trader joe since i'm lactose intolerant. I use 1/2 cup and mix in the bullet with a bananna and 1/2 cup frozen blueberrys. Every morning and I even have my 4 year old making his own bananna shake which he thinks is the coolest thing.
  • d6melanie
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    I love it. But I do not like it in hot coffee. I have a dairy sensitivity so I just learned to drink it black.
  • whitewolf1200
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    The unsweetened kind is so good. That's my milk of choice.
  • MarilynTC
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    I only drink milk in coffee and I am a rebel and use whole milk for that.
  • jusayange
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    unsweetened almond milk is what i use as base for my protein shakes
  • kwvogel
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    It's a perfect lower-cal substitute for milk in stuff like smoothies, oatmeal, or with cereal (I do a non-fat greek yogurt + almond milk mix when I eat cold cereal). It's not so great as a substitute for milk in pancakes or other baked goods.
  • asdowe13
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    I used to drink almond milk to save calories, but I prefer 3.5% milk for both taste and texture.....and almond milk didn't save me enough calories to really care.
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member depending on how I planned the days meals..and what my calorie level allows
  • katherinemab
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    Love almond milk to make a "smoothie" with PB2 and a frozen banana!
  • Bianca42
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    I use coconut milk, because I'm allergic to nuts...but I do love the lower calories. I'd ask that if you make something to share with it, that you make sure people know it's got almond milk in it. At Christmas last year someone brought in some homemade Irish Cream for coffee. I drank a full cup before I realized he used almond milk. Oops!
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    You have to get a special kind that is made for mixing with coffee/tea. Otherwise is curdles and looks disgusting. And then you have to have two kinds - one for drinking straight and cooking with, and one for mixing with drinks. It's annoying that I could never go through both without wasting them since they'd go bad before I could finish.
  • I'm not a fan of it, and nor am I a fan of normal milk. Never have been, think it's a texture thing.
  • Yes. Tasty, cruelty free and pus free. All good things in my opinion.
  • trekkie_bbs
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    O yes I LOVE Almond Milk the 30 call one. I use it in Cerial, drink it with cookies (only once :wink: ) and with Mac and Cheese. I love nuts so I guess I am what I eat and drink :dizzy_face: But yes. I do love it.
  • FatFreeFrolicking
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    I'm lactose intolerant so I use almond milk and love it.
  • mizroxy13
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    Califia Farms makes an amazing toasted coconut almond milk and it's amazing. I swear by it, and almond milk in general. It's tasty, it's creamy and it's SO LOW in calories if you choose the unsweetened variety. I can't see any drawbacks to it. I freaking love it.
  • SherryTeach
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    From an environmental point of view, almond milk is a no. The growing of almonds requires A LOT of water. Most are grown in California, which is in extreme drought. Eating almonds is nutritious. Almond milk is a small amount of almonds (grown with a lot of water) plus a lot more water to produce and add to the "milk." So it depends on your environmental consciousness.
  • FredDoyle
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    Yes. Tasty, cruelty free and pus free. All good things in my opinion.

    Pasteurized pus is just extra protein. It's a good thing.
  • FredDoyle wrote: »
    Yes. Tasty, cruelty free and pus free. All good things in my opinion.

    Pasteurized pus is just extra protein. It's a good thing.

    If you say so. lol