What's the heaviest weight you've reached in life?



  • imran_sheikh
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    242 lbs was my max.
  • calatheauk
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    Nine years ago today exactly (17-Nov-2005) I weighed in for the first time and discovered I weighed 260lbs. Then I lost 100lbs in a year, and maintained around 160-170lbs until 2012. Unfortunately, I then struggled through 2 serious illnesses, both of which resulted in weight gain due to medication side effects and becoming almost completely housebound for several months on two occasions. I bounced back up to 208 in mid-2013, which was rather upsetting because I'd always hoped never to see 200+ again on the scale, but there was nothing much I could do about it. For the last 18 months I've been either losing or maintaining, depending on my health situation (with a brief period of gaining again due to medication). Right now, however, I'm back at 173lbs and aiming to get back to 160lbs. It's quite slow at the moment, though!
  • fierydeluge
    about 288lbs
  • crescentwire
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    196.6 (5'9") on May 28 2014. Today (November 17 2014), 161.6... it's really astounding to think back on the things I used to eat without abandon, and the sheer amount of alcohol I'd consume. Both influenced each other, and were vicious perpetrators of non-stop weight gain for me. Terrible.
  • lexbubbles
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    175 at 5'4" :( about this time last year.

    Currently at 158.5 and hope one day to get down to 110-130 range, depending how I look. Still about 10lb away from being a healthy BMI.

    Around April this year I was 155, but then had a very stressful house move in which I very nearly ended up homeless (agent for the new place terminated the contract 24hrs before I was due to move in, and only had 5 days left on the lease in the place I was in) and my arthritis started playing up something chronic so I gained 10lb and then maintained around 163-165 for a few months.

    Got myself back in the saddle this month and have lost another 7lb, but still kicking myself that I could be near my goal weight by now if April-October had been okay.
  • vulpesgirl
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    Just as the title says, what is the heaviest weight you've reached in your whole life?

    Sigh, this one, 160. Not a lot compared to some people's heaviest, but it's a lot for me. Which is why I'm back on MFP, as much as I hate tracking calories/activity. I've gone up 2 sizes over the past 3 years and I can't keep up this crawl; I have to draw the line...and get back into all the gorgeous clothes I bought and then "outgrew"!
  • tialynn1
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    Mine was 230 pounds, but it was due to the birth control that I was on at the time. Once, I got off that, I literally lost 30 pounds within 45 days. My highest not being on it has been 195. I am down to 160. I wanted to originally wanted to go down another 20 pounds, but as I get closer, I will make up my mind then. I have started strength training to help get tones, so that will change how things look.
  • Kate7294
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    Top Weight was 262 lbs. in my mid 30's. CW 165 lbs. at 42.
  • jaxass
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    Right at 3-bills. I got down to 209, but that's too small for me. I'd like to be around 218-225. Right now, I'm back up to 256. That'll change soon.
  • dunnodunno
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    Around 300 some pounds & now it fluctuates between 149.5-155.
  • emalethmoon
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    280 something when I was pregnant. 275 non-pregnant.
  • jrline
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    260 and I am only 5'9"

  • vamaena
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    338lbs. I'm currently at 286 and dropping.

    I never plan to get over 300 again and after I drop below 200lbs I will never be that heavy again as well. My goal is to get somewhere between 145-155lbs but we'll see how I feel as I get closer to my goal. I would rather weight a little more and be fit and healthy than weigh less and just be skinny.
  • yopeeps025
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    265 was my heaviest.
  • Spencerport
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    300lbs earlier this year. Now I'm down to 231.6 as of yesterday and continue to drop.
  • emmanuel4everjackson
    My heaviest on the scale was 240, but I would guesstimate 260 for the times I would not consider getting on a scale. I'm down to 190ish, Thank God :)
  • niavalentino
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    159lbs was the highest and I hit that this year. I'm down to 152lbs at the moment - I decided to take it nice and easy because in the past I would work out two, three maybe even four times a day and then barely ate a thing. It was completely unhealthy. Now, I'm just being more careful about what I eat rather than forbidding myself from eating and I just started working out twice a day because that's what I've been used to my whole life from when I ran track and played volleyball competitively.
  • jlc041979
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    216 lbs. the day I had my daughter.
  • SingRunTing
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    213 in December 2013. Started MFP at 209 in May 2014, now at 177.
  • feralkitten1010
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    Highest known was 260, although it was probably higher since I refused to ever look at a scale. I lost at least 50 of that before MyFitnessPal, maintained for several years, and then joined and am now at 175.6.