What's the heaviest weight you've reached in life?



  • yoovie
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    i stopped looking after 265.
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    dunnodunno wrote: »
    Around 300 some pounds & now it fluctuates between 149.5-155.
    Inspirational and very encouraging. Thanks for sharing and congrats.

  • whatatime2befit
    whatatime2befit Posts: 625 Member
    224 lbs (well I got higher then that while pregnant, but 224 was my highest non-pregnancy weight).
  • Annabear3
    Annabear3 Posts: 92 Member
    I was 284 when I started this journey. I'm at 224 now. Goal is to get to 160, though I'll evaluate as I get closer to make sure I feel comfortable in my skin.
  • Suz_8589
    Suz_8589 Posts: 146 Member
    My highest was 325, I refuse to ever see anything close to that again. I'm trying to get into onederland and stay there!
  • 263 :(
  • zeal26
    zeal26 Posts: 602 Member
    177lb. I'm 5'6.
  • thejohnnyhand
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  • AgentOrangeJuice
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    300 lbs.
  • melissaka7
    melissaka7 Posts: 277 Member
    191. Now down to 135.
  • F1tnessCh1ck
    F1tnessCh1ck Posts: 39 Member
    160 lbs (I'm 5'7) - that was after training in Newfoundland. Had a great time but gained 15 lbs.
  • TheVirgoddess
    TheVirgoddess Posts: 4,535 Member
    232.3 in April. I'm at 174 right now. I still have around 30 pounds to go, but I got this.
  • JennyToy
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  • shaynepoole
    shaynepoole Posts: 493 Member
    My heaviest was 340 - now down to 140 :D
  • redwoodkestrel
    redwoodkestrel Posts: 339 Member
    300+ (didn't own a scale) in January of this year. Now I'm down to 212. Still have a ways to go!
  • Grenon
    Grenon Posts: 228 Member
    I am not sure of what exact weight I was at my heaviest but I am pretty sure it was right around 300 pounds and that was about four years ago. Got it down to 209 at my lightest but rebounded to around 250 recently so going back to try and break into the 100's but only slightly haha.
  • KKJackson91
    KKJackson91 Posts: 69 Member
    My highest was 260. I'm down 15 lbs since October 5th but I've fallen off the wagon a few times, and just got back on. :)
  • 204, as of this morning. The kick in the behind I needed to get back on mfp after months of being off the wagon.
  • chesnity3
    chesnity3 Posts: 960 Member
    271lbs when I was pregnant with my second daughter and 10 months later when I started mfp I was 260lbs. Now I'm 187 trying to get to 130lbs which is a healthy weight for my height 5'3. When I reach my goal I will never go back to being overweight again.
  • Kristyai3
    Kristyai3 Posts: 48 Member
    I was 230lbs when I swapped my high stress desk job for a low stress desk job. I lost 20 lbs almost immediately. I have been using MFP since June and have lost an additional 49 lbs. I have forty more to go before I reach goal weight.