To cold to walk outside

I have lost around 60 pounds and my main exercise has been walking. Well with winter the temp is around 15 degrees and I just can not walk in that. When I started my weight loss I did not think about winter. My question is what can I do now to get the weight off and I can not afford to go to the gym. Ideas please please.


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    It's my understanding that Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos are available on YouTube. You could try those!
  • Second the youtube videos. There are hundreds of different videos (Tony Horton, Body Rock, etc) that give short exercise vids for free. Play a bunch together, or repeat if not long enough. Good luck!
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    Workout from home? There are tons of videos/dvds that you can download or stream from online so that you can get in a workout at home. They range in intensity, so you could find something that is still pretty easy on the joints, or use this as a time to up your activity level and take on something more challenging. Congratulations on your 60lbs lost by the way!

    You should also note that while physical activity can be helpful for giving you more calories to eat, it really don't impact weight loss. Eat at a deficit and you'll continue to lose. Working out is more for cardiovascular health, which I'd argue is equally as important as being around a healthy weight.

    Here's a link to a TON of videos/workouts that you can do at home, most of which require little to no equipment.

    If you're looking for something relatively low intensity, Zumba or Hip Hop Abs I would recommend. The Jillian Micheals workouts are great if you want to get a lot out of 20-30 minute sessions. Insanity and P90X take a good amount of fitness to start with, but might be something you could work towards if you were interested.
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    I still say walk in the cold. Bundle up some. Also the body uses more calories to stay warm in cold weather, so that's a plus.

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    Oh man, I would kill to have winters only drop to 15 degrees. Are you talking Fahrenheit or Celsius? Still 15F is waaay warmer than my usual winters. Either way, that doesn't matter. :)

    Do you have stairs at home? If so, are those problematic for you? If not you could try going up/the stairs for a workout. I've started doing that since it's getting too cold to walk outdoors too.
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    I say layer up and still do your walk. There are lots of exercise clothes you can wear designed to wick away sweat while keeping you warm, beanies with face shields and other gear. You're body will warm up from the exercise, it's the sweat you have to worry about. I wouldn't let something like the weather stop me from doing what I like and what works.
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    Walk faster. Body heat will keep you warm. If it's really bad outside you can walk the mall. That's kind of boring but it works.
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    Walk in your hoise. Mall walking.
    Exercise videos on you tube or exercise dvd's.
    Search the internet for indoor exercise and there are lots of ideas.
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    Agree with stairs or YouTube videos. Think about taking up mall walking for this time of year - not as convenient as stepping outside your door but it's much warmer. What about walking around your work building on lunch, is that an option?

    Also, if budget is a concern, pick up good winter gear bit by bit. Walking in the winter isn't bad, but I'll be in layers of polarfleece (topped with a heavy coat), a hat that I can pull over my face if needed, boots and special socks.
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    Do you have a coat, gloves, and a hat? That's all you need. Shoes too I suppose but I assumed you had those. Definitely wear shoes. You'll be surprised how warm you get after you've been walking for a bit.
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    Congrats on your loss. That's great!

    But, I think that you're creating an excuse situation here that doesn't need to exist. You *can* exercise outside in winter. I ran 3 miles last night in 19 degree weather with snow coming down. I dressed appropriately and was fine. Thermal layers, hat, gloves, sunglasses. I was a little chilly but nothing I couldn't stand for 30 minutes. And I got my run in.

    That said, if you find that you absolutely can't walk outside, then don't. Walk in the mall. Join a gym or a YMCA and walk on a treadmill or an indoor track. Do walking videos at home (Leslie Sansone or something like that). Play active video games or take zumba classes. There are many, many choices you can make to stay fit in the winter. Lots of us do it and it doesn't have to be a big deal.
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    I have lost around 60 pounds and my main exercise has been walking. Well with winter the temp is around 15 degrees and I just can not walk in that. When I started my weight loss I did not think about winter. My question is what can I do now to get the weight off and I can not afford to go to the gym. Ideas please please.


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    Buy a coat? maybe some boots?
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    If we are talking Fahrenheit boot up and lots of layers and go out side.
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    I live in Chicago and I walk every day, including in the winter. Even last winter, with the extreme cold and snow, I only missed 5 days. I walk with a group every morning. We bundle up in layers. You'd be surprised how fun it actually is. We start off feeling cold and as we walk we start unbuttoning coats and removing layers -- we're quite warm at the end of the one hour walk.
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    Dress warmer, and walk outside. Toque, mittens, scarf, boots, extra layers. I played golf in -2 degree (celcius) 4 days ago. You just gotta dress for the weather.
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    bundle up and keep walking or go to a mall and walk it there are lots of people that walk at them don't give up

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    Walk laps at the mall. A lot of them open early for just that purpose. I did it in the summer when it was super hot (I am very sensitive to the heat and will get physically ill if I get overheated). Might do it during this winter sometime too!
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    DANCE! There are Zumba videos online, or just put on your favorite music and get in the groove.
  • I walk my dogs outside year around and it gets pretty cold in idaho. If you have the proper outerwear (snowpants, neck scarf, hat or earmuffs, gloves and good boots) you should be good to go. If it is below zero and there is a wind I skip it that day and use the treadmill. You might look on line in your area for a used treadmill you can usually find them pretty cheap. Good luck