210 lbs to 167 lbs - BEFORE & AFTER PICTURE

BJAdW Posts: 37 Member
No need to bore you all with another "fat kid" story. The gist of it for me is this: I've always suffered from chronic migraines and severe digestive issues (along with all of the fat kid/food addiction issues). May 17th I decided to go "gluten-free" with nothing to lose. Almost instantly, my migraines disappeared and my "stomach issues" quickly disolved. I found I could physically function on a level that was completely new to me. I used the motivation to work hard (P90X3) and eat not only gluten-free, but healthier in general. It has been 186 days (I have since learned I have celiac disease). I started at 210 pounds and am currently 167 pounds. No "end goal" in sight other than to keep eating well and keep exercising! And YES, I know that I am playing the angles and lighting in my after picture: deal with it...I've NEVER had abs in my life and I am beyond proud of seeing some now! Please don't rob me of that! :smile:


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