Lose 5+ pounds in April, Yes We Can!



  • erzille
    erzille Posts: 524 Member
    april 30: 139.6

    I broke out of the 140s. So thrilled!
  • maher2006
    maher2006 Posts: 94 Member
    04/01: 142
    04/08: 142
    04/15: 142
    04/22: 141
    04/30: 140
  • maher2006
    maher2006 Posts: 94 Member
    r we going to do a may challenge?!!?
  • MEMoggridge
    MEMoggridge Posts: 151 Member
    Goal weight on April 30th: 190

    04/01: 195.2
    04/08: 196.4
    04/15: 193.6
    04/22: 193.0
    04/30: 190.8

    Quite happy with over all this month although frustrated not to have quite achieved my goal!!!:noway: :ohwell: It all went wrong the second week where I put on rather than lost!!! But I suppose we all have weeks that don't quite go according to plan!!!
    Looking forward to next challenge next month !!! Is it going to. Be a new thread or continue on this one???

    Thanks very much to picky _nikky for the great leadership and amazing tables!!!!!
  • sundance2032
    sundance2032 Posts: 376 Member
    r we going to do a may challenge?!!?

    Yes, yes, yes please :)
  • Picky_nikki
    Picky_nikki Posts: 405 Member

    Here is the link to the May Challenge... bump it or put in your weight tomorrow to reserve your spot. Will close it when we get around 50 people again. Don't worry We will finish up this challenge with the chart as soon as all the weights are in on Monday.
  • bri293
    bri293 Posts: 92
    Name: Bri293

    Goal weight on April 30th: 137 (down 5.3 pounds)

    04/01: 142.3
    04/08: 142.0
    04/15: 141.5
    04/22: 141.0
    04/30: 141.0

    Ugh... no change this week. I'm so frustrated and disappointed. I hate how slow my progress is. I guess I just have to keep going and pushing forward. Congrats to everyone who reached their goals! Maybe next month will be my chance to reach that point since I've been struggling the past few months with major progress.
  • Cusegirl1992
    Cusegirl1992 Posts: 124
    Name: Cusegirl1992/Martha

    Goal weight on April 30th: 145

    04/01: 150
    04/08: 149
    04/15: 148
    04/22: 149
    04/30: 147

    So disappointed in myself. Did not make the goal. It was hard with a lot of late night eating and having Easter candy around REALLY did not help. Excuses aside...I'm hoping to make more of a concerted effort in May. Thank you Nikki for all of your work tabulating the results!
  • travishein
    travishein Posts: 78
    Name: travishein

    Goal weight on April 30th: 248.6

    04/01: 253.6
    04/08: 251.0
    04/15: 249.2
    04/22: 248.3
    04/30: 246.5

    Oh SNAP!. made goal + 2 lbs!.
  • kcthatsme
    kcthatsme Posts: 5,136 Member
    Name: kcthatsme

    Goal weight on April 30th: 169.4

    04/01: 174.4
    04/08: 174.2
    04/15: 172.0
    04/22: 169.4
    04/30: 169.4

    Met my goal and am looking forward to May's challenge!
  • kris1085
    kris1085 Posts: 1,439 Member
    I weighed in on friday and will use that weight for the end of the month !
  • Picky_nikki
    Picky_nikki Posts: 405 Member
    Name: Picky_nikki

    Goal weight on April 30th: 175

    04/01: 181.5
    04/08: 178.5
    04/15: 176
    04/22: 174.5

    Well this month I met my goal... even with a 3 trips to the city, a Birthday, hubby's birthday, and Easter so I will take it despite the roller coaster month. The weigh-in days helped hide the fact I had to fight for 2 lbs plus the 2.5lbs after the 8th, to lose... oh well, it is a NEW MONTH!! Join us on the May Challenge!!
  • linemansgirl
    linemansgirl Posts: 152
    Screen name: linemansgirl

    Goal weight for April 30th - 156

    04/01: 162
    04/08: 160
    04/15: 159.5
    04/22: 159.5
    04/30: 159.5
  • 2Young4This
    2Young4This Posts: 172 Member
    Huge well done to everyone! Can't believe I have been so absent over the last couple of weeks. I have got to 143.6 so I have lost 2 pounds. I can't see my last post but that is my final way in.

    THANK YOU so much to Picky_Nikki - what a star you are! Great weight loss and fantastic leadership xxx
  • ktbear27
    ktbear27 Posts: 29 Member
    Name: ktbear27

    Goal weight on April 30th: 147.6

    04/01: 154.6
    04/08: 153.0
    04/15: 153.0
    04/22: 153.0
    04/30: 153.6

    Only down one total for the month, but that's better than going back up!
  • Picky_nikki
    Picky_nikki Posts: 405 Member

    Great month Everyone!! Hope to see you all in the May Challenge!!
  • oxFaithxo
    oxFaithxo Posts: 160 Member
    WHOO HOO! I weighed in today and 151.5 I LOVE IT... READY FOR MAY CHALLENGE LETS DO IT
  • Julissagood
    Julissagood Posts: 11 Member
    Hi, I am a newbie here. I just joined last week, but I am excited for the support and the challenge of losing 5 pounds in April. My weight chart is as follows:

    April 6: 150 lbs.
    April 13 : 148 lbs.
    April 20:
    April 27:

    Thank you for this great goal.