Does jumping exercises make me NOT pregnant?



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    You could just avoid them after ovulation and during the two week wait, if it is really making you that concerned.

    don't encourage...
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    Sometimes it just takes time to get pregnant, even if both partners are perfectly healthy. Stress doesn't help... so maybe try yoga and relaxation techniques?
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    The little fishies will swim anywhere if they want, gravity has nothing to do with their own motivation to meet their own goal! Its the same idea as those who stand on their heads to get knocked up if it happens, it hapens!! hahahaha
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    It took my wife and I eleven months with our first...we had pretty much given up when it finally happened. Personally, I think it was the reduction in stress levels and basically chalking it up to the breaks that made it happen.

    Our 2nd was a one shot, one kill kind of thing...we were anticipating things taking months and she was literally pregnant with one good shot...
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    I understand how stressful infertility can be. It took my husband and I close to two years to conceive our first pregnancy. After the first six months I started charting my cycles (taking my temperature each morning, recording changes in various fluids) and using ovulation predictors. (Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler is a grey book on the subject.) After a year we began medical testing. Everything was normal for both of us. I finally got a prescription for Clomid, but before I had a chance to fill it, I got a positive pregnancy test. Sadly it ended in miscarriage, but I conceived my eldest son two cycles later. My second son took two months of trying, and my third was conceived right after an "oops" that also ended in miscarriage but made us realize we wanted one more to complete our family.

    I exercised regularly throughout my pregnancies, and during the time I was TTC. (With the exception of the first trimester with my oldest son...after the prior miscarriage I was a little nervous about doing much more exercise than walking).

    They say the optimal BMI for TTC is 20-24, and you are smack dab in the middle of that, so your weight and body fat percentage should not be an issue. As for the jumping around, when you think about a tiny mass of cells in your cozy padded uterus, a little bouncing is not going to do any harm.

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    You went to catholic school didn't you? lol.
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    full blown private christian- but not Catholic- no pleated skirts and knee highs for me.
    well- no- that was after school... after college... for my goth nights out. that happened/s.
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    I have a buddy from your neck of the woods, I can imagine. lol.
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    OMG...You can't really need an answer to this question. If you do, my advice is never get pregnant - people without sufficient brain cells should not breed.

    Yes, this sounds mean...but the OP obviously lacks.

    I'm face palming so hard here it's not even funny. My 7 year old has a better grasp on reproduction.

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    wait- so if I'm on top I won't get pregnant right? that's the way that works still isnt' it?
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    wait- so if I'm on top I won't get pregnant right? that's the way that works still isnt' it?

    No. You can't take gravity into account, that's in direct violation of what this post is about.
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    Are you sure that you're hitting your fertile window (the time of the cycle that you ovulate) every cycle? Are you temping and charting? If you don't know what those terms mean, I suggest going to the Fertility Friend website and doing the tutorials there.

    It's actually amazing how little most women understand about their own fertility and how to get pregnant. This isn't an indictment on you, OP, just our education system.

    FYI, it can take a healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant. Longer if they aren't hitting the fertile window. So step one, is to ensure that you are hitting the fertile window consistently. After that, then its time to see a specialist (a reproductive endocrinologist, not an OB-GYN. OB-GYNs are not fertility experts, they are pregnancy experts. It's two different things).
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    Babies/embryos are very well protected. A jumping exercise should not cause problems during conception/early pregnancy unless you are receiving trauma to your abdomen. I was doing Jillian Michaels DVDs along with running when I got pregnant. I am now 34 weeks and baby is good. As another mentioned if you are cutting calories too low or over training that could impact fertility.
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    dbmata wrote: »
    JoRocka wrote: »
    wait- so if I'm on top I won't get pregnant right? that's the way that works still isnt' it?

    No. You can't take gravity into account, that's in direct violation of what this post is about.
    I can assure you, gravity is NO protection.

    But on top in a hot tub?...I've heard you can't procreate if the lady is on top and you're in a hot tub...

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    I did get pregnant doing HIIT, plyometrics, etc. etc. It has nothing to do with getting pregnant or not. As long as you have enough body fat, being healthy can't be bad for fertility! You can exercise before and during your pregnancy (unless you're at risk or something). I exercise, lift heavy weights, etc. and I am 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going perfectly.

    Exercise doesn't cause miscarriage and it won't cause you to not get pregnant either.
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    when we were younger, my girlfriend (now wife) used to do jumping jacks immediately after coitus to avoid pregnancy. it worked like a charm!

    for 3 months. oops.
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    The only way exercise can prevent a pregnancy is if you suddenly up your level of exercise. This puts stress on the body and has been known to induce a miscarriage. If you are already used to a certain level of exercise, keep it up. It does nothing but good for you.
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    I honestly can't believe the insensitivity contained here. Is there really no compassion?

    It is truly frustrating and baffling when something like getting pregnant doesn't happen for you, when it happens for most so easily. People will go to HUGE lengths to question every single thing they are doing (or not doing) as to why it's not happening.

    OP: I'm sorry you are having difficulties. Those who mock you obviously have never experienced the desperate nature that you find yourself in, or they wouldn't be so condescending. Please don't pay them any attention. Keep on your path of fitness and wellbeing and continue to make your body well for your future child's growth and development. I hope your doctor can find some answers for you very quickly. Hugs to you, I know how difficult an emotional and stressful journey like this can be.

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    If you were extremely anti fat and had a BMI that was too low it would not prevent pregnancy but it would make it hard to keep the pregnancy. I've known a few girls like this who keep losing babies and despite their doctors telling them to eat more healthy fats and get the BMI UP into the healthy range, they were just to afraid to eat any fat. But unless you have history of trouble attaching to the uterine wall or attaching in the wrong location, where the growth or stretching of the uterine wall is where attachment occurs and there is the possibility of it detaching, then you should have no problem with those workouts.
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    I mean if the doctor already told you exercising is good for you, I would not question it. They know what needs to be done in order to find out why you are not getting pregnant. That is what all those test are for. Both you and your husband need to get check out. Well I guess just him now. I honestly have never heard of anyone not being able to get pregnant due to jumping exercises. Check your stress levels. Maybe take a break and stop trying so hard. Usually that is when it happens.