WOW.... 55lbs down and feeling amazing! (with pictures)



  • Curves for look amazing girl. Good job on all your hard work.
  • x3vanessaxo
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    You were beautiful before, now you are drop dead GORGEOUS! Congratulations on your success and thank you for posting! :smiley:
  • FrenchMob
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    Wow! Your breathtaking. Good job! B)
  • DonnaAnn64
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    wow...congratulations on all your hard work !
  • Jojomotivated
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    You look amazing! I so want those curves!
  • jwanger03
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    Wow great job!! Thank you for motivating the rest of us!!
  • SarBear00b
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    You're a knockout!!! Seriously love the swimsuit photo!! Congrats on your success girly
  • greenstickfarms
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    You have done an awesome job!
  • BRobertson23
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    Congratulations! I'm hoping to rock my first two piece this coming summer as well! I have 11 lbs to my initial goal weight, but I'm thinking I might try to lose an additional 10 lbs. I never thought I would make it as far as I have, so knowing that's it IS POSSIBLE to meet a goal like that makes me want to create a new weight goal. Appreciate stories like your's. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hi! Congratulations on everything and I just want to add a question on where did you get the Caricature in the photo? I know someone in AZ who does them and I recognize his style. Maybe he is the same person, great!
  • Cortneyrenee04
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    Drop dead gorgeous!!!

    I didn't see the monkey, either!