Post here if you want more friends!



  • RuffAthletics
    RuffAthletics Posts: 26 Member
    Awesome! Feel free to add me as well.
  • weighttracker2015
    I am trying to lose 100 pounds on my own. Need friends to motivate and to be motivated!

  • dawnmichelle33
    dawnmichelle33 Posts: 7 Member
    My husband and I have used MFP before and have done really well. Now we're a few years later and have truly gotten off track. Upon doing some research I have learned that one of the best ways to do anything difficult is to have someone to be accountable to. My hubby and I have a tendency to enable each other so we could use some people who would keep in contact and just make sure we're accountable for what we're doing to out bodies. We're motivated and know we can do it and would love some people to join with us on our journey. Today is day 1. We've started with Nutri System and some additional veggies and protein, but I know this is the time. I'm finally fed up with being overweight. I'm tired of excuses. And I know I need friends for this. Please help us!
  • NerdieMcChub
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    I'd love some more friends! B)
  • belle_reve9
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    Same here!
  • naomishaw7
    I'm always hoping for friends and weight loss buddies
  • Buttercupxxx
    Buttercupxxx Posts: 24 Member
    I have been on MFP for a couple years. Started fresh last November. I started on the Atkins way of eating. Lost 10 up front and have kept it off- need to loose another 7 for my fist goal, then another 20 by May. I am mentoring half of my friend base. I'm looking for someone like myself who will hold ME accountable;to the same way of eating. I don't hide anything- I ate pasta today! .....but I do ask for a picture/ and an open diary. Thanks <3
  • beeautyonly
    Would love to have some buddies ! Feel free to add me :)
  • sahead710
    sahead710 Posts: 74 Member
    I would love to meet new people!! Looking to lose 50 lbs, starting weight is 225, which my doc said is in the morbid obesity range for my 5'2" height. I'm not wasting another year being fat!!!!
  • benskinm
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    More friends would be nice, especially short, old ones, like me. Nah, all are welcome, the more, the merrier.
  • ericbriansamson
    What's up im 25 years old been working hard for 5 months now towards my short term goal of reaching 174 lbs in order to meet weight reqs for the US Navy but will definitely be going beyond that. I'm down 23 lbs and looking for any like-minded friends to help out with diet and exercise and keep each other motivated as these last 11 lbs have been the absolutely difficult for me.

    I'm almost finished with my first p90x round and also currently doing mixed martial arts/boxing circuit conditioning for fun. Please feel free to add me, thanks!
  • Slendermike
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    Anyone may add me, I could always use some extra support :)
  • CourtneyJune15
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    Would love to have more friends so we can support eachother (: I'm going to be active daily.
  • joeboland
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    Feel free to add me!
  • 9TMare
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    Hello....I have been on MFP since Jan 2011. I initially lost 75 pounds being a daily user. Then I stopped using it. I have deleted and restarted my MFP account several times because I lost interest. But I can truly say I have been more successful and happy when I log my workouts, daily food, and comment on friend's status. I would love to have friends that are supportive and are committed to living a healthier/fit lifestyle.
  • dyalung
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    I have a good looking wife so people think I'm rich cause I look like an oriental elephant seal, and people can't imagine she would want to date me otherwise- Gotta change that! Add me and help a brotha out.
  • sadiealice94
    On a weight loss journey and looking to make friends so that we can all keep eachother motivated along the way
  • mikeslade75
    Count me in!
  • nadnoda586
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    Yes I'm in
    stil can't beat the freshman 15 :neutral_face:
  • RuthieM67
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    Any Christians here? I'm in my 40's and I'm almost to my goal