Post here if you want more friends!



  • GreenRiderLiana
    GreenRiderLiana Posts: 18 Member
    Hi! I'm Liana, I'm 5'4 and 25 years old. I've got ~75lbs to lose. I'd love some new friends! MFP feels like a new Facebook to me. I love seeing everyone's activity. Feel free to add me :D
  • jennylea70
    jennylea70 Posts: 57 Member
    Add me! I'm just starting with about 75lbs to lose.
  • DanielleFloyd08
    DanielleFloyd08 Posts: 12 Member
    You caadd me! I need some ppl to keep me motivated!!!
  • vickierivero1
    vickierivero1 Posts: 46 Member
    add me. I am new here.
  • BeccaKay96
    BeccaKay96 Posts: 77 Member
    Always welcoming new motivating friends :)
  • MsSnoddy
    MsSnoddy Posts: 11 Member
    New to this. 6 days in. I need some friends to get my news feed jumping!
  • francesmarieg
    francesmarieg Posts: 75 Member
    Can never have too many friends! Add me! : )
  • beachbum4044
    beachbum4044 Posts: 57 Member
    I will take all the motivation, help and friends that I can. I have been using MFP for about 3 weeks now and I have enjoyed the recipes, the encouragement and seeing the results of my work.
  • Still new to this if anyone wants to add and help a brotha out!
  • GoingBrowntown
    GoingBrowntown Posts: 23 Member
    I'm a 22 year old looking to lose about 4st (50ish lbs), having tried and quit numerous times. I think new friends would be great for motivation, accountability and for making my activity feed look less sad. All are welcome to add me!
  • lrleebee2015
    lrleebee2015 Posts: 2 Member
    add me. I am new here also :)
  • Looking to chat about sticking to this and making healthy changes! have a definite addiction to food from not having much as a kid and being on a diet since I was 14 and a size 8!!!! ridiculous! feel calmer and more prepared than ever :smile:
  • brendo204
    brendo204 Posts: 1,225 Member
    Would love some new Aussie friends plus some from all over the world!
  • Cheriesaurus
    Cheriesaurus Posts: 92 Member
    Add me peoplessssssssssss, going to buy a fitbit zip this afternoon :D going to be interesting to see what my steps are per day.
  • Stevearoonie
    Stevearoonie Posts: 43 Member
    Feel free to add! Been on the site a while, but can always use some more people to help encourage and motivate! Trying to continue to loose weight while rehabing my knee. Still have about 50 lbs and about 10 inches off my waist to go. Lets get it going!
  • labeastette
    labeastette Posts: 82 Member
    Would love more friends to keep me motivated. Been having a hard time seeing any changes in the past 3 weeks. Don't want to drop off! I am trying to lose at least another 30 lbs and some serious body fat!
  • jonnie256
    jonnie256 Posts: 169 Member
    In for motivation!
  • Anjera
    Anjera Posts: 26 Member
    edited January 2015
    Add me, third day in MFP. Let's keep each other motivated :)
  • charlene370370
    charlene370370 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello. I am Charlene. Feel free to add me : )
  • purplehaaze
    purplehaaze Posts: 6 Member
    Hello! Always looking for fun and active friends. Feel free to add me :)