Is anyone here tall AND fat?



  • mnewell0293
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    I am 5'10" and I dont think anyone would have believed me if I said I weighted 205 when I started my new and improved weight loss journey with MFP. I have lost 13 lbs since January 3rd already! Easiest weight loss ever!

    I want to lose another 35-40 for a total of around 55ish...I will be 47 in a few weeks and really need to be fit for myself and my family.

    I want to be healthy and feel better about myself and THIS IS MY YEAR! I can't wait to wear those jeans with my boots and my tshirt TUCKED IN! with a belt! lol (it's the little things)

    Everyone is so inspirational on it!
  • slimdownsteph
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    6' here and probably 80 lbs away from my goal weight... Granted I don't even know what weight I'd be happy at because I've always been over weight. I knew there are a few groups on here for tall women that you may be interested in. Good luck!
  • JPW1990
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    5'11" and at my absolute highest was 500. A lot of people I know now didn't know me back then, so they don't believe me. Then I show them pictures and they still don't believe it. I take that as a clue they have no idea what I weigh now, either. I have somewhere over 50 to lose again, not sure exactly how much.

    I don't compare myself so much to shorter people, because I consider it to be mostly an advantage. Yes, buying pants is a pain in the butt if I don't want to look like I'm waiting for a flood, but I can put things I use every day on the top shelves in my kitchen, I can see over most people at the movie theater, and I'm easier for my son to spot in a crowd of moms and other kids at school.
  • azulvioleta6
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    I'm 6', big frame, and have more than 100 to lose. I always feel like the giant everywhere I go. I agree that most people, even drs and nurses, think I weigh much less than I do. The shock on their faces when I step on the scale. ...

    I look forward to the day when I'm just the tallest in the room and no longer the fattest. :smile:

    I've reached that point and it feels very strange.
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    I'm 5'11 290lbs. My ultimate goal is to lose about 120lbs. I don't wanna get back to my old high school weight of 150 I feel like I will be too thin. And yes only good thing about being tall and fat is I don't look like I weigh wat I do lol.
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    I am 5'11 and 220 pounds. A lot of my uni friends are around 5'3 and very slim, sometime I feel like a giant, like I might squish them.
  • 5'11 and 288lbs. I've been up to 318, in my teens. A healthy weight according to my BMI should be 174, or under, but my goal is to get under 200. Hoping to start a family in the next few years! Pretty new, and I don't have a ton of friends so if anyone is interested - add me!
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    6'6" here and trying to lose about 50 pounds , tall people can carry weight a bit better but then personally , i prefer ladies with a figure not a stick
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    I'm 5'10" erso (depends on when in the day I'm measured & how tired I am), and started at 275 lb, 100 lb over the top end of a healthy weight range. People used to argue with me that I wasn't fat, simply because I was tall. Some still tell me I shouldn't lose any more.

    I'm down to "only" 25 left to drop to get into a healthy range (below 175), am aiming for another 35 (165), and depending on how I look/feel I _might_ go for as much as 50 (150).
    But if I do it's going to be a very long process and as long as I'm in a healthy weight range I won't be stressing or unhappy at all.

    It's strange to no longer think of myself as fat, no longer avoid mirrors, be somewhat happy with my body, and be able to order clothes (or buy a sewing pattern) in normal sizes, not "women's" (fat).

  • MKEgal
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    Atagi73 wrote:
    personally, i prefer ladies with a figure not a stick
    Even when I get to a healthy weight, I'll still have curves "in all the right places". :grinning:

    Recently tried on some jeans (supposed to be for women) and found that they were not cut for women with curves. :angry: My hips are 10" larger than my waist, and the jeans were gapping several inches at the waist. Need to keep shopping for different brands; there have to be some made for more curvy women.
  • I'm 5'9 and I'm 200 pounds. I don't mind being the Amazon in the room. I actually enjoy standing out! I just want to get healthy. My mom passed away of heart disease and high blood pressure and was over weight. I want to get down to 160 pounds. I want a long healthy life!
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    I'm tall, fat, AND ugly.
  • Merkavar
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    I am almost 5'11''

    Well I don't consider my self tall but I'm pretty sure I'm your height, maybe higher. 182-87cm tall I believe.

    And even more overweight especially when I started weight loss.

    I have always been fat so for me in used to it. It mainly hits me when I see a photo and it's very clear that I'm like twice as wide as my slightly over weight brother.

    I guess I don't notice it when I am just looking down, but photos, mirrors, security cameras that have the monitor on display, it's like what, I look like that?

    Guessing girls have it worse, every man and his dog has an oppinion on women's weight.
  • I'm 5'11" and hate pictures next to other women because EVERY PART OF MY BODY looks giant compared to them! I hate it! And feel so ashamed of my body! I will always look like a giant, even if I get really skinny.
  • Feel free to add me as well!

    I'm around month nine of my journey and have lost approximately 50 pounds so far.

    At 5'10" and 231 pounds, I'm still 31 pounds from my first major goal and nearly 60 from the 'normal' BMI for my height. I literally haven't weighed what would now be my 'healthy' weight since I was 10-11 and nearly a foot shorter than I currently am.

    I definitely feel you on the bigger than everyone else thing. I moved a few years back to the burbs, where everyone around my age seems to be a size 4 or 6. I've been pushed to the side at parties and social get togethers simply because of my starting size. There's nothing like going to a party where one of the chief topics of conversation is making fun of fat people and the 'dumb' things they do to try to lose weight.
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    JaneiR36 wrote: »
    But when you hit goal you still get more calories than the shorties

    lol this!
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    MKEgal wrote: »
    Recently tried on some jeans (supposed to be for women) and found that they were not cut for women with curves. :angry: My hips are 10" larger than my waist, and the jeans were gapping several inches at the waist. Need to keep shopping for different brands; there have to be some made for more curvy women.

    When I was thin, pants were the worst. Well, fitted skirts too. I have that "bubble butt" that wasn't as big as J-Lo or Beyonce, but with enough squats it could be LOL. I always had to put darts in the waist to get a proper fit. There was only one brand of jeans (I think Chic?) that even came sorta close to fitting right off the rack. I haven't seen those in years though.
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    I feel ya! I'm 5'11" and started using MFP seriously after I hit 205 lbs. Like many of the other posters, mosh people would never have thought I weighed that much since the fat is more spread out, but I always felt huge around other women (and many men).
  • leahannhorton
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    YES YES YES! 5'11'' here. Started out at 240lbs (before I found MFP), and I'm down to 165lbs. Even at 165lbs, I still feel GIANT compared to other women. I'm hoping to hit 150lbs as my final weight.

    As a total side note: I'm sure you can also relate to this: there is NOTHING I hate more than seeing a short woman with a tall man! I read somewhere once that only 18% of American men are 6'0'' or taller! It gets under my skin SO bad!
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    I'm 5'9 and even that seems tall compared to most women I know. I feel huge, and I felt huge even when I wasn't overweight. I tried to date a guy who was shorter than me once, and I couldn't do it. I felt like I would squish him like a bug if we were intimate.