10 pounds lighter and tighter by April - Support thread!



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    I would love to be a part of this! I have at least 20 pounds to lose. I've been faithful to logging my meals for 39 days now :) I also have my Fitbit synced and try to do 10 - 12,000 steps/5 miles every day...some days I don't quite make it. Please add me :)
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    Thanks guys! It was pretty cool.
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    Hi there, about your knee, funny thing I just recently injured my left knee.. idk how, possibly using barbell wrong doing squats.. anyhow, I too am finding it difficult to stick with my workout plan bc it has a lot to do with my knee.. :(
    I have been icing it and staying off of it for a few days. I'm with you on finding other things to do while it heals..
    I'm extremely frustrated from it!! :(
    @jlkermode‌ your meal looks so yummy! I am checking out those two sites for meal ideas.
    @jgrabowski33‌ your meal looks so yummy, also. do you have any sites you visit for recipes?
    @huango‌ , Amanda, how do you make your zucchini noodles? Yesterday I took my son to a restaurant and order fried zucchini fries. He chowed down then he realized they were "green". Fried not good, but having any of my men eat veggies is tough. I really want to incorporate them in ways they aren't expecting.
    @jonikayrn‌ holy smokes! way to go on the weight loss! Please share advice! Is your food diary available? I might go check it out for ideas.

    Crazy thing in my head today: what if I don't reach the 10lb goal by April 1...gosh I will feel awful. But then had to remind myself that any lose is successful. I have lost 3#so far. With Lent around the corner, there are a few things that will be dismissed for 40 days, so that will also help contribute to weight loss. Also I am so frustrated with my knee preventing me from doing much weight training. I am unable to do lunges, squats, and running or motions that resemble that. So, if anyone has any suggestions on exercise they think would be helpful, I WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS!

    Thanks and have a great day!
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    @kalawhon‌ my left knee is my worst. Right knee has issues, but getting worse due to overcompensation. Eventually, and I will postpone for as long as possible, I will need knee replacements. when I was 12 I cracked my knee growth plate, at 19 I tore my meniscus and destroyed my plica band (orthoscopic surgery), and at 36 had lubricant injections for the arthritis. I am about to have injections again in a few weeks, and am currently having physical therapy. FUN TIMES! I see the therapist today and hope to gain some more ideas for exercise and will share what I learn!
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    @kalawhon‌ my left knee is my worst. Right knee has issues, but getting worse due to overcompensation. Eventually, and I will postpone for as long as possible, I will need knee replacements. when I was 12 I cracked my knee growth plate, at 19 I tore my meniscus and destroyed my plica band (orthoscopic surgery), and at 36 had lubricant injections for the arthritis. I am about to have injections again in a few weeks, and am currently having physical therapy. FUN TIMES! I see the therapist today and hope to gain some more ideas for exercise and will share what I learn!

    Oh wow, bless your heart!! That's got to be hard knowing you like to be active. Please do.. I'd appreciate the exercise ideas!
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    Ok- I'm tooting my own tushy today... (That kinda sounded better in my head before I typed it)
    - Anyway! For those of you who don't already know- I'm on my last wk of the first part (the first four wks) of Strong Curves. Before this program, my bottom was F-L-A-T. It was so sad. Now, just four wks in!! I love lifting.tsqmeckdtes2.jpg

    If you have hit a plateau or want to reshape your body- lift!! I was one of those women who always avoided the weights but I love it now and am losing inches quickly!

    Ok- off to the weight room now :)

    Happy Thursday! One more wk almost down!
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    Toot Toot!
    WTG @jlkermode‌!

    Yup, I came over to the "dark" side (the weight room is usually a bit darker than the treadmill/elliptical area: hahaha) 2years ago and I haven't been back.
    I love the benefits of lifting!!!
    No, it won't make you bulky. (I used to think that because I didn't have control of my diet and I ate too much).

    Ever since I've "seen the light" of lifting, I have these strong urges to go up to people who are CONSTANTLY on the treadmill/ellipticals, for HOURS and they look the same, and tell them to get off and go lift something heavy and to eat some protein!!!
    I'll probably get into a fight or something.

    No, talk about flat bootay: that was me!
    Flat Asian butt.

    So when I say THIS is a bootay on me: you need to trust me.
    And at 42yrs old, it's not saggy/baggy: so go me!

    pix from 2 weeks ago:
    Yes, love handles are leaving, but so are boobies :(

    people w/ bad knees: When I was recovering from my ACL replacement, I did the following/what my PT made me:
    - take this time to strengthen your uppers:
    -- pushups: wide, close, triceps, incline, volume: lots and lots of them
    -- pullups <<-- so good for you
    -- lift weights upper body: biceps, triceps, lats, OHP, wood chop (my new favorite); improve your back and v-shape
    - do straight leg deadlift, or even regular ones:
    - bretcontreras.com/whats-the-difference-between-a-romanian-deadlift-american-deadlift-stiff-legged-deadlift-and-straight-leg-deadlift/

    - build up your hamstrings to compensate for knee control (like building up your core to strengthen your back): http://musclebuildingprograms.org/wp-images/leg-curl.jpg

    No cut-week: I am thoroughly enjoying a yummy gooey brownie that DH just baked: so warm right out of the oven.
    Yes, will have to focus on protein tomorrow.

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    Graduating college in April...and going to HAWAII after!!
    Current: 135.5
    Goal: 130

    Aiming for about 1450 calories. 100 more if I work out that day! Plus some days where I go over...I'm ready for this! Feel free to add me, my diary is viewable for friends!!
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    I know that I am kind of late to the party but here I am!

    SW: 140

    I know that I am probably not going to make it to 130 by 1 April, but I'm going to aim to get to 135....

    I cycle to work and back every day which burns c.400 calories (I have a HRM) and then try to do bootcamps 3 times a week (c.500 calories each time) which comes to 3500 calories worth of exercise per week, plus more if I go for a walk over the weekend.
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    New group members - WELCOME! :D

    For some, we are 3 weeks in, some of us are 1 week, 2, or even DAY 1! What we have in common is WE ARE DETERMINED to be lighter and tighter!!!!

    (*) Great job at setting realistic goals, doing the math and analytics to see what it takes, and giving yourself the best gift ever of health and fitness! (*)

    When I started this group 3 weeks ago I had no idea we would have so many people join. That is so cool! We are doing awesome! Be sure to really make good use of this group and add each other as friends on MFP, and post your updates here for us to read - we're all here to support and be supported!

    (*) Here's my personal update! On Jan. 21st, I made this thread and set my goal to lose 10lbs by April 1st. Right now I'm hovering at about a 2-3lb loss since I started :) AND I've lost inches!! A few around my waist, hips, and belly!!!! :) Today I decided to up my game and be more careful about staying under my daily calorie goals and also increasing my protein.

    In the spirit of our group's motto - congrats, best wishes, and GAME ON!!!
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    stepherz84 wrote: »
    stepherz84 wrote: »
    Can I join in! I'm a bit late but I'm new to posting on the boards.

    I started on the 5th jan and have lost 12lbs so far.

    Height 5ft 11.5in (the half inch makes all the difference! :wink: )
    SW: 187lbs
    CW: 175lbs
    GW: 153lbs

    Week one : 2 lbs lost so...

    New CW 173lbs

    It's the end of my week 2 of this challenge and I have lost another 2 lbs! Yay

    New CW 171 lbs
  • I'm all in on your challenge! I eat quite healthfully. My major problem is eating whenever I see food--hungry or not! I've lost 10 pounds since last summer when I was my heaviest weight, would like to lose 10 more yet.
    CW: 149
    GW: 139
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    02/06/15: 170
    02/13/15: 167
    04/03/15: Goal: Hopefully 150-155!
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    edited February 2015
    Week 3- Finished level 1 of 30DS. I can do 17 military push-ups and then finish out on my knees for the first strength series AND do another 12 in the second set of push-ups! I'm using 8 pound weights for as many of the moves as possible then go down to one weight when My shoulders are fatigued. I can feel the difference and see changes in my armpits and biceps. My weight for week 3 is the same as week 2 - but I know that I'm building muscle.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    We usually don't celebrate it, but my sweetie is very supportive of my weight loss/fat loss journey. Here's my reward: diamonds are a girl's best friend :)
    Been eyeing these for a long while... didn't realize he was paying attention.


    Tonight, we're attending a fun cancer fundraiser, a whole table of friends.

    45days of no night-time snacking!!!

    Looking forward to some treats tomorrow:
    - Boston Cream donut
    - take-out Chinese food - love me some noodles!

    off to the gym, even though I'll be shoveling more snow tomorrow.
    Yup, expecting another 5-10 by tomorrow.

    Welcome newbies!

    To those who are posting weight loss: great job! Keep up the hard work!

    WTG!!! You rock!
    Great attitude w/ the scale number, because I'm sure your clothes are looser.

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    Doing well with my exercise...although that has never been an issue for me. I have been working hard at keeping my calories at around 1300-1400. Some days are better then others. It was a very very long week at work and 2 nights I did not sleep at all due to stress. I was up and doing laundry at 3am the other night and on my spin bike at 2am. Sigh... Today I was able to go out on a nice moderate bike ride for 2 hours and may do some weights later.
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    My update!

    SW originally: (May 2014) 230lbs
    SW for this thread (Feb 8th 2015): 214.8lbs
    CW: 212.8lbs
    GW: 160lbs <-- then reevaluate

    I'm happy to see a loss of 2 lbs in a week, i didn't eat 100% clean everyday but glad to see that my exercise effort is making a difference!

    I'm off to go walking, hoping to log 12km today!

    Happy Saturday everyone :)
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    I'm in... A little late joining this, but I have been faithfully logging my stats into MFP since 2/1/15. I've successfully used MFP to lose the weight before, but mess up when I get to my goal by thinking I can eat anything. Have come to realize that as much as I'd want, watching and being accountable to making conscientious decisions about my food is going to be life long. Have been listening to my body (and the doctor!) and I need to stay away from gluten, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Essentially I need to eat clean and organic when possible while staying within my caloric goals. Am having an especially difficult time dealing with stress today. Anyways, so, here I am! Looks like a great group! Love the supportiveness and friendship that I've seen!

    Name: Suzy
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'5"
    Start weight (1st Feb): 130.6
    Goal weight (1st April): 120
    Weigh ins:

    1st Feb: 130.6
    8th Feb: 129
    15th Feb: 128.8
    22nd Feb:
    1st March:

    Weight loss/gain this week: -.2
    Weight loss/gain so far this month: -1.8
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    I had a rough weekend. Although I love being at home, I eat way better on work days. I haven't been to the gym all week either. At least I have dance classes... Hope everyone is having awesome weekends!
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    Bumped up to level 2 of 30day shred - I'm sweating like a beast!

    Have been having really bad cravings for fudgey chocolate. Last night sat around thinking about what my dessert will be today on my day off (which spiraled in to what kind of cheat day will I have...) woke up still craving fudgey chocolate but realize that 4am is not a good time to find it. Hoping I can forget about it and it will go away. Have logged normal food and will try not to give in.

    Bridesmaid dress should be hitting the doorstep tomorrow - strapless, tea length. Had to order it in a 12 because of the waist -- I'm wearing 6s. (